who is your father
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you are you a son benefitted from him when he was healthy he never did anything for my children so how do you expect them to take care of him now that is sick man oh I didnt hear me I didnt mean you my brother you dont have to be made on a signal since you have decided that the other tasks will not help in taking care of him I shall contact his assurance come here his lawyer his doctor I make sure they assign a private nurse now live here and take care of him later did that better no now you are talking but dont grab our own England are you telling the whole world that try I stopped my daughters from taking care of him not like me are you can never be like me God bring their son from a believer to commit the corrosion nonsense my problem is I didnt know not all the cats wont happen I just put it make make a meeting Ricki dont happen what kind of team that is happen what kind of Tunisia its a chief dont think that you can take what have you done about it what have you done what have I done have you called have you got have you God is nasedo and doctor Ive been shouting from Troy from my departments from me you have not got a doctor I have not called a doctor I might the doctor is the case let me tell you that money swimmy last monster re+ areas and many more voices if I missed an obvious one a path maybe dont obey me what you do for me nice – is – okay can I get home right now from you yes I am here to receive my last months salary I want to buy credit you got back early this morning you know tell you what Im saying if this one dies ah youll be the one to pay me okay look at you I have lovely think my life would come up hey love the area that many mortgages Im supposed to receive this much he just needs enough rest if you follow my instructions very well your brother will be fine I have been his family doctor for years now and I do everything within my power to make sure that hell be fine okay can I go see him alone he needs enough please um this is Missy shes a nurse she was staying here permanently make sure that chief gets well I hear she needs medical assistance if Im not disposed shes here to take care of him I know I dont want to what happens happens in again No okay Im missing like I told you youre here to make sure she gets better please make sure you care of him take care of him properly please suck it up shiny basic problems I should be okay yes sir we have an addition to the walkers in the house a private nurse – my brother misses her name shes really Paulo and misses from me sorta shes from his short powerful yes and so please ignition you have to show how to be guests room and then it does anything she needs to know when I would it okay and magnet since you had to get please I caught her do cortices what a novel in my stomach yes unit Superman she showed up with local governments in Aqaba local governments she used our – no prize in a couple anyone I know III me that there is not an otaku anova Sujata boys after after volley what what it is you just had actually just said I should I called a quotation from the gates while having the compound security or do two Spocks jack while my duties inside you cut chief and I took 42 but sorry I could fall so still let me go inside well she twisted as we tied the room why I give up for this much money not yet it was a rush for collapsed again but is dr. Levi him an assurance company has signed and must stay in the house and take care of him yes I want to just die and stop stressing people down is wicked daddy stop wasting your time checking on that man hey theres no deserve anything good from most come on the Sun means was that you have to relax hey nurse can I see you a minute my forgiveness button do you my trigonis which is peachy did anybody say vitae see my finger nice race John John Tiki ignatius youre the cook in this house the snap he means its supposed to be your utmost priority listen handsome singing Im talking its not allowed in the kitchen so now youre not put on your saliva or even dogs in the food and you have to cut these fingernails shots I hope Ive made myself clear Ill read you thats okay and I hope you have a good working relationship with you Jamie no singing no dancing no okay then if Im picking on you sign language the consumer how come rice hammock Lydia come on come here I do miss her dont you not much a comedian like you Im here to carry my food I hope is very ready thats not food you say thats no food there is no food are you good you open your mouth wide I could inaudible telling me that there is no food I see sometimes I wonder how you managed to say that this job that yummy I said theres no food its not you to ask me why oh how by this time say it about COO oh yeah absolutely why dont you okay let me ask you why no food if you want no miss Missy Missy do as you say my Canada cooking it for wash that if I will they think that thats a celebrity seborrhea caught my know started to die and Missy punished holy place cheerfully go to place you for letting this man know that she has been the one Costa no sickness casinos iniquities person ultra balancing cosmos problem right and left if cash is not a key if you come where the defeat be seen on you cost problem what they want you well you want to say that me if you will make the wife and the children get accident because if you notice the saliva speech for the SSID food about your mothers you feel like I tell you in the next 30 minutes you know were both mothers and women attention-deficit let me tell you our duties Vita bro I will tell the truth you know with humanity if I must see my witness activities you can do I have [Laughter] Jeffie have eaten too much cheese baby with staining Kevin Zhukov very fast and quick you had yes but not it has been on ever he has been able to finish half of different foods own his do you weigh Ignatius I thought I wont university of chief foodie get home but you dont you want me Im trying to do you do something from this job I try to stop me from my duty you dont need to walk in this house again I am equally five nights and not chips docked Instructables within care of chief and feeding him it is included Im gonna Ill shoot juice at me from the job did I ask you to cite me for my DG technisches please note today please just drop and ganache I should have our chance I just got you dont you Ignatius what was that you just did a poll and got enough water so theres no need of where students let me finish it before takes more breaking what is there my fridge just small breaking I was coming alone judge le I propose you connect me to come on back that you have your own money I think they were working well you are under my god is enough you dont want to give me no problem thank you fish all the time each other our Ziggy milady let me get you out of this we dont want ya Oh Oh Oh very good Eddie oh pretty cheese baby people that live now whats wrong were gonna drill Nigel what about them oh my good customer today is my money come on okay I know I keep my woman hey I remember I see you know because I why I see Jie you know what let me let me get me out open dont know under the now does give me okay dr. Jim please why are you darling helping me out of this little pass come in I dont dream it free after all yes chief loves exercise leads to patients hey Ill try my best yeah you are your best is not good enough Im running out of patience maybe I will need to seek her purse where no no it has not gotten to dance I promised to deliver its a slightly too precious okay it will be faith if you dont if you dont help out you know one goat on this house another and yet two more time as I give to you yes Im good hello TV ignatius I thought I want you never to Gods sake no talk why cook it in the station now listen henceforth you will no longer cook for chief only cook for yourself well no species that I was just inspecting my hobby mm laughs those practice your hobby in the teaching no please listen to this is my department my name is Ignatius women Ahmed now me the cook for this place not from you as you say the Korean economy I just take care of chief