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who is xqc
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okay I guess oh good Ill start if its good Benji Pipers pagas hey guys my name is xqc Im the current time for Team two now and I play a lot of competitive games so you might know me from silica as well excuse me has risen to the top as number one ranked streamer mostly due to the good ones being signed by mixer model isnt even over twitch but hes also taken over YouTube as the number one reaction streamer on the platform yet no ones been able to the true story behind X you see success so this is me asking how do you become the most toxic player an overwatch has he really managed to watch every single tik-tok compilation on youtube and how did he choir to juice in this video Ill be going over to life the papaya king himself BBC Felix Kjellberg was born on November 12th 1995 and the parking lot of a Tim Hortons or one in his life actually single walk would you be fine in his older brother Nicholas Kjellberg were often traded around like rare Pokemon cards yeah once Ive got accustomed to a situation with the help of his older brother they would often spend countless hours they enter playing games like Mario Kart 64 and snowboard kids ecstasy was a problematic child we often go on to perform joy salad style pranks while he may have gotten his ass being ecstasy loved the attention these prints would give them but unfortunately this would all come to an end when xec was banned from the local Freds for faking a seizure that ecstasy we need to find another outlet to fulfill his attention-seeking needs luckily for ex you see his dad came home after a long night of dumpster diving with a Hello Kitty digital video recorder filled with excitement ecstasy right now his best friends house Johnny tsunami to show off his new video recorder as he slammed through the front door ecstasy noticed that Johnnys watching a new show called Zeke and Luther as she began to react he became more and more inspired to become a mediocre skater just like his new idols with the help of Johnny tsunami ecstasy was determined original goal is becoming the next Tony Hawk together they would begin to film everything from day boarding to skating to even high action trampoline jumping nothing was off-limits with 25 terabytes worth of footage stored on his leap frog ecstasy had no idea what to do with it he tried sending some of his best clips to Disney XD but they were all rejected many producers had no clue what are you saying things were looking down for excuse me until one day at the skate park while practicing some new tricks on his tactic ecstasy overheard a group of scooter kids talking about a new website where they uploaded tricks to curious ecstasy walked up to the group of kids and thats someone that were watching after being told to fuck off several times ecstasy was able to catch a glimpse on the website on one of the kids nokias this website wasnt other than YouTube after waiting one hour for his mom he finished on the phone ecstasy was able to squeeze enough Internet to load the site access who was fascinated with the magnet videos on YouTube with one of his favorites being XL magic number 243 mean median and mode stdev histogram after watching Club Penguin in San Andreas cheese for a couple of

days ecstasy was finally ready to upload his first video to YouTube wasting no time he searched through save files and chose the best of the best with the power windows movie maker and I feel able to create the X Games gold medal worthy masterpiece as we know today Felix first backflip January 2010 the video was a huge success and was even parody on that hit Disney XD TV show Kick Buttowski after finally reaching to the top jungle at Red Bull energy sponsorship ecstasy extreme stunt crew came to a crashing halt unfortunately his good friend Johnny tsunami had to move back to Hawaii leaving xec without a cameraman desperate XS he asked his older brother if you record for him in exchange for doing this project presentation just in efficiency Johnny so xec decided he would just stick to trampoline trick video and low-quality skits as time on XC began to become tired of the extreme action-packed life and decided to go back to his roots and try gaming with legal legend being his first competitive game one day while playing Legos normal ecstasy queued up of a Draven one trick that was constantly harassing her for being a trash Teemo after a constant back and forth Draven dropped a link to website called twitch.tv thinking the link was an IP grabber ecstasy hesitated a bit but was eventually met with the face of Lowell taller one during that time Tyler was growing a cult-like following as the most types of player on League of Legends X you see loved the way Todd talked shit to his teammates and went through pairs and pairs of his headsets like there were nothing heavily inspired by taller one ecstasy decided start streaming League of Legends on Twitch he had the toxicity part down but when it came to actually being good at the game he was someone actually worse than pokey main with his high rank being bronzed three unfortunately for X you see his mom had enough of buying him new razor keyboards every week and kicked him out the house if nowhere to go its as if I story didnt a lot more than that d his mum they had us tweet this picture right because we were gonna get those items that they had at the house but well from denial eSport and they didnt send any of the shit they send half of it right doesnt have it and half of it was even more broke when they got there the heads were broken the keyboards were missing cheese it was fuckin at a disaster not enough of buying him new words every week and kicked them out the hell with nowhere to go if you see medal with some hot lesbian friend and wasnt raving that new city gas while Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO ecstasy met a girl her name was Kimberly right sounds exiting Kimberly immediately hit it all to see its going to Kimberly about a situation and with her poor judgment they decided to move in together as time went by ecstasy we try to stream tonight big streamers like go see horror and Tyler won but ultimately failed since he was a shady stream sniper with his little skill League deteriorating ecstasy knew he had to switch games this is when he decided to try a paladins clone that would change his life forever overwatch overwatch was a new Blizzard at IP that many believe to be the second coming of Jesus Christ himself ecstasy was

