Windows 7 Installation Error 0x80300024 Fix

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well Im reinstalling Windows on my computer here and I got this error message and I thought Id do this real quick video to show you guys how to get past this because when I try when I try to install on that partition thats the same partition I had Windows installed on before

I just deleted it and made a new partition and reformatted it but when I click Next that window pops up I click OK and windows is unable to install on the selected location so what Im going to have to do and I cant guarantee this is going to work for anybody else

but I have Mac OS on this machine too so its a hackintosh so what Im going to have to do is pop the side cover off unhook my Mac drive and go back in and see if that works alrighty so I have the Mac Drive unhooked now lets see what happens Im

hoping its gonna open its gonna do the track Im not a hundred percent sure so well see in a second okay so lets give it another try this should work and I shouldnt have been so stupid I should unplugged it in the first place but I didnt think about it at the

time so custom and next there we go so its just a matter of unplugging that other drives so if you have Lennox or or Mac or whatever installed on another hard drive unplug it before you try to install Windows 7 or Windows at all basically and it should be good to go

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