Xavier Wulf – “Who The Fuck Is You” (Music Video)

who the fuck is you
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you brush those out your mind if you think that you can fuck with me I can be creative when I kill like Heather Allen me all you rappers right you need to expire retire please win yogurt see me she dropped to her knees and play to me Ill be

switching ostentation losers cant get off of me Im searching the most special person and youll never see haters trying to walk with me I triple my so quickly all nice low-key sticky it be any notion T but I do get body high dont play with my hairpiece I get done

like stupid niggas Im a violent murder piece told my biscuits on the east when I throw her off of me oh no wrong folks I let you starve in front of me smart niggas run from me you would only stick to me I hit that boy so hard he think

that he had some surgery who say they heard of me I saw with my company when I get man I can swing for eternity I got ender proms and I cant get it on my bum for me I cannot resist putting blood on my enemies dont think that you friend

of me I kill you just like dinner be some peace another pieces of the troops are holy close to me a lot of you niggas got me fucked up young need to know that Im for real not say Im crazy I got the truth so I dont know

xavier, wulf, who the fuck is you
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