fortunate enough to get into the beta and fell in love with didnt know it compared to nothing that he ever played before excuses artists careers a rinehart and Winston main since those two took the least I – skills to aim with ecstasy was started getting traction for the competitive scene first insane Winston juggling and his mind crushing 180 of shatter blade have to announce the start his competitive orange career as the main thing for that take gaming this they went on to win Dreamhack Montreal tournament which was filled with french-canadian players not so long after ecstasy said thats it with thats a gaming enjoy become a pro player ecstasy would have to sacrifice in relationship with Kimberly they broke up on good terms but Kimberly felt some type of way and took the kit that raised together Milo not much has been heard of my other sense except that Kimberly went on to sell them to a Linda T for a cheap bottle vodka with blizzards attempt to push overwatch to become an international eSports league teams would have to begin to pick players team cues recruited by the now eSports and went on to lose every game they played in for eight straight more so you put the payments for denial team to disband with the new team yikes be informed which was later rebranded to Ark six after the team realized that cringey the name yikes was this is when over what to begin a contender seasons not true what happened is that Im Blizzard Blizzard assets of switch because Blizzard said that the logo we couldnt use it and the name was like unmarketable some things weirdest read this off the name zero which inserted top six in a and atop a EU teams a place in a season one of overwatch League sadly for arc six did we lose due to Dante fucking them over and missing practices and screams – fuckin average looking eager at VidCon after Lost Ark six completely disbanded luckily for xqc he was able to understand on Team Canada as one of the Waterboys for the overwatch World Cup 2017 okay were you meet fellow waterboy poky loss on October 28th 2017 executed we signed to a gas engine sponsored eSports team called to Dallas feels as a benchwarmer true I want to go run outside in the rain holy shit didnt old montage Team Canada would go on to earn a spot in the finals only to lose to last years overwatch reigning champions the Shanghai dragons wine Canada held the second place title in the World Cup still trying to recover from the loss ecstasy would oculi except this t-mobile MVP award now what the cut behind them executes pro career would begin but only to be said back due to him having a three day banned for abusing the reporting system this wouldnt be the last of his bands with xec getting a 7 day ban in mid-december for throwing competitive matches he knew he had to reformed to be able to keep his face around so we did what any Shermer would do a one-hand apology video now with a visa in a small apartment in California ecstasy would be able to dedicate his life to overwatch he knew that this was a shot to become part of eSports and gaming history yet the only thing that will hold him back was himself ecstasy would unfortunately get himself suspended and fined $2,000 for making a homophobic