the England drugs making them well but coming to my department enough mich Mich Im not tired of his job LM like Italian lights everything has changed see let me tell you I used to market all myself that is inside his house Ive seen how this guy stopped me from cooking for chief secondly she asked me not to be feeding chief only God knows what is inside next line if I really maybe if she water vertically stop me from my duty I dont know I know what my problem is my problem and your own its not the same you see that gift I mean the fact is they are talking about the nose miss true or false dont move if you try to now send her back to swat ah but she can watch come from I will send up to you so top oh yes because she cannot be right today as you want to become mother no listen to me learn if you find you dont have anything to see and they give me you see you think if you lose you stop me you go texts are falling what is this whats the problem thats theres a problem I ran into Abbys lawyer and he said oh because of you well thats not too much of a problem because we have a tradition that willingly supersedes the wheel tradition talking about traditional daddy you dont have a male child of overdose that makes him stand a better chance to inherit on a base property when hes gone anyway Im working on something I I will let you know anything machos but as you can see the challenge is getting tougher and tougher so we need to synergize to make it work okay yes just tell me Ill do it good good you see that charge on bail lawyer a junkie by email what do you do penetrate it yeah yeah arising I dont get it are only a war now so that in your bulimia usually when its young people go Tamburini check okay thats right I dont pay nothing no no no theres no need of going to Yogis what the writers want to say to you whenever my friend what a man is is wrong way so you have you do me a favor when I want to sell like two pounds of blue hmm can every got you a look at about this time around you have to come just abide by the rules and follow my instructions and like I told you my brother is as good as dead hes just on that sick bed he doesnt even remember anything Eva not touch her chief Im still scared what about other family members you dont have to be scared you have to be worried the blood results kvass its oh-oh-oh chief like you said Im his wife and two kids died in Motor City okay what will not happen when I started already myself as chief some other family members wont they be just play a role at an angle my brother Corrales became or happy hope you will healthy and I will divide his properties into three to pass for me Im not for you no chief yeah I I dont want to show what happens after everything I want you to give me like 20,000 or 50,000 so I cant go my way okay okay its okay come again will be Kakinada yeah I will give you further instructions as time goes on okay yes thank you yeah he doesnt know that the doctors hospitals one of his properties okay he bought that was you – yeah so the document was in my custody but my mother became so I spent a lot of money the renovation and all that so yes he cheated you she I just saw the lawn of breeding buck is money okay I mean yeah but it was not easy because the document this is my brothers name and that didnt impress for that because that would have the property to play safe okay but daddy what the agreements with the doctor the agreement was that that issue that what he spent our innovation would be converted into eggs and all that so you still dont need to worry because I plan to retrieve the land to cheat okay yes Im going to how do you like yes catch it great well Ive been that question should be directed to you naka de pinna lately no sense since you came back from the oxygen please get a lemon are under your guide I dont understand do I understand what you say you dont understand chips oh youre my brother youre my blood blood everything Oh Mariana there is nothing that the eyes will see a shape blood instead of tears done what did the doctor tell you come malaguti what are you hiding see HIV and it was it matter one let me do what kind of talk is that okay okay well try table no no okay Papa important dont go be screen another page have Makati bad boy works your brother die you want you have certain die its a number bro game yeah Im thinking um I just cant wait for that it to get these are share of the property huh everything we just be all right I cant do also with the ones that get this property hmm wont live in this kind of house door with a very big mansion like on KBs house and you might pray no worry also get is here from was okay whatever comes your master two guys cross this cafe are you sure hes not going to spoil everything like how these people these days are not trust you guys choosing very well have you met my father you will not die at all you wont day everything goes smoothly dont worry please remember me thank you are you kidding me the young ones that is your brother

son so he said that one so what do you think well the familial fire what I mean ooh and they dont remember to accidents and he never told all she had a son anyway the world how I wish my hurt hes the only one to solve this problem okay so wheres the young man now he left immediately but acting to drop his foot number hmm thats good you know what were going to do you give him a call inviting to my clinic then Ill run it tests on him to prove if hes truly a brother son but I dont think that is necessary because something tells me that hes not my brother song over yes every two were on in his house and you have mortified everything even choose family well see how what is happening is there anything going on in sometimes when you talk with you you you dont talk as if you have conscience have you been seen the constant bleaching that were going on in this house us that has becoming if not chief products cheese brothers have them you come here when she falls out when chief dollar is there no wrong in the community thats it for us Lewiss absences find out excuse me yes you stop that thats a no I dont have this time we want to confirm I hope theres no problem this one that theyre all the Chiefs brought us everyone in this house I love all these wet so inviting all right is it the funnier supposed to be good convention for Yogi and you is it again shes supposed to be open and cool I just advise people should my own business in this house what do you remove that if a man I want to kill again I wanted to do that by myself I wanted to hit her head flat like a brillo is all about honestly I usually God knows how I do my job when I find all this all these short ones and then py Allah didnt that sure people are honest Thomas on the political side in every sight every manatees shot every month at the shop to help us be at omegas I hit them I know I can never fail you see people we thought Nokia today most delegates are hits holiday from on the objects every turn away the converse of inflation once thought I will have proved a shot once there was your privileges ah Smith nonsense because you because I shot no sleep Rastamouse approach was here and shes yep she Chikara if you have one why would you come on this average even asked yet yet the same yourself to veer knows if Richard really has yeah cheese it has got this house the city knows Richard sometimes run put to bed I can put my own yes every test proves that a young boy is your brother son thats you yes I have done my part and I believe you can handle the rest oh good thank you very much thank you so much and hes doing very well sir brother I know he can hear us the young man with us here is by name Chitti he said the mother told him that you are the father yeah doctor now advise us to go for a blood test to ascertain whether hes truly awesome yes the blood screening has proven that he is your son that is why we brought him so that you can see him Katie this is your father yes we have what is from her father what is wrong with my father Martin now kiss me need to calm down before that does not mean noise today is VP will not get time hes come down shit is okay youll be fine chief you have a son so