Who Is Your Five Nights in Anime Girlfriend? (2020 Edition)

who is your anime girlfriend
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sois skies mares here welcome back to quote Edward today 2020 its finally gonna be the day where we fire now who is your funny Oh girlfriend oh yeah guys its been way more than a whole minute we did this no exact ways but one familiar and similar way back when so I thought it would be funny to ya now in 2020 come back to one of these for your girlfriend thingies and yeah see if anythings different Siri or I specifically get a different result than I did those years ago so yeah were gonna take this one here by the amazing Bo so fabulous I dont know who you are but by you I guess anyway as I was saying we did the sort of thing ages ago so were gonna take up this quiz here and its more of a updated one to where its got more funnier girls than it had yeah with the one we did those years ago so were gonna shut up my kids wit its all good fun as you guys may remember it just silly stuff to be had here just a giggle just a laugh not to be taken seriously so straight up whats your favorite color white black orange gold yellow or red or blue yellow brown or red dont know why theyre not separated and dont know why theres two Reds and both choices there actually theres two yellows two Im very very confused why things arent separated and why theres duplicates of certain colors I really dont know but out of the choices here I probably would go for white black orange gold yellow red so Im gonna choose that one there

all right now I have a picture of B be fabulous if Freddie was chasing after you where should you go okay so this being a venire quiz guys of course its talking about the fornia versions here so frontier freddie was chasing me where would I go closet vents mango Cove pirate Cobra Perry stage double Ds here if veneer freddie was chasing me for whatever reason probably would hide where no other frontier alma tonic will be I mean in that current situation I would not want to run to another veneer alma tonic whoever they are id be very scared and yeah would not want to see another so it wanted to be out of the closet and events I guess although itll cause it supposedly does hold the golden animatronic so uh maybe the vents that might keep me safe for a while maybe but they can also cool in there but fannie and freddie and just freddie in general isnt really known for the vents so ill go there I guess your thing who would you let into your house okay now were talking about us being on friendly terms of the girls ah yeah who would we bring over to the home of Mary Sue golden Freddy spring Bonnie pop it foxy Freddy mangle bonny baby chica Beebe yeah again way more toys to be had here guys then say those years ago when we did something like this ah Wobblies straight up bah bah come in Baba look at my my mugs and nice and force I have quality kitchen utensils come in and have a peek all right who would you kiss those are all these rude boy girls

probably be because shes more human so if anyone caught me doing it they me think its just a human girl and I wouldnt get that much shade because if I were to randomly smoochy any ever armitron across and someone saw me doing it it would be weird it would be very weird so at least balloon babies on the more human side so again if someone just glances and see it and sees it theyre just think its a normal human girl they might not think its animatronic robot and yeah it probably would be less weird so Ill say be be okay all right are you Im loving that that arent there that totally awesome golden Freddy arent there are you bold powerful sneaky innocent loyal shy giant perv I know what you guys were most likely tagged me as but this is my opinion here and Im gonna go through with it its Evo kind of probably shy or again not bold definitely not bold either shy or Id probably say no youll go floral yeah – first day at the Fournier Convention what do you do running hide make friends if I were to survive I want them at my back have fun with them I probably would not run in hide I mean its my job to you probably do all things security and all things well-to-do weve said security some running and hiding would be going against my job and if they found out I did that I probably would not get any of the money that I sell to get so that is not an option I guess make friends I suppose be the good employee I sell

to be sure thing all right would what would you bring on a date pizza chocolate flowers money you are going to pay a treasure map your address okay these two last options right now what an old a treasure map your address excuse me oh okay definitely not the last two things theyre kind of confused what the heck these are about who the heck goes along that brings a treasure map to their date and who the heck goes along around he brings their address of the day I really dont know unless you know that girl is just willing to knock on your door at any time a night anytime a day yeah you come anytime just bathe do it Im free all day at night I am probably flowers or chocolate you know kind of typical right but you know maybe one of those two things pizza thats ridiculous unless I ran we knew she was an O so much pizza lover uh no I guess flowers you know its kind of a nice first date its kind of cliche sure but you know safe sort of present thing to bring to a date so some flowers I guess oh okay I got Baba protective loyal hey as you guys know though Im completely fired of getting fornia Baba I am alright thats fantastic this is quickly see what the other results may have said so they lets say if I got mango cuz shes one of my favorites what would that said cute shy nice alright official Baris ending I didnt get the official mousie ending and I am the official Maris ooh oh dear oh my but I like baby too

that all right lets see what would happen if I go BB cuz we we kind of picked some BB stuff didnt we lowered the whole kiss thing super big perv likes do pants boys and have fun craters ending okay interesting ah lets see if you got Freddie perv nice loving puppet cute dark nice shy okay interesting description kind of suits the girls actually lets see chica innocent friendly loves pizza okay swing Bonnie super big perv cute nice alright interesting who else did we not click here foxy Mozgov look or more at this point super super fast bold pirate oh thats the whole map thing okay I kind of get why its there now but still it didnt make sense it was just there to be a thing that goes towards foxy ever the night made absolutely no sense why was why what was a choice in that scenario it was kind of random okay golden Freddy though nice powerful super pretty all right I think we add a little peek oh no Bonnie we didnt see Bonnie perk you tonight okay alright very interesting very interesting alright guys so yeah were going to get out of here definitely go along and take this quiz if you interested and yeah let me know what results you got in the comment section down below always love seeing and uh yeah hearing what you guys got in these quizzes quite good that weve done this again like kind of mister doing these things so if you guys got any suggestions who are other quizzes from our games or like regular for that or what the heck ever unknown every number six number but for now

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