x86_64 iOS Error Fix

undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
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hi I would like to show you how to fix the issue with 64-bit devices for older applications and in this case Im using a PhoneGap application more specifically Cordova now the air is that when I compile this youll see that it fails now if I go back to the 4-inch so the iPhone 5 not the 5s it compiles just fine and it

actually just runs now the error youre getting and Ill get recall oh so I can kind of show you a little bit if you go over here and you can see theres a lot of symbols for this architecture its basically for the 64-bit architecture and its missing a lot of things and its because the app was made with software that was a

compatible for 64-bit devices and you can go in and update Cordova update PhoneGap whatever youre using and that should be the fix you really take advantage of that 64-bit but if you need to get up and go in and you dont really care about that especially if your app isnt like a game or anything it might be nice to get in there

so the way you fix this is you just change the valid architectures so open up this now Im going to delete the 64 as well as in here and Im going to add a few and Im basically just going to copy whats in here and just leaving out the arm 64 you would see this this will change now lets try your app

succeeded and now I have my app running on my iPhone 5s and it works just fine by the way this is awkward grade you can check us out our grade comm we just launched our new website and were launching our new application shortly you could find us in the apps are for old app thank you hope this video has helped you guys write

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