who is almost get well soon so that you can get acquainted with Lisa budeau VNL not debate agenda – here and is there some respect yes Ilanas whose cottage have Chitti here are fathers waters very lively people there is madness Ocoee magnets is the get man and beside him is Ignatius they cook and its much Michael for that matter I used to tease him with the ignition yes and the lady there is messy your fathers private mess so your father has been good to all of them and I would also want you to be good to them and that way you will not live peaceably okay its all right dog yes thank you very much I promise to be of my as behavior hmm I will not disappoint you good but I want in this particular garden I dont like his face is good there are ghosts and there are lovely people yes there are lovely people virgin anytime you need a assistant do not visit it Thomas thats right thats all right thats right no do this thats right if you know you cannot quit him with the timeless yeah he sorry times man she just yeah all right – no chemica but hey with a mother your mama and I yell come back Ill show you Im giving Keagan at the chapel my spirits is nets because vicious what is that my food cut it back what I think is back whats this your time what is your time my time yes a son yes a very very stupid this is the level something in my foot back which verify stupid see Ive made up my mind and food is not coming these nights so take that food anybody knows this why because she did not let me prepare dancing she said I should watch it very much if before I will prepare whatever we eat even if that she is preparing food for chief how can food that is prepared for chief take up to this time and she prepared a Obispo chief dont ship now each iron pins in this house the kids back take it back leave that food then thats it Im not eating it but leave it there if I say she talked about you taking back that is why I want to came in this house after we may have your as a profession idea to man you still want me to know to eat what is this okay Medicare edition I mean she knew a lot about food digestion thats very good last night Ignatius brought my food around 11:00 some 1150 something getting too tough oclock midnight why thats bad it has gotten enough to be true a lot to do with two years because according to the groceries he said that you do not like to prepare Miami episodic academies or provide the meals in this house let me tell you from day one we who used to eat in a late-night food listen to me I dont eat then athlete again before chief employed me in this job I told him chief another table for late night I know they took for late night chief said no ala Magmas come on walk I said no problem I said no problem he begged me to do this job I used my certificate my CV are my qualifications as a professional gates man before I get this job so bullets you cannot come and tell me when to eat and when not eat if I admit my food again you will know why let me put it there – oh wait is this the kind of mercy you huh is this the kind of lumen I thought I said I could love a walk how they were stuck me how you ask me how okay you want to give me this innocent look there are people who think that you has actually listened to me if you end up sucking me from this house Magnus you do not like me the punch why did you tell this no just dont like time is why do you do that message to stop me in fact I should stop everything about cooking me this house is about messy yes well it depends on how you see each from your own very perspective as for me I did not do anything to harm you I only went there to tell her why she supposed to know I only wanted to add the cocoa yeah you went there to tell me so what shes supposed to you know okay yes of that I love that okay you started this game and make sure you aint begin with me you make that – Thomas what shes supposed to that be okay as you start this game you dont play your own I could play my own I dont understand I will play my own but what I play my own no completely yeah well its not my fault or my business all I did was what supposed to one supposed to do but Ive done its no problem I dont have any remorse or do it Im loving any remorse very much because at the time I cook chief but because its my job manifestation the connect with oh hey hey everybody say good money now we love you for you talk about having for breakfast for breakfast yes honestly Im confused Im the most confused person in this house because I should speak that I dont even know my left arm I write Mexican to the place that Im fact that Im supposed to be preparing something for you she said I should stop as you evil and to not even go close to anything odd food so as it stands now I thought you know if my job has been if Im if Im been sacked from this job so nobody is relieving you of your job nobodys stopping you from your duties all right mrs. only preparing my fathers name and I want you to prepare something good for me for pretty fast okay honestly you know I would like you to tell me this damn you know I dont know how you see it and how the angle that Im coming from only savings on and I know that you had the to sort of chief chief is a very nice man chief can never have the issue with you now Im not I get it this my real son of Jim is right now I wanted to prepare something very nice for me yeah there is something delicious do you understand what is very tasty and dont allow me remind you of your duties next Im standing beside you did yes I dont trust that boy he looks very arrogant are you sure is going to keep to the agreement mm-hmm dont you know who your father is my daddy will never make copies yeah you cant afford to go contrary to the agreements what daddy yes we have to trade a caution yes yes right Gudivada have a forgotten video satanic Thanks Gallery of friends not with the roughest is series walk as the article for hypocrisy remain relevant you think hey madness reduce evilly give me the ones that cause theyre always with me hey poppy good mood a perfect movie money Oh not at all not at all I must thank you I must thank you the way you taking very good care of my phone you dont need to thank me Im doing my job and Im being paid for it yeah I know I know youve been paid for it but youre doing it who got Ellie you are taking care of my philosophies your own father she is a good man he deserves everything good yeah my father is a good man that I know but Id say my half-sister thank you for all the work youve been doing all right um mrs. why dont I believe you have this your duty for a moment um did you go inside I have some rags what I take my photograph okay what case not to bring him in in 30 minutes that I can take his afternoon Jones thank you very much yeah yknow um yes Im fine Im fine Im very fine now I actually come in to call you I want to let you know that Ill be – not to get something I want to take care of my father all right sure I oh okay then take him okay oh Ill be back I want to – you dont get something out see when I come back all right are you sure youll find a fight see I am very sure okay we need to sketch my product and motive hes as good as dead Oh No Judah chiffon skirt knew that you have seen how the man was looking at me I nearly popped you to messy when I was going on that girl is very smart did she notice anything I dont think she noticed anything what that girl is something knows Gigi do you see I want you to focus on what you again if this project succeeds I want you to mess up this project for me it is my Joker for the yay please I will take it like with you if you mess up this project the maggid espana they were you cheating she the Monicas kid be wise Adam a decapitated Thank You messy oh you want you to take my photo options okay Im expecting visitors but I see no movie and I feel is enjoy means it wont be just a nice if you take him away oh how did you know that because my photo digital I staying all day with you I know when hes happy on we use mods besides you cant take your viscosity or Apollo I do not get any hockey to cheat you live in my own house you know but please bring down your voice she doesnt see you noisy environments