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who is catherines one true love
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hey Im Jay from the Cub Scouts and as you all may know I got the Katherine with the K ending and I am so disappointed I was just like what the hell is this but I played through the game again answered all the questions differently try to get the bar all the way to the red the freedom ending and I got the true Katherine with the C ending so Im gonna say that this is the ending that I should have gone and this is the ending that I want so sit back relax and enjoy the chew Katherine ending as well as my live reaction as it all happened enjoy all right time to go this is a pretty odd request why do you want to do this anyway you promised me youd get her to meet me thats all I want you say shes just an illusion and I dont buy it well she is an illusion in this realm but a promise is a promise I cant stop you from meeting with her very well you should know though that she is not a resident to this reality she is an ancient being who enters mens dreams to perform even I take no responsibility for what happens if you pursue did you know what enough with the threats quit the chitchat just call shes already here take your time my job here is done oh there she is this Bank hi Ill get Ben I mean its its good to see you again yeah Ive never been called out like this before it was really surprising so what do you want you know what I am right yeah arent you scared oh maybe a little Vincent listen I was only helping him out on a whim youre the one who wanted me and youre the one who rejected me remember no you asked me to meet you here whats this about I want you to be my BAE I wanted to talk with me yeah of course with you what is it look dont worry about it I dont care that you dumped me you well no thats not it its not so something I want something I have to tell you okay Im listening so Im with it already Ive made up my mind do it Vince do a baby before I was worried about my future I thought my life was being decided for me but meeting you I feel like Ive overcome that what are you saying you met

me and overcame what I dont know how to say it societys all about patience and self-sacrifice right I mean everyone practically kills themselves to stay safely within the herd hmm but I hate that life even if it means Im going astray myself thats why I was willing to go through all of that nightmare pole shit I made it out alive Im not in the herd anymore now that Ive met you Ive lost all hesitation that I had huh Im totally free now together we can both live our lives to the fullest without chaining each other down I see and so Ive decided I want to live with you oh damn this wanna live with her already wait what are you saying living with me means I can quit being human if thats what it takes huh Ive made up my mind dont you believe me Im Vincent I want you lets get married marry me we can do it all right I I dont know Ive never heard of such a thing you cant stop it Vincent jeez knock it off will ya Im good Im glad that you understand I havent agreed to anything yet all I want is for you to be with me you can do whatever you want okay whenever I want you know Im not human right that could present problems such as uh lots of them actually besides its not like I can stay here with you the thing is Vince the whole kid thing would have to be off the table and I mean everything I did to you I might do to other guys oh yeah well why dont we just take it one day at a time one day at a time and youre okay with that Im sure well manage somehow what what the fuck is right with a pounding on about a one day at a time what utter absurdity a mere human dares asked to Wed the daughter of the plenipotentiary of another world not at my house youre his daughter conversation okay so this guys your father you go to pay me Ill give you sitting at the table hey guys we need Oh games with me tonight okay uh lets just cut to the chase then I need to know okay no more games now Katherine what do you think of me honestly good why the hell are you blushing are you embarrassed over a human oh she kicks him right his hairy demon balls want to put it

in human terms I guess I I liked you and I was spending time with me when I was okay that settles it then marry me Katherine okay oh lets not okay at all my god I love that ending so much that is the greatest ending Ive ever seen in my life the best cutscene Ive ever seen in my life how many times you get to see a hot-ass blonde girl Chicka demon in his hairy ass balls so everyone its nice to be able to see you again howd you enjoy the show a perfect escape from the terrifying nightmare you had Vincent out with your exceptional skills even Astaroth the mastermind behind the nightmares was amazed did you happen to notice the central conflict that this games masterful creators placed at its core do you want to live a comfortable and steady life or do you secretly longed for a free life full of excitement in the nightmare Astaroth said that there is no right way to climb the tower the stairway Vincent was forced to climb could be taken as a metaphor it symbolized the journey to adulthood pressuring him to make his tough life decisions dont you agree and the Phenom hmm with Vincent beggin not his ex-girlfriend but the succubus to come back to him not only that but asking her to marry him talk about being wild she was shocked but it looked like she was pretty pleased by it and I gotta say he said some interesting things while confessing his love that in order to live a normal life you need self-sacrifice and patience and if hes gonna stick out he might as well live freely Vincent found an answer for himself during the nightmares and maybe Catherine accepted it because it reached her heart as his true answer her reaction might depend on how well she can sense Vincents feelings uh-huh I think that their future might just depend on it now tell me what did all you play is out there think of this outcome he said that hes willing to quit being human is that okay are you players who let him this far a bit worried about him mm-hmm I just cant help myself lets take a peek into the future and see what happens next yeah games are lovely creations on hope to see you soon stay golden Oh good morning you well hey how long have you been awake all this time no kidding its not like you let me get any

