Why Can’t I Find My Kindle Content Folder? Windows 10

kindle not showing up on pc
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so you cant find your my Kindle content folder anywhere on your computer well I had the same issue the reason Im making this video is because in my researching and trying to find out why I couldnt find that folder I also realized that a lot of other people had the same issue its actually a very easy issue to resolve its not really a big deal its just a matter of knowing what you need to do so Im running Windows 10 and when I had or with Windows 10 I downloaded the Kindle reader app and the icon looks like this right here what I didnt realize is when I were when I was actually downloading the books from Kindle onto my computer onto my PC well I dont really know where these where the books are stored in this reader I searched high and low I researched and I could not figure it out but I did find out is that in order to find that my Kindle content folder you actually had to have the Kindle

for PC software the Kindle for PC software icon looks like this once you had that then you would be able to go to your Explorer folder and go to your C Drive go to your users go to your user name and then go to documents and low and behold my Kindle content was there wasnt there before so I downloaded that program and then actually downloaded some of the books into the Kindle for PC another more simplistic way to find it would be just to go to your Windows Explorer folder go here to your Documents and then its right there now in order to download the Kindle for PC so essentially what you would do is you could go to Google and just put in Kindle for PC you can go to the download download and install the latest version of Kindle for PC and you would go to Kindle for PC it would bring up this this web page here and then go to download for you see in mac and then follow the instruction actually

I think it it downloads and puts it in the bottom corner of your screen there and starts automatically downloading it so once youve actually downloaded the Kindle for PC go ahead and open it up double click on it and when you first when you first open it up but youll be prompted to log in to your Kindle account with your username and your password and then once you do that your library will pull up and like with this these are these are some of the books that I have in my in my cloud so what I would do is right click on the book that I want it to download onto the BC PC click download and youll see down here well its pretty quick Ill do another one youll see down here it this ones going a little bit slower but it is its actually downloading and then once its completed downloading youll see this X turned to a checkmark and thats how you know that the book has been downloaded and through the magic

editing the books are downloaded I think theyre up here yes the checkmarks are on and that means that the books have been downloaded now once the books have been downloaded you can go into your Explorer and you can see where those books are located in the my Kindle content now on this version that I have this is an older version the newer versions actually categorize each of the books into their own folders but none of them have book names so you dont really know what the name of the book is theyre just a bunch of numbers followed by a dot a ZW file type extension so if you want to know which ones are downloaded you can double click on it and then look up at the top here this was the magic of impromptu impromptu speaking so that would be the you would find that out but thats where your this where your my Kindle content is and thats where your books that are downloaded from the cloud onto your PC are going to be located

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