Windows Command Processor on Startup in Windows 10

windows command processor
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so we are working on to fix windows command processor on startup in Windows 10 Windows command processor is a legitimate Windows File and it pops up whenever theres a malware and it is executed so this malware will keep on popping up and asking for permission to open windows 1 processor cancel will not work and the pop-up will always appear now to fix this we have multiple options the first option is to delete the virus files manually so we will click on right-click on the task bar and well choose task manager in Windows 10 once we are on task manager will be going to processes tab and we will be looking for suspicious processes that random letters this will help us in identifying the malware later so if we give our look on the list for now this computer is not infected so we wont see any example here but in your computer if you if you look at random letters lets say I just found one in here which is not a virus but kind of the thing that we are looking for some random letters in the processes now lets minimize it and press windows + r key type r e g added and hit enter click on yes if you get a USB prompt let me close all of these now we go to HK grunt user software Microsoft then those lets press W and windows and were going in current version and then run now if you see some suspicious entries in here we need to remove them right now in this computer there is no infection so if you see some some entries which are suspicious some random letters or numbers we need to remove them or alternatively we can perform a clean boot which is given in another article which is mentioned in the description of this video if you want to clean both

Windows 10 we press windows in our key we type MS config once we are in Emmas config will be going to serve services tab lets put a check on hide all Microsoft services and then we say disable all not we click on apply and then click on ok once we press okay it will ask us to restart our computer press restart and this will be starting up in in a clean bored mode once if when you press restart your windows will start in in the clean boot option the clean wood is basically to disable irrelevant services or the services which are not required another thing is that we go to ms config again and then we go to startup which will ask us to open task manager now from here everything that has a high impact on Windows startup will disable that so once done well restart our computer and we will have the computer in clean wood mode this should disable the running of the Windows command processor at the startup now the second that 4th step is we hold Shift key and then we restart our computer lets restart it so when you hold the shift key and press choose to restart you will land on the sift on the screen and here well choose solitude and then we will choose advanced options on this screen will choose startup settings so that it gives us the options to choose this safe more startup lets click on restart so on restart youll get this screen if you are using Windows 10 or Windows 8 from here we will choose Safe Mode enable safe mode with networking or just the safe mode lets press f4 and let the windows start okay so the windows are now started in safe mode well go to C Drive users and then your users username folder go to app data and then throw me

in here well need to find executable files and the files which are with random names youll find files in this folder that are randomly generated by the malware with a rather short name such as sa di s p LD c IX g or any any random letters in the file so they are easy to spot delete these files and delete all the related folders if you find any any txt file ini file or config file that you find with the same name of the malware generated files once done well go back to AB data folder and then into local and well do the same after that we go to the same directory in local and then temp and here well do the same to find random file names which are random letters and then executables they related folder and related files once you are done deleting everything from here restart your PC in normal mode and see if you are still getting the same issue so Im gonna just restart it and wait for it to come back okay so the windows are back and check if you are still getting any issue the second method that we have to is to use malwarebytes ADW cleaner advanced cleaner or and the combo combo fake still scan and fix your PC so the first step is to scan using malwarebytes the link to download megabytes is given in the video description lets quickly download it here okay so the download is in process Im going to pause the video okay the download is complete lets run the file click on years for the USC prompt and for the visit to install malware bytes okay so the malwarebytes is installed we need to restart windows in safe mode and then perform a complete full scan using malwarebytes and delete all the malwares that are found by this malware cleaner the second thing

want to use is a DW cleaner let me bring up the address this URL is given in the video description lets click on free download all right so it is downloaded now lets run the Installer so well follow the same process restart windows in safe mode as shown earlier in this video and then perform a full scan using this a b/w cleaner so when you use malwarebytes latest version and atw cleaner latest version to scan your computer it should fix your fixed issue with the malware the second step that we have is to use combofix if no malware is found and issues not fixed we will need combo comb effects to to fix this issue the most important thing to remember when we are running it is irreducible all your malware programs and then comma fix from your desktop so heres the link it is given in the video description lets download the software from here lets wait for the file to get downloaded so as we mentioned before that combofix will cannot be used if your malware programs are running so disable your malware programs and then start combofix from your computer so it will create a system restore point and backup your registry in case anything goes wrong and its going to scan your PC and attack if windows recovery console is installed so once it is done hopefully this issue will be resolved if you have any and if you have if you if you are still facing an issue then you will need to have a system restore point to move back to you might lose some programs but your personally that I will stay intact just type restore in the Start menu and then start the restore process if you have a Windows restore point created earlier I hope this video will be helpful for you thanks for watching and dont forget to subscribe our Channel

Windows Command Processor
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