Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter: First Look

xbox one bluetooth adapter
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hi guys this is Sundy from border work and you are taking a look at the Xbox one stereo headset adapter this is what Microsoft announced coming on in March around March 7th but we have it here in-house because we purchased and picked up the Xbox one stereo headset itself which now that all sisters be available in March now the adapter itself retails for only $29.99 but you can pick it up with the headset the stereo headset for roughly 70 $9.99 so if you want to check out our boxing for that and see the stereo headset in full definitely check out our boxing for the Xbox one Xbox one stereo headset so heres the doctor youve seen something similar to this with the regular headset that came with you Xbox one you can pick the one up and this is how it looked same type of design same locking mechanism

except of course fewer features basically our original one here all you had was mute and volume up volume down now the stereo headset adapter its different low wider I mean so so same with with the small buttons you have volume buttons here which control either chat volume or game volume up and down and your mute buttons right in the center if you want to mute it now of course this is where you plug it to Xbox one controller and at the bottom is where you plug in your headset and I says controller update required see printed instruction that is very true because I plugged it into my xbox one controller it did work I could hear sound but after I took it out my controller stopped work so Im sure this updated serves to come with the Xbox one update in March that will update the Xbox one for

titanfall twitch and all that stuff I think thats the only coming with there but here it is and this is how it looks connected to your Xbox one you basically sliding and at the bottom boom and there you go and then you plug in your your headphones through here now since this gave me the stereo heads Im going to show you quickly one of this Asterius headset right here now one of the things about this adapter is that its not the proprietary or the smaller plugins actually use a standard 3.5 mm jack so theoretically you could use any headset so right now this is the Xbox one stereo headset I can technically plug it in and boom Im good to go and of course I can use I can mute you can see the mute button where you hit mute it actually shows the cross sign in between and

I can actually gain with the stereo headset also besides you that I can use something like my soul Republic again I said theoretically because I really cant test it out yet since my control has gone kaput so I want you guys not to actually do if you want to buy just pick it up and wait to the update but I can also plug in my soul Republics headset there and it should work it should theoretical work because it has a mic and also have course its a headset so you can use almost any headset you want with your Xbox one so what were going to do is once we get this thing working with the update were going to test it out with a bunch of the headset so well try it with some music headsets well try it out with say the hate Wireless from still a series

the Astra late 50s any other game has that we can think of just let us know and well try it out with it to see if it works or even just music efforts and try it out with headphones from the headphone wall up there to see if this actually works with it but again since its got that standard 3.5 mm jack I can theoretically plug in any headset I choose to actually use with it with this so thats it guys you have any questions or any comments about the Xbox one stereo headset adapter let us know again you can easily pull it out by just yanking it that way leave your questions below in the comment section and also do like this video share this video and favorite this video so you can make more videos for you but this is thundery saying thank you and always enjoy your entertainment

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