comment about mumma shut your fucking mouth go back there second side cock I mean you like butt thats not a thing thats not a thing good please and its my line too like what once again ecstasy was in the limelight but this time his actions had serious consequences consider the origin they had to adapt to excesses the antics in order to keep potential sponsors xec managed to keep his contract intact but that would all soon come to an end on March 9th 2018 ecstasy made the biggest mistake of his entire life his pro overwatch career fell into pieces because of one single emote tryhard xec would find themselves spending for four matches and find $4,000 for typing Troy hearts everyone commentator Malik Forte appeared on stream not even three days later ecstasy was dropped by the Dallas fuels now his hopes of being a pro overwatch blur out the window exist he decided to go where all district streamers ago the ggx podcast there he was able to explain his side of the story and overnight ecstasy views blew up many believed xec success all stemmed from his parents on the dgx podcast with this new gaining of popularity I just decided to continue streaming one day while firing the juice excess he needed to carry to keep his top 500 status the man fit for his job was no internet moxie Moxie wasnt a league of his own when it came to pure intellectual hanzo power plays and of his ability to farm emotes Moxie became a big hit within the EXIF East community and even became XE Cs main duel partner prior to this my cleaner shrimps knife ecstasy during the late 2017 under the name Roman then its over powered by ecstasy start to see Moxie more than extreme sniper and became best friends this led to moxie taking a Rose X uses YouTube editor but deemed it too much resulting in daily dose exercise mocks it fucked me over did attempt thats a plane to stop editing is like did indeed Im not liking anymore did Eddie did you study and you did was just dying you dont like did we even upload in like three weeks man easily yeah with the leash running out on his apartment ecstasy was forced to move in with some overwatch casters for a while yet this would soon come to an end considering xec kept them up all night batch gaming and braking keyboards yeah I she doesnt want to move out because theres a new place that somebody who died in move out at some point yes I was at the apartment and I I signed the papers and the lease to get a permit in the same building and they send everything and at the end the moving date is that it yo did it we forgot to tell you somebody died in your apartments okay I dont want anymore didnt give me Im woken up to him a fucking two oclock in the afternoon eventually he found a new apartment but he would have to move out of gain due to his neighbors constantly calling the cops on them hands up to the lights back their guns out xec search around Craigslist to find a roommate to deadly dose of Internet vids later XE was able to find a new roommate the filthy reaper main adapt in the beginning many speculated that adept and HCC were dating but they were really just a roommates now will for stable

was able to farm clips to live stream fills and Gabri for 2018 overwatch World Cup sadly ecstasy would lose a game to the show you had dragons for a second year in a row now that he wasnt playing for an American team XE sees visa was expired it was deported back to Canada by ice xqc had no other option and to live with his mom it gained but this was an all in vain his farm in electric fields was beginning to pop off and with many clip chimps clipping his every move ecstasy was becoming LSOs favorite streamers a month and with the front page being filled with his tantrums yet on November 17 2018 ecstasy was banned for 24 days where she talked into throwers and the theme chat this was the final straw for xqc in announced all stream that he was down with overwatch a joke you that like duos the troll games right and they just like it they just rolled on purpose in the minister one purposely just purposely right and these guys wont get banned it they could they could do it for weeks for months theyre not gonna get that kind of a notice that obviously but if I send anybody and Im mad about it and I talk shit Ill get banned Im on stream and chance like dude and I respected it I respect it but I dont think I wanna be part of any more or give it like all my I made all my energy and all my passionate I think Ive gotten done with it as time went by his stream started consists more variety reactions educational fitness and the occasional overwatch game just the shit on the new meta while we may have seemed as competitive or watch days were over xec still had a competitive spirit inside of them so On February 12 2019 he took the Rose a designated benchmark for Angelus gladiators contenders team now on a us-based team Xu sees visa was renewed and decided it was time to leave his mothers house and make a return to United States with his huge knowledge of taxes xec knew he was better off staying in Austin Texas for a turn in California for a while he slept on sodapoppin couch but with the help of his roommate at depth he was able to finally move into his own place without returning as normal and friends close by things were looking up for xqc which brings us to the present day ecstasy is currently getting ready for this years overwatch World Cup where he will once again represent Team Canada with many ups and down in his career he has always stay determined to always go a game and keep true to himself many people believe that ecstasy doesnt deserve to be in the position is right now but if you ask me I think ecstasy has earned the right because hes put countless hours on and off stream to get himself where he is in his life I just wished good luck with the upcoming World Cup and not to lose to Shanghai dragons for a third year in a row were gonna make it there didnt weve seen it all there was a crazy amount listen I myself found under the archives of Facebook the videos in their fucking Facebook but the name is on my mic Asia I guess you found the organizer of my old old Oregon

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