Why Do Wizards Study Astronomy? | Harry Potter Explained

who is the astronomy teacher at hogwarts
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hey brother Ben of all the classes at Hogwarts I think the one that makes the least amount of sense to me is astronomy like couldnt we as muggles take this class and just go outside and learn all the names of the stars and stuff is it even magical at all why do magical kids need to know about space even when I first learned about potions my initial reaction was art just mixing stuff up together couldnt muggles conceivably do this as well alas they cannot basically almost by definition making potions in the wizard sense also involves a little bit of Wong work at the very least all muggles could really do was make really gross soup which in my own personal experience is exactly what happens so let me tell you talking on that boom fling scheme wasnt easy but as far as I can tell theres nothing magical about space or at least no practical magic they can practice by studying it even the o WL exam they have for this is just filling in a star chart like thats the whole thing are you kidding me its a mandatory class for five years and all they have to do is fill in a charlie how are the telescopes even helping doesnt this just mean theres blank spots on a paper how is looking at them helping its not like theyre moving around up there unless maybe they do think the stars are moving and but no because then in that case the earth wouldnt be moving or even rotating we just have a fixed position seven dont think thats it but either way doesnt filling in star charts just seem like year one stuff possibly not in year one we see Harry studying a map of Jupiter and then in year five he is only just then learning Jupiters moon so maybe astronomy work is just like really slow in the Wizarding World but again how is this helpful in any magical sense how is this making you a good wizard look at this guy calls himself a wizard he cant even name all of Jupiters moons hes practically a muggle but the only other time we see them putting the locations of the stars or anything to use is in divination class which is a whole other class that the rest of the staff just basically seems to think is a total waste of time literally the only reason Dumbledore even still allows the class to be taught is as a facade so he can protect professor tlani because shes the one who made the prophecy which again had nothing to do with the Stars it seems weird how often Dumbledore is going to sacrifice a quality education for some alternative agenda like he hires Slughorn literally just so we can figure out where the Horcrux is already hires Locke are literally just when does the I didnt get rid of the Bandon Banshee by smiling at me on the other hand or hook the Centaurs

you know what they do have hands the centaurs and the forbidden force are constantly stargazing and claiming theyre making predictions of the future based on the movements of the planets which first can you imagine how their heads would just like explode if they ever saw any modern software that just shows you where the planets are gonna be but – and more importantly even after all of their boasting its still for nothing / NZ who eventually takes up the divination post on his first day teaches the class that the stars dont really care about the mundane happenings of humans and stuff its more big picture things so basically everything youve learned for the first four years so the waste of time even more than it already was but then hot off the hooves of that perfectly rational sounding statement actually he informs them that it can take years to be sure of what the planets are telling you and even then its probably not a good idea to put too much stock in it I mean if it takes you years to predict the future are you really predicting the future because by the time you have your answer youre just in the future right but you can just hear Bain bragging to the other centaurs like remember back in the Sorcerers Stone when I was all like ma short is bright tonight indicating a possible coming war I called it ya Bain and as long as a war ever happened ever again ever you also would have called it and also that very same night in the forest lack xual Voldemort was there so maybe next time keep your eyes on the ground and you wont have to wait several years to figure out whether or not you were right MA sure this bright bag looks like the dog Lord might be returning yeah oh you sure cuz hes like right there look over stop I dont know maybe its just me but personally like if my keepers going to Hogwarts well first of all Id be insanely excited like Luke youre a wizard whats up review but I would like to set up a meeting with the deed because it seems like a couple of the classes are kind of pointless one of them is mandatory it is apparently only may be worthwhile if you take the other one which is an elective okay how about this for an explanation maybe the reason they teach the class is to help wizard families continue to come up with non muggle sounding names right hmm tall about perpetuating the culture lots of people in the Wizarding Ill end up being named after constellations and/or celestial bodies Luna for example literally means moon and then theres a mysterious girl in Harrys here with the last name of moon yes thats a real character look right here boom ha never heard from again in fact if you want Pottermore there actually were things called name seers who parents would go to to