its okay Im taking alpha with the needs so after conspiring witness against me Kobe fatty if we went as far as material negation on my head I am cause fighting with nose just like you you take food away from the table I mean an aquatic organism a man I am NOT your money get it Im your enemy you its the enemy states which if you wanna have conscience whoa cool thats not a cool do the top Iranian if Im your enemy damage your life is a man because one day output attacker you yes just I now make sure you die like rats you come on – oh yeah nice movie look with you and we play you know my man now if you kill me Google the quarry with you no no no no no no if you give me Google Play with you then lets add 4x do you know that the law of this has been happening in this house so much has been happening a lot many things on taxes on have you not noticed that this or that we partner himself as Tucson I do know get to maybe feeling like that might not be Chiefs on the first day thats welcome to this house what did I tell you yeah you have they seem like we should say this boy this boy named poster token is the new poster yes boy if at it let us pray that this boy this boy you know wake up one element and Im for sure love a sort of display societies what is in my play out because if the guys Saccos Im on top loot the nature of this content there is no job this works across here hey I dont mess up rotary table these are all top soup on fire then you live what off stupid I have to person if I found what you never job theyre two things wrong whopper I will let you know were magnets nice GD um he left the house feels agree I have not come

back since then oh really yeah mercy Im really proud of you I thought ship up there hes looking so good thank you youre welcome dad so you know chief was good all of us at the hospital he was big my house rates when my landlord almost chew me out I owe him more than Im doing fine right now and even if the hospital she stopped paying me I wont stop taking care of G may God bless you abundantly welcome doctor and I pray God keeps my life for me Missy she will not die as long as he eats will takes his drugs properly and you administer it properly as well check his sugar level and his BP level everything will be fine I hope his brothers comes to check on him well not as they should but thats my problem and we have a chief mercy Im proud of you what about his son hope he also checks on him to that hes the doctor something in me tells me thats thats cheaty is not chief son yes doctor my hat doesnt accept him as chief son and I feel very uncomfortable its time I leave chief in his care maybe its because he do not like him because the tests training shows that his acting chief son theres something hes drunk so away yet something is not right because theres this look on Chiefs face each time he sees him as if as if he wants to something to me gosh I just feel that mankind talk if he say something he wants to say to me will you be Kate listen you need to monitor that boy very well too much leave him with chief or doom if you suspect any foreplay anything whatsoever make sure you notify the police and also notify me most importantly you need to take care of chief that is very important for you dont worry everythings fine okay some patients you find here would you see me off and where you going to she has been indoors all day and its not so good for cells so I decided to take him around to the sea fish they occur on the compound well theres this in his room yet theres a see what chitin is fresh air Maisie basic math should be on a secret and not to be seen around the compound so take him back to his room at once with all due respect sir you did not employ me here so please allow me to my job else Ill let Chiefs are sharers company to this issue nestle operation dont push me Father excuse me young mukham thinking upon Emma Cooney what is it that cannot wait till evening what is it chief erotica continuity because that man youre looking at is not ready to dine agencies yes he might be on which about his is way louder than you yes I know his hair thank you but remember we had an agreement before you to cook this often and you must see it to the end Shyvana rotten is this that girl makes in her house shes actually making the house so uncomfortable for me shes making it look like Im living hell she doesnt respect me dont be a coward listen to me listen to me you can see below you see this project if you mess up this deal for me and if you try it I will matter which I would you feel a legit instructed me he said I should come and prepare very delicious meal very delicious a fish per person so the dice look he said she do is right yes why did I eat believe me I instead I should go fishing Im telling you sir be aware that Im telling you so that if I did I should prepare not like know like well like I should care what Im doing down so that you put Betty fish fish eggs at me intelligent was delicious as you can see and be very much for chief you go in and do not call you what kind of them is show the worker knows what kind of the genre is coming from this loss you know this cheese behaves he says she went was usually I said if I was ready to die what Im wearing the producer watches oh is that a purple suit are you daft what is the purpose you sorry I was um I got I tried I was happy and I was happy teaching you know tried to prepare the pepper soup before Mesa walked in and mercy said I should leave the kitchen that you want to prepare food for chief I said no not the the second chief I know the second Agha know that I said no yoga so well you should you first to pee I give up products and you couldnt even count what are you prefer to to listen to medicine summation what is no master look at all I said shut up and get out Ill give you two minutes two minutes to get me the soup ready I will find you Oh Holden turned on electrical model for aha have you lost it she will be seven Raja Babu please whoo Noah if I be a doctor how is my father smoking do tell us what who left me we washed were a little bit wobbly what the Todd we do what do we do doctor hey Rohit and Anushka be like a burger in a casual I have contacted the hospital ambulance his body would deposited at imagery then you can it from other family members and also there Sharons company so you need this come down please listen I wanted to disturb on the street very dont ever associate my name would happen Eddie do you understand oh by the way why hes crying modern do people who are really sick to the disease on bhagawan Kaanapali why are you crying no its alright um I wanted to go pack your things because you live in this home your job in this house okay if we say you are not if what they achieved ran like me – how we do but we got our money and Nadias gigawatt and Aria scenarios if you bring them embassy maybe say but but you dont know it repels PGD it reaches less it is that go with the raggedy-looking like oh if you lose it you are not gonna cook you a ticket if they do follow me climate I see if you take it if they can apply new suffice for the driver thats a way that I define it one more that you ugly cry but I show you repays last us possibly there how many atrocities the specie the she cheat you know cheat Chiefs from Lisa Robinson said I should prepare something for him something delicious something our rights people I mean you have to be near me so I should not die in that jacket very yummy yummy yummy for me not for myself why people talk see what rules of combat is your life the old Toki ki this tomorrow before you touch this gas hot your nails you caught you before he finishes we kept our chain you need to watch the other website say you dont want to drink anything no thank you okay let me go straight to the point okay oh my father is Leeds so I see no reason why not only dr. their name is still in the palest because my father was the one who controls tell him not me so why are you stupid this is City Im still carrying out chief destruction was instruction What nonsense is talking to a man who is that youre carrying out construction how I want you to remove their name from paste they are not