Who Was Alfred Talking To? | JL TRAILER Analysis/Theory

who is alfred talking to
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warning the following contains a lot of insults and swearing and if you happen to easily get offended by it in the Justice League trailer was the shit and one of my personal favorite moments was this can you play that again again please one more time okay okay sorry sorry however there is a part in the trailer at the very end that got everybody thinking you we see Aquaman riding a fucking para demon through a god damn building like a Beth wait George what the fuck I said at the end of the trailer goddamn you said youd come now lets hope youre not too late who the fuck is talking to Alfred thats what everybody has been thinking and people have come up with theories on who might that be and the obvious choice is Superman and I think its Superman because if you look closely at the bottom right corner out of the suit of the screen youll see a red shoulder kind of like Supermans red cape but some people say no its hell Jordan because if you look closely at outfits glasses youll

see a spot o fight something and its kind of a screen so it must mean its Hal Jordan Green Lantern even though it could be just like from new oh and why his shoulder is red no its brown hes wearing his pilot suit people are really saying this even in the trailer 7 Wolfe says and even even if it was how told it answer me this how the fuck did Batman contact him how did he contact a Green Lantern how how the fuck did hell know where to go how the fuck did he know and hes supposed to meet up with outfit no just no and I dont think VC would make that decision because its super rushed most of the audience would like what we need more development we cant just throw in characters like that I dont think Jeff Jones the head of the DCU by the way would approve of that and other people think its someone else they think its Shazam what no its so much that its not even Russia its just random like what the fuck if it was just

them people would be like what who the fuck is this not a lot of people know who them is and it would make things confusing and blah I dont think DC would go that route but wait Shazam skate is right thats a one shot no you blind fuckabish Azam scape is white now other people think that Alfred is talking to Supergirl now where the fuck did this one come from its because of this shot they say that Supermans legs dont look like this so it must be super girls legs no Im pretty sure that those are Supermans legs another choice on who this mystery person might be was made by some people and it was my twink now this could could make sense Nightwing knows wheres the Batcave knows Alfred Batman could call him okay we need your help but hold on a second what the fuck would Nightwing do what will you do what the fuck would knighting do against ethanol what would I do No so before we say its fucking Daffy Duck lets go back to our original theory and that is Superman

another hint aside from the right shoulder is the way Alfred said hope now lets hope youre not too late because Superman symbol means hope and all that and this part could mean three things either Superman is breaking in the Batcave or hes breaking out of his grave or hes doing a sonic boom when he flies real fast even in the trailer Superman was mentioned multiple times the world remains in mourning after the death of the Superman Tony Mann was a beacon to the world were going to save people to the best parts of ourselves David released pictures of Superman but our Justice League movie heres a picture of Superman standing theres a picture of Superman all candor heres a picture of Superman with a Justice League you cant save the world alone I wonder whose symbol is this hmm heres a Superman with a just a call youre focused in on my cup on your pocket up top cone walking up to you like your bitch a Windows boot and after all of those evidence and you still cant accept that its Superman when Im fuck you

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