Wireless Authentication EAP LEAP PEAP

what is cisco leap module
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all right so here were going to talk a little bit about the three main frameworks that we see for authentication that are often used with wireless networks eeep leap in peope so the first one here is the extensible authentication protocol and this one primarily gives us a use for authentication for a lot of wireless networks well see specifically five different types of adopted typically we have the WPA and wpa2 and those are the standards that we usually will see for eep specifically let me just organize these a little bit differently so the five types we got those are one and two okay and then and those are the standards and then we also will have EAP running over TLS it could run over EAP the PSK and we talked to limit about that yesterday and then the es e EAP running over md5 so thats just specifically or just some ways that weve adopted for secure wireless communications so

what we usually will see though are these bottom two down here well see leap and peep show up on the exam and will enumerate those right now so if we go through and just talk a little bit about some of these real quick the just taking a step back here I think mistyped this up here this should be instead of w AP h ve AP so EAP over TLS right here it actually will give us the tunneling through the extensible authentication protocol using a tunneled transport layer security and what this does is it gives us one more layer of security against any of the man-in-the-middle attacks that may happen so if we went through into a small office or maybe a home office and we wanted to start sniffing than a network traffic what we could usually see is any new messages that are produced would allow hosts to join the network and use WPA or wpa2 protocols a

lot of times you see another thing that that pushed out there I dont know if you guys have printers or other devices that are available that use WPS Wi-Fi Protected setup but sometimes well see that and it requires you to maybe you press a button on one of the printers and then press a button on the access point in order for the enrollment of that particular Deerfield or closeby communication to take place so sometimes youll see specifically WPS or maybe near-field communication go on with that so thats just something thing about whenever you start talking about the EAP with the lightweight extensible authentication protocol usually well see this start to take over for the eat because EEP is a less secure and the lightweight extensible authentication protocol gives us a little bit more flexibility and I believe it was created by Cisco so just keep that in mind it makes sense maybe Cisco when they acquired winks its actually

came up with this proprietary protocol so it was given the way to allow specific things to happen and to try to fix problems with WEP that often times mutual authentication happens and with the leap to try to afford any types of weak protocols off the top of my head I think that with leap the and Id have to do a little bit more reading on this but you go out and look at Ciscos website to find out more information but it sends across less information like the authentication header as opposed to the entire packet to do authentication so look that up and let me know what you find for that all right so thats Cisco proprietary usually Cisco now does not recommend it because it is susceptible and its considered a weak EAP authentication protocol so now a lot of times what well see is this peep down here so Cisco RSA and Microsoft three big dogs in the

with the peep and that stands for the I think its protected protected extensible somebody just checked me to make sure I got this right authentication protocol and that was developed by the three-headed monster thats showing up here the Microsoft RSA and Cisco and they started offering this with Windows XP so peope was offered initially with XP and now most versions of went windows as well as Ubuntu oftentimes well have the flavors of PEEP in there its considered more secure because it establishes this thing called an encrypted Channel that establishes the encrypted channel between the person who is wanting to authenticate lose the client and the server who is authenticated so thats usually what we see for the the three main protocols on the exam for wireless will see the extensible authentication protocol which has been has been phased out leap also has been phased out but now we see people on the exam as well hold on one sec you

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