relevant anymore I dont need their services I dont even know you as the son of chief I dont even know you our chief zone and I cant take instructions from you mayor I think youve overstayed your welcome you see about the person I get angry shes me cookie which could give me any difficulty now I want to delay divine energy that goes right into our intercourse Oh sorry hope youre giving you something no Im fine youre good yes okay Im about what we discussed on the phone I dont think is enough reason for her to remain in this house when our on specialist come she cant remember cannot intervene okay I asked her to leave okay thank you I was actually doing something upstairs home when they told you is just an otoscope Muskaan messy doctor I want to seize this opportunity to turn to a few for a contribution towards my brothers out God will do what both of you let me say that you just a part of this family mmm feel free to come anytime okay thank you very much Sam we really do appreciate but we must take a leave Im not dont you use this question it just knows how to thank you you know for all that you did drew me for this Barry this is the list of all the buddhas give us a values correct in for now Rubicon look of the people that give us to the ones we couldnt take down in disgust dont understand why not get after that Jojo wait what are you right at the five job job we werent there for kids these kids you dont finish he will teach take they go for this house if passing will tell you you know you see our job dont finish as chilly day Hughes yeah so she hit me you from the leg one match for grant similar to you if we live gotta tell you we dont mind tell you you see theres nothing like its man anybody want past make your bullet for yourself so I dont they see my soxhlet we can final edge of the for this guide Music Academy you used to talk you were the top me with the inside uncle every time cookies not cool down cool Takata 11-part my bad self wait for my for my organization letter at the with member gapostol Makai writes this job job but nervous but Madison Dryden you will give a Google rhythm any manager we reduced him finish no give me a job you repeat a manager now Pasha in the to give a farrago reduced in you happy they kiss me madness me Magnus Magnuss and you know Magnus see Mac Mac loose okay Andy you patata visionary wont find one currency regulators but Magnus magic as G have Jesus mg and traffic map again oh thats very noble flora daughter cannot abuse and also it must have been right which money I will go see that way no give me job which – I wasnt asking that you know – right and if you but Ill go to the office that uses mark 10 and say you wont walk no one no one make messy yes immediately see no I madness plan if not Ive only let you know why Im a trained security if we miss a biosecurity besides constant I was trained with military man the trim is yes Agnes ezel ezel my daughter how are you its my brother honestly I dont like do we you and my father are taking it lightly with GD over on gui-based properties he was your brother for crying out loud he was Judys father he belongs to Cheney ligerian traditionally unless he boots on Tomas if he has a way I do like you will youre sounding my daughter let me tell you truth is always bitter you and your sister sure is for properties concentrate on how to get married and make your own home hmm as for me I am NOT interested in my brothers properties what I have I am contented with it time that I came yeah we could lock twist you mean youd be pleased yeah at this one and you did pay anything opera like it like that lets go exceptional probably cheese toast or granite food is this I gotta cut this one in is something amiss yeah why from a friends house is actually from Scotland yes yes how many is this for me like three years no sister seven years Oh sister serving his food older than my mother Im telling my brother they older he gets this fatality conscious did you say Jesus you call me by my name have you lost could imagine this he imagined this popcorn you caught me Tom I need Jesus no bus because because I am NOT up to the people you call over such a mortal the comedy family I promise you Oh one I thought did with you Im sorry this would the food is done just give me like a half hours she do you know it was one them hi she do I want to be like you I want to be a boss just like you now how do you to consciously be with you or ordering them around and Ill continue Sansas I will not you I want to be a boss Ill be my god your guy is now a king look at me am I not blown my brother Im a king he respect me see around me theyre my servant I autumn around the way I want whatever I need to get my bacon cold butter something youre part of this house yeah you can do the same order them around tell them whatever you teach that you want in fact niggas and enemies but lord I just went out if it brings the food what was open you know 100 my brother grant FF of a good guru their boss although I never say hi is good my friend for you nobody coach it I hate passion you see that shit if I open my credit show you how more doubles or you me one man in wrong if I open it Ill show you you see that my social that boy have gone everything down I dont know how my father walked about that boy ever since the entered into Chiefs house thats it we dont have access to him anymore he does what he likes his arrogance his selfish even with I kept in there dont have access to him I dont just understand this serious you know the funniest part of the team that I hate see him welcome to my shop you be pardon madam give me cook give me this give me that bite everything picked on you whenever I was to get an engine si this one said chairman see my dear I dont even want to annoy you here if you see if you see my mind if you see how Im being angry about that guy I dont know how my father walked about and load up would worry no words while walking on everything that hes doing were trying to see if we can get to how no dont worry if he makes us loose dont worry hes going to lose everything I am very very shown here it was a boy I dont understand I dont underst everything changed I know Ive talked to you hi I dont even like rotten inside your house no problem no problem no problem this is too dangerous even need to be here you dont need to relax yeah I took a risk you old guy what are you trying to say what I talking about Chino youre my nigga okay we dont know how our countries youre going in for a big one if you get caught this is our country you know that impersonation in this country is bad is a very big offense my brother I wanted to relax me its the money right forget it sauce

you see here most of the people in this country Im patient it was right lets enjoy the money while it lasts any wish we have we the most importantly we are living fine do you understand Oh madness sir how much is your money and Im a professional at that man we start if Achatz you can ask him according to whom my mother bore me beside they did 15 15 thousand four analogous but here you can now you see much now you sir I live them Ignatius how much is your own salon okay say either because the level of the stewardship of copán showed me her degree that I attend and ascertain from the international cooking studies my salary and already my fact my son is chief listen cheaper you cant give them this money now you okay you what you do how many time do you open the gates in a month – you have either youre cleaning this house before the only thing you do is cook and you want to collect that Nara chili because shown that such these people I cant do their job now what is that opening the gates closing the dictates if we want to go out Ill open the gate lock it again whats that is there I lived around you open your mountain actually to pay you touch 5000 because you cook and clean the house this is what I was you know go out and get some macho canola in tunisia culture thats because people have become universities with the top get out I wonder if you know but I use I use this to cook for the world so the doctor that a Jewish area and for what we say she didnt agree that you secretes