Who Is This Cute Little Lesbian…

who is this cute little lesbian
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*creepy idubbz smile* So…my first question for you Is um, do you remember there is this one Youtuber who was really big, do you remember leafyishere? *h3h3 slowly dying into the abyss and getting flashbacks really slowly and just regretting saying that sentence* holy shit its leafy! uhhh is that the guy who looks like a lesbian (pyro) Funny idubbz meme #2 no no no that is a different one this guy looks like a fuckin *h3h3 regrets* *now starting to get annoying black n white meme* now i feel like i am going in black n white meme 3 no no he is got like a little chin The lesbians the other guy I planned for this to be funnier Funny idubbz meme #3 *Mr Sandman plays* Who is that cute little lesbian and how tight is her pussy? Im gonna start a new make up channel Pyrozella Its gonna be like Zoella But its gonna be me instead Ill be showing make up tutorials How to apply your primer, mascara All that kinda stuff Itll be a great time Ian I just gotta say Please make a Content Cop on me Im fuckin beggin ya The day before I released the uh Keemstar video I called my local police and was like Put me on the whitelist I did the same thing before the Leafy one aswell Content Cop on Pyrocynical? You have to call up the FBI You gotta put me into witness protection first So the remainder of this video is gonna be more like an update type Its… Im not gonna lie Its gonna be quite fuckin hard to get my points across With uh all of this make up on feeling the regret *cancer* So this update is talking more about the channel and what kinda direction its going at the moment because as many of you saw a few days ago I uploaded a video talking about the situation between iDubbbz and Tana Mongoloid and that did really really fuckin well which is good and bad its good because its a video that did views Ill get money I love money But the problem is as well the fact that that video did so well (too well) its kind of proved to me that nothing I do will get too many views unless its a trending topic. And for me personally thats kind of annoying because I wanna branch out and do all kinds of other shit Yknow I wanna do gaming.. commentaries I wanna try and be this all around Youtuber Itd be really

nice to reach that point where I could just upload whatever the fuck I want and get consistent views by doing so Yesterday I uploaded a video on uh, Resident Evil 7 I really enjoyed making that. It was such a breath of fresh air because Im so used to doing trending topic… Overwatch… trending topic… Overwatch and I fuckin hate it It it gets really redundant Originally I loved it… I loved the cycle but just those two things and it gets really menial as well What I wanted to do actually was, turn the Resident Evil 7 into a series of videos I wouldnt upload them one after the other because one thing you gotta learn about Youtube uploading the same thing over and over youll just kill the view count *doing the exact same.. fucking thing..* *over and over again and expecting shit to change* Thats why.. nowadays when people do lets plays of a game like Jacksepticeye.. Markiplier very infrequently they give it a part number like part 1, part 2 you notice with Pewdiepie One thing I picked up on is how he would name the title of his Resident Evil video something really clickbait and then the day after.. 24 hours later he would actually give it a number so hed say.. the scariest part and then the next day hed actually go and retitle the video to part 5.. or whatever the fuck and thats really clever… you sneaky fucking Swede a fair few people as well have asked me to introduce the facecam back into my gaming videos I did it one time with Overwatch.. that was my most disliked video for months… it did well but there was a lot of negative reception probably because it was something new I enjoyed it.. I felt a little bit out of my comfort zone but because there was facecam I felt like I had to be more genuine which a lot of people like because I like to split my channel as half memes as.. as you can see here cant even be serious with an update video anymore the other half being yknow more genuine more down to earth because I feel like if Im just constantly memeing all the fucking time people in the comments tend to become more toxic as well because the ones that open up and say they enjoy the video or… yknow.. Youtube fuckin changed their life they get shat on completely because theyre not being ironic or memeing so I feel to an extent I gotta be more

genuine so you guys can open up and be more expressive without saying… *hacking* twe-twenny wan.. Homer… Homer what Ive noticed is with the gaming videos a lot of people have compared them to Dunkey stuff which is.. Im really honoured that people have said that but you gotta understand as well youre comparing footage to a guy who records footage for a week or however long and uploads it and me I pretty much make it on the day so theres definitely a massive difference in content.. Dunkeys stuff isnt even comparable to mine I really appreciate it but please Its not a fair comparison at all the trending topics definitely seem to be a lifeline of the channel whenever I make a trending topic video the do four or five times better than the gaming videos thats to be expected because thats the majority of my channel for the past year I definitely wanna attempt to move away from that to some extent so they become less frequent because… what Ive noticed with a lot of channels that build up on one single thing that thing tends to die out or it just becomes really monotonous to make and the channel just suffers because of that I get less views making gaming videos thats a fact I take a hit on the channel but I do it for self-pleasure 😉 and the fact that its more variety for you guys as well alright its not trending thats to split it all up so not every video becomes Pyrocynical eats 15 year old pussy I mean I aint complaining… pussy good not that kind of pussy I think one thing that I really need to bring back and I dunno why I havent already Is the Q&A stuff the subscriber interaction stuff because.. I – I did that once after my Dishonored video like a did a little Q&A as like a test run and then I just discontinued it I never did it again… and that was really good because that brought fan interaction to the channel so thats definitely something I need to reinclude Ill probably try and make that a once a week thing so theres at least some point where theres interaction its gonna be like Fridays with Pewdiepie but with a lesbian I know this video has been all over the fuckin place rambly as hell but what Im trying to say the message is this channel is full of fucking memes some of them stale.. some of them dead on arrival but I wanna try

spread these little videos around where Im at least half genuine yknow just every month.. every other month or so every other week I just try and make these few videos where I talk about whats going on… express everything yknow itll just be a rambly mess to be honest or ad libbed.. made up no script but… thats kinda the point I will be spreading more gaming videos throughout the channel and they wont just be Overwatch the Resident Evil one I uploaded the title was misleading everything about it was misleading but like I said.. couple of minutes ago I kinda had to do that because if I just called it Resident Evil: Lets Play Part 1 SPOOKY JUMPSCARE No one would fucking click on it no one wants to ever thats the problem with Youtube You either have to be day one to a game which usually you cant be anyway because most people get the game before its even launched secondly.. you could take a week to make a very good video out of it and I dont have the time to do that everything on my channel.. analytics.. subscribers it would all drop like crazy and I dont stream on Twitch or anything so Youtube is my only income or thirdly, I could make them frequently but Ive gotta be a bit cancerous with the titles and the thumbnails to drag unsuspecting children into the dark lair of my channel Its quite horrible to be honest how the Youtube algorithm turns everyone into a fucking hypocrite we all complain about something and then Youtube changes it up so we have to comply to the thing we all bitched about I remember Pewdiepie, for example, complaining about everyone making ten minute videos and now every third video he makes is ten minutes because the algorithms changed.. hes got no choice also I was being completely serious about the Pyrocynical beauty channel Ive made a channel: Pyrozella be sure to subscribe to that channel I definitely wont upload two videos and then never touch the channel again I promise at least weekly uploads on that channel for.. for.. for a week thank you so much for watching the video I know its just pointless.. fucking rambling I know Ive repeated myself like 5 times I just wanna try and find this split between genuine and memeing enter.. entertaining… entertaining this has been another Pyrozella make up tutorial and make sure to Staaay Pyroful! the was fuckin terrib- *outro* Im gonna see so much shit on Tumblr.. Im gonna kill myse-

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