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hey everybody this is Bjorn from WP Learning Lab in this video Im gonna show you how to embed a video video into a wordpress page or a post so the first thing Im going to do is either create a page or a post so in my case for this demo Im just going to create a new page hover over pages click on add new put a title in the title box move my cursor into the content area and then were going to head over to Vimeo we have a probe emile account which allows us to set up a lot of privacy settings that are actually far and above far above what youtube offers for their privacy settings is actually pretty cool Ill show you that in a second but weve uploaded this video and were going to embed actually first of all were in the video settings section so we have a bunch of videos things to choose from basic privacy collections and embed so the one I want to choose is embed and one of the great things you can do in Vimeo that you cant do in YouTube is you can choose what overlays appear on your video so if we choose or about by default this is all the stuff that appear so you have a like button they have a watch later button and you can

actually have a lot more that isnt appearing by to fall for some reason but theres a bunch of things that appear preset and then you can actually choose to hide a lot of things you can hide all the badges the plus badge you can hide the like button you can hide watch later all the share buttons if I want to be a truly unique video to my website and I dont want people to get to have a lot of access to my other video videos or go to Vimeo these are these these are the options that I choose full screen show play bar and volume control and then thats it and at the end of the video I then choose usually nothing or I choose text theres actually text that will appear at the end of the video saying whatever you want you can have a link show up at the end of the video so if your video is a call to action and get someone to register for something or buy something you can then at the end of the video pop up a link the the video graze out at the end and theres this text and a link that says click here now to get the discount I was just talking about or to to download this white paper generally for a lot of the videos

that that I do I choose nothing and then I click on Save Changes and then that would be that will be our embedding options for this video and we click above the video theres a small little link called get a get embed code click on that the embed code is pre highlighted we just copy it and then we paste it into our WordPress page or a post if youre making a post and if were happy with that we click on publish and just a second youre going to see one of the privacy settings that is in Vimeo that isnt available on YouTube so click on view page you say you see here sorry because of its privacy settings this video cannot be played here so thats thats pretty cool you can actually define which websites can embed your videos so lets take a closer look at the privacy settings were back in the Vimeo video settings section and for the way we use Vimeo is mostly its for our membership content and the content we want to keep truly private where YouTube is where we have all our general public videos YouTube is also a much more used website than Vimeo is so they in our company they both have very different purposes and theyre really good at what theyre both doing so the Vimeo privacy settings are far and

away way better than YouTube and the settings we usually have is hide this video from Vimeo so it doesnt appear anyway anywhere on the Vimeo site and then we choose where can work in this video be embedded we usually choose only on sites that I choose so if we type in the website were working on which is WP pH or WP – PhD com we put that in there and now this security setting that we see because of the privacy settings cannot be played here that will be lifted and just a moment let me save these settings I usually dont allow comments on these private videos because theyre used your comment box on the page so theres no need to allow the Vimeo comments what people do with this video sometimes they can download it sometimes they cant really depends on the the purpose of that video and we never allow them to add to collections or to their collections which is a Vimeo based feature allowing someone to add it to their collection and when youre done with the privacy settings click on Save Changes and now if we refresh the page this video should appear now so here it is with the new privacy settings that allow it to show up on our domain we can now see the video and it plays there as expected so thats

one of the great things that Vimeo has above YouTube thats very awesome the other thing I really really like about Vimeo is in the video file tab say you made an error in your video or say your video is associated with some sort of countdown or a timeline and you want to upload a different version of the video every day but you dont want to come you dont want to always change the embed code like on YouTube you have to have a video for each day you want to have the countdown so if you have a five day countdown of a different video for each of the five days youll have to have five different videos uploaded five different embed codes and go in and change all these things in your site every day whereas on Vimeo you can actually use the replace this video option where you can just make a new video upload it and replace the old video and thats another great feature that isnt available on YouTube and YouTube you can edit your video a little bit you can add pieces but its really a hassle whereas Vimeo makes it really easy I click is replace this video and you can upload a new video I hope this video helps you my name is Beorn all past please make sure you follow subscribe and check out

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