I should they gonna say been working but never sleep ever managed thats but dont worry we shall just opening it up money money first know when you move they say if you wont be breaking for me to be see the ability money she made a statistic oh let me warn you if I hear my name outside do not like what I would do to you whatever happens in that house remain in their house if you dont mention my name to anybody and sell rubbish about my name I will kill you I mean it I will kill you do you understand and Im not threatening you and Andy so be very careful me be very very careful sorry I wasted your time me something its okay bit who is this one that is so let me around Im sure he didnt know you before Oh chief oh hes my friend his name is a mecca and also manifest in town you know the time is not so convincing for people in truth voice on the screen without a smiling or frowning let him excuse us something I want to discuss with you and what was that you said on phone oMG vice is turned on what I told you over the phone you know my fur just died hole appreciated here long its you What nonsense are you talking about who is your father forgetting something yeah but let me take you down memory lane we agreed to share my brothers property into three parts two for me and one for you that is the problem chief that is the big problem we have in here in our enables tradition when a man dies his properties will remain on torch until he is giving proper burial so chief um I will urge you and employee to allow me among my father in peace oh I dont get better than that I give you a window so pathology as for this I are approving if you need what I will tell them the boys thats total nonsense we dont need the with our let brother has its own dads already inherited his properties so what we need the will for when they leave our net brother made a wheel and I suggest we respect his last wish theres no need Akeno for this yes because he bought tradition already stated it when a man dies his children inherits all that he left behind Im from the look of things Im the only surviving son of my father that automatically makes everything that belongs to him mine so please tell the lawyer not to come anywhere close talk more efficient so he will do things legally please nobodys going to read anyway maybe if you want to read your own wafers go ahead in which is my monkey I dont they dig around on your behind audience simply because I told you to give me time to monitor after which you can look under Britain on our agreement will you shut up you liar shut up look at all you are going to lose because of the ad wait you better leave this house before you are disgracefully thrown out I am not going anywhere this house belongs to me chief is my father the most I understand is the world I dont know the difference between as you do be home no you need a moment with Senora barrister time in everyone I I just told you okay both insist on reading the will that means youre going to spoil a whole lot of things for me hmm so I would want you to read write and I am ready to look at you and your family to any country of your choice CCD I wish I can help you Marisa what Im saying is this I want to go as far as sharing my fathers property with you yeah our shades equal you take one Ill take one sorry I cant poor people mistake for our duty calm down think about your name and evil diseases besides nobody we believe you because the blood results proves that he is a little thats all I advise who traded caution and follow him diplomats calling because I dr. J we never associated anything that would bring the mobsters but so down we are saying that yes chief youre a wise man and I expect you to tread with caution trade with cochon did I get myself involved with if you talk to Jen Oh doctor have not come to fight sir but I only came to notify your advance for to be paying me for this property Gd you did not leave this place to me so how about business with you its not so alright on you are my friend I dont want to fight you you know I am here to recover my lead for that loss properties and this one is included so my lawyer will get to you soon and I want you to comply with this is nonsense but you know says Ill put the co2 to Judaism no Allah Yamaha Korea cheese or whatever you call yourself more than you can chew you have pushing me to the world but it does not move me that I dont know what to do Im only keeping quiet because I wanna do secrets but if you want to know my true Paolo confront the doctor came over that property just try it that mini noggin confront in and on with you a temple of where he is all right hi MA thank you how are you fine thank you very late to my way to your office oh Im sorry how they taught this in the nest ah oh Im rushing to beat the traffic oh and so we said it youll find by 7:00 p.m. okay really have a nice day thank you very much have a nice day forget husband they can do multi the series house is my first house Im in charge not to have children Bedford all right you have gotten a knife lets find out we out of this house before things blows off because the chief Rosa hes found that made my brother has not in chief also can do you know what is underneath you know you know my son but I tell you something Ive contacted a lawyer who told me there are ice conditions of the hurts in certain dispenser yes so that is the reason why you see me fight all right out she did he did that he come will ever attend to them because you know why I guess Im the only family he has I had alerted me if he will anything to anybody the people are getting no more life so I stand the chance of inheriting everything here that is why he fight so my brother relax okay relax well I finally did that were out did your chili its only going to use everything yes because we live like that we didnt ever been anywhere in this house so da vida GD is going T rules and everything a listen to me you dont have questions let me see they might be done that T we are talking about his Chiefs oldest surviving son so in Ebola in fact not even fair initially by that the only surviving child eats man or woman we have it separately for believable I forgot forgot that you already do it you know go to school like me happy thing that you plan to educational you would have known that we and the we shall be there super sis every parent issue you understand so that means cheesy all your cheesy is going to use well thats the problem is no matter here to contest for you understand I kept a positive affirmation do you ask my furniture itll be did we write yeah baby they want to go yes I have no plans of stepping out I want you to do something for me so what can I do for you just my son its about my uncles way you know okay what about the uncles we know I wanted to insist on reading it yeah of course Ive taught them to to say that for it and most delicious will I want it to fit on my family youre not serious Im very serious you know its kind benefit here hey mr. timer since you have been in this relationship Ive been taking care of you understand this is chief must be respected and I appreciate I want you to just think about what I saying Im a man to me yes okay thats my baby what I beat from the gutters you think Sakaki well you did not show chief please I shall talk to him okay you told me to my face please take it easy I shall success into him it is launched the initial plan has failed my brother has a win so give me that house in peace I shall make him live in business thats my stand whats happened sir yeah yeah – aerochamber some comments oh yeah and its a simple T this is even this is smart for what you can do I know you too well okay so thats why this is the boy yes good yes so please theyll eat him from that house Nikki okay I dont want he has no right to be in bad Pierce oh thats my brothers house okay you dont have a problem or team now you know mean I know what I can do boys okay mm mm no I end up I look weve been into this business together and Im only trying to commit you know this moneys going north because you know that I will not go and they apply this to the cord gpros I declare to track the boy I know my work maybe