Windows 10 Not Detecting Headphones When Plugged In FIX

computer not detecting headphones
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hello everyone how are you doing this is mdtech here another quick tutorial today Im gonna show you guys how to fix if your headphones are not being detected on your Windows Device so this when we apreciate forward tutorial and were gonna just jump right into it and were gonna start by heading over to the Start menu and you want to left-click on it and then you want to type in system the best match it comes up should say about your PC right underneath system settings if you want on left click on that about your PC then you want to scroll down to the bottom of this window until you get to something that says System Info underneath related settings so again you want to use the scroller and scroll down to get to system info and you want to left-click on it Im going to minimize out of the other window for the moment so now underneath the system window were gonna left click on where it says advanced system settings on the

left side so now you want a left click on the hardware tab my next advance and then underneath device installation settings left click on device installation settings is button right here so its going to ask you do you want to automatically download manufacturers apps and custom icons available for your devices you want to make sure its set to no your device might not work as expected and then you want to left click on Save Changes once youve made that selection once youve done that you can close out of these other windows Im also gonna close that out this window as well and now Im gonna head back to star menu and Im gonna type in device manager should be listed right above control panel so you want a left click on that so now underneath device manager on the left side there should be something that says sound video and game controllers so either double click on this or left when the little arrow next to it to expand this view so there should

be something this is audio or audio related you might have several inputs on here so dont be shocked if you see more than one however in most cases it should say audio now you can do this for multiple ones as well if youre not sure its not the biggest deal in the world it actually probably wont be bad if you do this but what were going to do is right click on the one we think is our headphones and then were going to left-click on update driver software you want to search automatically for updated driver software you so says the best driver software for your device is already installed so you want to click on close and then this point whatever device youre having problems with whether it be speakers or your headset or whatever device is inputting an app putting audio through having the issues with Id recommend googling the driver soft from the manufacturers website and then manually download it and install it by right-clicking on the driver again left clicking on

update driver software and then you would browse my computer for driver software to manually update it some manufacturers like a lot of graphics card drivers like nvidia AMD and so forth but theyll actually do is have automatic download utilities you can download from online if you can find one of those id recommend you do it and if youre curious as to know what version of the driver youre running so if youre comparing the two versions if you right-click on the driver software in the Vice manager and then you left click on properties and then you went up to the driver tab it would tell you the driver version that youre running right here so you could compare with the one you find online as a good rule of thumb Id always recommend finding the one online and just update over it however if youre still experiencing a prom if youve updated the driver for a long period of time and you might have had this on your computer theres a good chance that this

back driver button will not be grayed out meaning that there have been several updates to that driver what I recommend doing at that point is if you do not have this option greyed out meaning if you have the ability to select this roll back driver button Id recommend you rollback the driver to a previous state youre likely going to be prompted if you want to restart your computer Id recommend you do that and then go online and manually try and download the driver software again or automatically install depending upon the software manufacturer again some do some down a good rule of thumb is I always like to run the automatic utilities if I can try not to download some fishy third-party application I really recommend against that but anyway Id only want to ramble on too much of this video I do hope one of the methods I went over works for you and helps resolve your problem and as always thank you for watching and I will catch you in the next tutorial goodbye

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