learn about the potential future of their child and then name their kids accordingly basically all of the blacks are named after stars or constellations Sirius is named after the brightest star in the sky also known as the dog star which is fittingly part of the constellation Canis Major just my personal opinion here Bert if they talk I dont know entomology at the school instead of divination it seems to me they could have figured out the whole Sirius is a dog thing like way sooner Im gonna point out that his name is not the result of a names here all the blacks are just named after stars and stuff his brother Regulus is kind of his opposite so he is named for the brightest star in the Leo constellation so the cat star dog cat Bellatrix means female warrior and as part of the Orion constellation also theres an Orion black and her sister Andromeda is named after the Andromeda galaxy and the list goes on Draco is named after the Draco constellation Voldemorts mother merapi is part of the taurus constellation and I think thats all sure theres a few more lesser known black family members oh my god guys I am not kidding this guys not named dr. star but he definitely has to do with astronomy on the train ride to Hogwarts in their first year Ron tells Harry he is missing two chocolate frog cards and Agrippa and a told me Oh what you know what that doesnt make sense yet because I havent explained why its relevant hold on tell me if you dont know was a Greek astronomer who in the world of Harry Potter was apparently also a wizard but who was most famous for and wait for because this time its definitely going to blow your mind an earth centric model of the universe I swear I was kidding at the beginning of the video but Ive started to think its an actual thing that Wizards think earth is the center of the universe kind of a massive oversight in a subject thats mandatory for five years actually one of the things Im kind of surprised never ended up being more of a thing in Harry Potter is astrology which is to say zodiac signs and stuff I guess you could say thats sort of what the Centaurs are doing but they do it way differently than how we as muggles know it and Trelawny does teach it but the very fact that she teaches it kind of gives it a giant discount button if you ask me and yet as we know it you know just as horoscopes and stuff it ends up working really well like for example Harry is a Leo Leos are described as being bold intelligent courageous and warm and of course their sign is a lion which matches in very nicely with Gryffindor Hermione and Umbridge would both be a virgos and while I hate comparing them at all because they are definitely on opposite ends

of the spectrum virgos are described as being incredibly attentive to detail which seems to fit here Voldemort would be a Capricorn which is represented by the goat of fear which means they often deal in secrecy and while they would never run from a fight are often a more afraid of their inner demons in autumn orts case death maybe its so surprising to me that its a mandatory subject because of all the things wizards study its not very magical and it doesnt seem like they know that much about space when Harry and the gang make their way to the Department of mysteries in order of the Phoenix they discover that the Unspeakables within study all sorts of strange things like thought space time love and death and if youre the things we dont get to see but can I make a few guesses that soul reality and power have you guys seen infinity war yeah its so good but anyway on all of those subjects the book manages to go into at least some a detail about them except space which doesnt even have its own sub page on the Harry Potter wiki seriously I just think Hogwarts and the ministry should be consulting with each other more about the course catalog the one they know the least about is a mandatory class hmm we have a literal Hall of prophecy should we teach the students about that lets just make it an elective we dont even think should exist love the thing that won the last two Wizarding wars and is so powerful that we keep the door lock every time should the students have at least a basic understanding of that mm-hmm I hear what youre saying but I already printed the syllabus is an inker so expensive these days put telescopes on there so maybe they can find love with those and then there you go thats everything we know about wizards and their relationship with space at least so far personally I would love to see a story about space wizards or maybe they get to visit pigfarts its on Mars you need a rocket ship but my question for you and everybody else is what do you think why do wizards study astronomy why is it important to their magical education let me know your thoughts in the dowel section down below these socks are amazing guys thanks for watching as always do remember to like this video if you havent already and subscribe to dont miss any future Harry Potter action from us if you want to see another unusual course subject explained you check out this video right here to have a Richmond see explain or hey did you guys know we have a gaming channel super carlin gaming its fun we do a lot of live streaming and play a lot of Mario Kart if you want to check that out you can click right here but then so Ive got for it today man I will see you in another life brother

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