I do need to work and and I have boys also just a minute let me set up something let me have a 10,000 let me let me stop you want to add more no Im going to use my please please just keep this five new Y by tomorrow you dont have a problem just execute Ive been doing business with you but I have a pressing need for this five thousand this evening please you not understand you dont want the job done why not once he is a cute money will not be a problem please see very soon will be walking will have to be walking we will be job deals together okay please let me let me let me make this clear dont all I want is they let him live from my brothers house and I want results not stories okay results know what I can do okay love a problem so get your boys ready aunt is a cute thank you so much you guys see my cat anyone check lose all this whack maybe see if I dont use behind good security to see this guy this fake Iran tire was their answer for him a Mecca I dont I say if you call that man say will hopefully get problem with you because as I said in express your hearts be pure thank you for me I wanna make you and I say you just handed that the five hole we jinwu youre a fool the one you chose since I came to this house no one till youve done for me that would make me give you money Palala you address that I will carry my money and gives you they give it you do to the khaki please since I came into this other risk I took this food thats why it gives you the money Rock and come take take your food fiscally challenged 500 now I know you dont have I know youre not the one they give it to you Im not an errand boy Im a cook professional quit my job is not to be walking off enough for less privileged people like you have this you have a phone pocket a bra cathedra estampa a black Angelous use the money by yourself Lipton you do not come dig in a pocket Im talking to Im talking Jamaica – behind you thank you some more money you talking to me yes America was their image you want to say Im the guy to the guy did you stop in brother house it make I make the guy come over the house so the house sitting and I but I get a hammer then I put on Hongkou get that house so I can make it better come on come on come over the house – I dont know the guy but the face the face looks familiar no get a feature I got a pitch over the machine no energy dinner you know this guy no no you dont forget Dima door that day within macarios doing house where the olden mana when it was wrong maybe cheeses this guy Nana biggest dad for this BAM the guys dont eat if you see his house toss thank the governor for once more – thats not nice geez so this guy oh my god come over the house Im telling you you call about chief would give me ten thousand say like a guy did that doesnt make me boy come off anyhow come come back again a factor from the money send me say a one big a imagine see say make it big pipe that matter tonight a fact that I go what you think I so now this guy in fact an errand boy make advice you know use your life bleep in front of this guy no player uses the Karrueche you see people with a guy this guy because time for this time with your iPhone and see might tell you not for this business me absent see you got a guy I go out I will try um yeah I would try I dont advise you as my friend nope live with your life the world you good I am okay easy for this deal I know Dee Snider on our team for me I

look like that man is working in notice and I must condemn GD agreements this say is an agreement a my witness agreements and chief has done his part so hes less for you so that peace will reign my dear forget about that man that man you see is welding around it you open it in this property a similar reason why my late father never liked any of them yeah my late father um dont you believe in our destiny help us chief issue is who God used should get me to my destination is their destiny hope so I have no regret in anything do you understand it chilly tread with caution chief a zoo is not a man you can calm it my friend come your names Lloyd took a chip you I want you to doubt your visit to Rudys by with any wonder stand what God said about destiny help us Im not the one to reward him God in heaven we do that all right so what please be at peace with me hmm see one nonsense business work material whose main business in artificial chief is ooh give up your man change look we use our own package sky package with us you know Chiti Chiti nah we did it one time a batter for that so welcome oh well dude yes which I would do you know the package me go to achieve out from his fathers house well just until it is father property serious see as I did talk to you now kid we would take dog nap balunia Oh which can be problematic business no give a movie man if I play a ton of am not way chief geez Obama you know bubbly fun and you know very well say cheese way they talk now if anything happens more linkage miles that one will achieve before now the most important sinner say given money like this I know who anything Im on you a gift she gave me my money we give Obama Demi very important so know be such a baby very even see Google mullahs dont ask me that nonsense as in now you wont we wont top the money you want for that top the money we do not make I do I need the money let me go come up asking for house I need the money anyhow now go find you demand a bag thats it lady still alive who see no job yeah see now youre not worried I dont they tell you notice your life you need money mother where are you this is Judys house right who are you this house is Judys house right yes children watching yes yes around okay so km and actually I am to this friend we used to be good friend and if I travel to South Africa I just came back yes this is whats what these verses he said too much Moses was you can regarded look at the it was great to see me yes have you made up your mind of all we discussed last time I still maintain my style whats your axe of me its impossible to tell me really now let me tell you ships we must be respected ships trusted me so much why he was still alive and I can never betray him if you know today I am NOT begging you to do this the choice is yours I have a reckoning of all our conversations and the things you told me about your wife we dont why I asked unseen on the record Instagram wonderful smut now let me tell you why what I already told my wife that shes not gonna bed and she knows that let me push their bodies I am an African man Im entitled to marry as many wives as I wish so what you just tried is a cheap one I guess you can do something better nonsense my brother you know that she is the one instigating that is I almost read we should why dont you go by the agreement you guys are so that peace will reign over my dead body I can never do that I will do that man this is my suggestion below Mia friend why dont you call the lawyer answer to him find a way to buy him so that you will look for way to squeeze in your name to favor you and the wheel Jesus in any part of this gotta do it James thank you our sponsor for this wonderful suggestion you just give me after that you drink thank you but no thank you Im tired of drinking now GT you are my friend I can live by drinking every day drink drink drink I dont like it Im your man now do something for your guy yeah so Ive heard you I heard you are already planning something to do for you okay dont worry lets go inside yeah very soft I dont much sounds actually wondering how did it go anylock that got mine is a bastard he knows he refuses to do it even with us fast threatening him he still stood his ground all that but daddy come down a host might not be lost that man might include our name in the will I will be here killing ourselves children she might be right I just wait for the letter to read ooh yeah then we know what to do next the job was to do children do you know that my boys ineligible I know I remember that you say – nokia has a lovely let me live in their thoughts that I dont know I dont want to do control of what he said you understand so they job went with what it be to tease the guy is poor achieve am assuring you that by this time