Xbox One Elite Controller Warranty

xbox controller warranty
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welcome back fellow gamers today I want to talk to you about pretty much an update on the Xbox one elite controller so I reviewed this controller back in I think it was May possibly and I gave a glowing reviews it was something I said that high quality craftsmanship it felt great in the hands I couldnt recommend it more I considered it to be one of my best purchases that I made for gaming well Ive had had even more time with it I thought the 3-4 months that I had it with then was suitable but now we are here at extra three months and things have gotten pretty bad if Im going to be honest and I wanted to update you simply because I just I felt like I had a moral obligation to to you guys and girls have watched my videos that take my reviews to heart and I didnt want to be promoting something that I felt was not up to snuff now this is not to say that I I still love the functions of this controller I still like the way it feels but if youve been on any of my live streams in the last little while you know that when this thing is plugged in my my actual controller

disconnects all the time we chase the problem down to the connection port thats here its just not aligned properly its not connected properly and I called Microsoft a few weeks back to get it replaced figuring its been less than a year that I have had this and that it wouldnt be a problem just get it switched out for a new one I was then told that there are is only a three month warranty on Xbox accessories I was blown away I paid close to 220 dollars for this after taxes and in Canadian funds and to not be able to have this ensure a base manufacturer warranty for longer is absolutely ridiculous I understand that theres some products that are three months because the other theyre smaller no moving parts are there the manufacturing cost is cheap but when youre still on a premium product youre only offering three months of warranty what is that telling your consumer base about the confidence that you have in your devices that youre creating tell me that you dont trust a stuff but if you dont trust the stuff why should we as consumers trust it thankfully I had an extended ment extended warranty that I purchased through the vendor I actually forgot that I had that so Im

getting this replaced tomorrow but I definitely Im quite disappointed that this is the route that Microsoft is going you know premium products should mean premium build and give a premium warranty it just it makes sense to me car manufacturers do it a lot of other manufacturers do it with TVs electronics kitchen supplies if you are going to buy a Microsoft product I cannot stress it enough that you should be getting additional warranty protection because Microsofts protection is garbage it is trash it it I I feel that its designed to be this way on purpose so that you as a consumer can pay more for your product down the line that Microsoft can get more money from you if they make subpar and sub substandard quality products we look at PlayStation I have yet to have a problem with any of my playstation units because the ps2 still fires up not a problem I still play I up until a few months ago my Nintendo Entertainment System my super nintendo nintendo 64 my sega genesis why is it that those controllers work but this cant a premium product cat work and Microsoft soccer stand behind their own product and again is this really that much of a surprise we look at the Xbox 360 how many

people have problems that I went through several Xbox 360s I thought the problems are over my Xbox ones disc drive will not read a game unless I put it in there just right after 15 to 20 attempts I actually I cant I have black ops 3 in there and I cant take it out because I might not be able to ever have it read and the only option is to have it repaired for like $185 plus anything else that they would I would then incur thats an actual quote from the customer service department and the customer service department they dont care I expressed them some frustration about having to only deal with a 3-month warranty from the Xbox one elite controller and I was then told to well instead just buy another one because its going to be just as much to repair it well thats not the situation Im looking for and Im not going to buy something again a second time because the first one didnt work and the manufacturer offered a bad warranty because they dont believe in their product so if theyre not going to believe in their product whats going to make me believe in them and thats what its going to come down to I do not know if

reinvesting my money in Microsoft in the future I really had a crossroads here I think PlayStation despite whatever flaws they have in and what the community says about them theyve always been solved with their hardware PC gaming really if you have a PC there are very few reasons nowadays to to choose one particular console obviously the cost is there thats one of the factors of you not getting the gaming PC or anybody else being priced out of one but at the end of the day if youre going to be factored all these extra repair costs and a PC can be used more than just for gaming then maybe it is worth it its very hard for me to recommend Microsoft but if you do if you do go marks off I urge you I cant stress it enough get the extended warranty Im really sorry that I have to bring you know such a kind of almost a rant video on something I do like to keep it upbeat so if youd like some more upbeat for me you can check out the videos that are right here you can also subscribe right over there next to me as well you can get updated for uploads when we go live and until next time get gaming

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