sleep what the threesome No Oh mornin kiddo good morning know what what in the fuck what in the fuck indeed course I might you why are you in my bed oh just ignore him its no big mystery Vincent hes here to stop us sure my stalker huh yeah my stalker thats a cruel way to put it I mean I am a God after all Im working hard for the sake of the world I hate this as much as you do yeah dont worry just think of them as decoration besides its better when someones watching oh I love you but yeah I really love you yeah I love you too oh alright so that is the true Catherine ending ladies and gentlemen Wow I love the hell out of that ending pun intended because I think hes in hell right alright so lets talk about the obvious he ditched his friends he ditched his old life his job his family everything to be with Catherine what the fuck that is amazing haha that is so awesome I cant even believe that this game could be an anime like Vincent could be the main character and hes just like in the other world hes a demon and all these other things are happening to him like hes just the king the ruler of all these nightmares I think it would be an awesome anime what do you guys think and its no secret who I like more Catherine with a seat was more funny she was awesome she just had a bigger personality in the game and Catherine where the K was more boring I felt like you know she was just monotone there was never like an up-and-down moment with her she was either mad or she was just bitchy or whiny I dont know maybe the creators of the game didnt want you to like her that much but I know that Catherine with the K has a lot of fans among this series because some people have told me already that they prefer Catherine with the K and some people like the captain with the K ending but I like this ending this ending is weird as hell its unique because Ive never seen it in any game before like how many games can you say a guy ends up with a demon girl and he lives with her in Hell or whatever world they live in it just doesnt make any sense but it also does make a lot of sense

in a way because youre just like Vince is happy hes free hes where he wants to be if its in hell with her as long as hes with her and hes happy then fuck it his hell might be heaven I dont know if the game made that like a metaphor or whatever but thats how I interpret it and thats what Im sticking to but I just want to thank you all for watching the Kathryn playthrough I had a blast playing its already one of my top games of all time its so underrated I wish it got more attention so they could be maybe sequels or maybe like you know those golden playhouse series not even just Vincent but maybe more guys in the olden Playhouse universe had to deal with like these nightmare situations or just any more situations like this in general I think it was a unique idea to add you know the cheating element and it was just a great fun time you guys any games that you want me to play through that are kind of like this I know this game is pretty unique but if you guys have any recommendations of any games you would want to see me play through let me know but Im Jay from the Cub Scouts Ill see you guys in the next series I love you all now maybe Ill skip out on work today youre slacking getting kind of lazy on you oh come on its not like there are any men out there hotter than you question that dont be silly I cant believe a human man can be this incredible its so surprising dont you think although hes definitely not human and more I get so hot Sinan Miriam it makes me just Melda what you really are sinful you know what will you do it yourself all these demons are after money finger everyone acknowledges your power now huh all right daddy oh hey there dad then I can see there I dont even know what to make of it a mere human with this much power its simply unheard of that was shot tuner gah yeah Im a good fit for this world Oh daddy stop being difficult just give up already this dude Vincent just conquered the nightmare world and now he is ruling hell getting laid every night by women and theyre just worshipping him and he did it all in his polkadot boxers I salute you Vincent you are indeed the man of legend

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