tomorrow you will not see that boy in the house again do not see Miss Tia you know you know he begged me not to that I died at that please I should allow him to do – I just give him time – for him to packing teens I said okay Im giving him by this time tomorrow to leave the house if he does not leave the house yeah basically killed him then he said that should not big mean I should last you leave him that might be something worth Im not going to see him doing it but some smaller you dont see the point in the house again in that case come to the house on Linden and pick your balance okay in the evening yes do you do you have the money so that I can buy my subscription you know I told you that I use a GPS to track him you know I want to know I want to make sure that he I want to follow him or make sure that he lived a house with river like if I just subscribe now before him I was tracking him and know that I know I know what hes doing now you know he told me that he want to fucking teens if I if I track him I will say neat about this is fucking he chains we understand yes I need to that I can subscribe its like we didnt understand what I said I said come to my house in the evening you see their life or do you have plans to die yes I just want to be talking about what a problem is evening its on indefinite yes why is it that people only normal in the up war this dispatch to me I have time I have another job for you though listen to me maybe you dont know the formula for ease of business let me teach you in every business business are complete you get MLM business impossible you know for me thats the waste oil everywhere Ive been there the boy is stevia bringing more friends more girlfriends and then theyre committing all kinds of atrocities in my brothers house Balas I came here to collect my commitment again you forget about the boy the boy will leave the house I know the boy leave the house I have done my job you know that did that did the boy why is he in the house you dont know he asked me why the boy is in the house I will tell you the boys if I caught me he said that I didnt theres some time I should also give me another cube to to attend Gees days already can leave the house personally I want you Ill give you time I can leave the house chief dont wait the house can you can you listen to yourself no he just listen to yourself that they boil audio fool you now have his phone number in other words you have a different business working apart from the summit I give you now interacting with him or full-on a different business do you see why you must reformed the commitment you dont understand I am Telling You the boy the boys a bit of me this tells me he said I should give him time to leave their house you dont know me because what you are now I have been but what I am Im not at my old time what I sent you to do was was a trifle to me a little business like that you could not accomplish it and youre talking about your balance you should have shaved off yourself my friend chief you dont understand chief vu I have done the job okay you know what I want now just give him time he will be better let me go let me go Ill tell you you will eat the house okay you want to be now give me whod I kill him I keep before I kill anyhow I dont never come to my house come to my house to my house you want to try me man inspiring Demartini its big fire on the mountain how ljubljana in new daddy after you took me a patty plan I went to me to Burma Obama told me that he can is acute it alone that the money to be zoo giving me small seat fine no problem I left I ever came to see boy ran around but do you know that right now chief is looking Fujiyama every week he even threatened to kill him I told you chief issue is very bad I knew that one what chief is bad with you Obama Obama is worse why we we go back to chief Izu and asking for balance wasnt it did not do now his life is at risk chief is threatened to kill him anywhere hey its not a narrative you could not just is a good platform you call is another JD JD we used to know before then is not acquiesce in now he cant even defeat them number one they did if you see security married our house you never enter the house Judy is not a Bologna you want with your life I told you that they are more in use my brother anyway are going to detect multiplayer try they say he who fights on run away lives to fight another day yes and it leads on so that I can fight for another day it will be wise if I leave oh because if she is arrested I will also go in with him god forbid I will never be arrested with that in church after always keeping on the monitoring self very quit now Im going with him and suffer with god forbid but we are washing machine in this house I forgot I forgot we have washing machine yeah dont worry let me go buy detergent yeah so that I will use it all day but you this house gets the touch it touch yes okay that is uh Im supposed to quit that but or I just want to buy something I want so bad how bad for you yeah do you know what I dont have your time I know youre never my friend you dont understand me but now are you shower outside there Ill get something for you I wanna handshake as Oh Oh you would be on your back are you man I said would you have your back I am cs4 chief security of this place security mob loose now I want to do what to have your back the way you are running boss yes you suspect my weight over your body Im going to ram go AG all right and youre telling it back sergeant major Mongoose the chief security of this compound mistake a prop Asajj what do you have in your bag attitude in between accessibility a chip security move it achieves agreed money I can pick from you you want to touch me if youre quite easily use this team okay let me come back and see what if I come back my friend are you what would I Blaenau you you say you guys hey um obviously not occur anywhere run and I came back are we trying to college boys numbers on the connector okay Macau as well yes order I saw America sneaky knots which is bad Stan wanna ask me say that the way that is aware of the value will be taking his clues to lunch for laundry services laundry services sneak out yes quietly he was quietly sneaking out lets see what Im thinkin so what I think so lady so gently as you can see the number of cheetah was not included in this meal so this is the Chiefs will embarrass them my name was not included in the will simply because I wasnt around 20 min was written yes and my brother whose name is in the will its late so from the look of things Im doing this surveillance on my father so everything that is wheels to my brother my late brother should be accorded to me everything should be given to me as the only surviving son one gentleman as a matter of fact I came here with a crane and is in their car so while I conclude I would like him to be here with us just the size of patience smugness and somewhere in my car let me we have a guest sir go to my car drinking goodnight welcome thank you are you all so nice now what your happened joy what one doesnt much begin at him if it might have a kind of oil we are told referring to believe and God run we believe that because thats the happened around it if a bridge I fell out of the car before I get to the bridge what I was was vitally injured tango dolls I was rushed to the hospital early enough you live you have given the hospital of this why yes uncle only went to my father your father died of heartbreak that resorted to high blood pressure which right or we could but there was nothing we could do but but I believe God knows best ok go by faster if I see the smile in this house again okay Oh Hey hey sue ashamed of myself I did what I did out of greed and envy of our net brother because he was more successful than I that have now Lance my blessing please please forgive me and so so youre me I mean youve done wicked dont deserve uncle dont act like this I so want as possible with my model the tip nice it is bad mercy of God occasion what happy you want your messy its a listen to me all I forgive you I forgive you happy going to be to be broke but

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