Who Is The Most Skilled Robin?

who is the best robin
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today on varient were talking about which Robin has the most skill welcome to Barry we love comics more than I want to see the Red Hood in a live action movie Im your host eros quinones as you guys know there have been many different Robins over the years but which was the most skilled who was the best Robin of them all well today were going to figure that out but I will say Im only going to include the four main Robin which are Dick Grayson Jason Todd Tim Drake and Damian Wayne so theres not going to be any Carrie Kelly or Stephanie Brown talk with that said lets talk some Robin I want to start this off like a Quinton Tarantino movie by telling you the ending first and then seeing how we got there so I think the most skilled or best Robin is Kendrick I know many of you may agree with that right off the bat but theres also going to be some of you are probably like what no way Dick Grayson hands down or even some of you think its Jason Todd or Damian but again let me tell you how I came to this conclusion by talking about each of them lets start with the youngest and current Robin Damian Wayne Damian Wayne is the son of Bruce and Talia al Ghul making his grandfather Rachele Ghul hes been trained by his grandfather his mother the League of Assassins Dick Grayson and even Batman himself making him probably the best combatant out of all the Robins at least for his age hes also gotten his actual son which makes the Batman Robin bond incredibly strong and being Batmans son he obviously shares many of his traits hes a great detective has a strong business intellect and hes possibly the stealthiest out of all the Robins mainly because of how small he is so theres no doubt that hes a great Robin but is he the best I personally dont think so hes incredibly flawed as he struggles with the killer instinct that his mother and grandfather taught on most of his life however with that said he does try to live up to his fathers expectations so hes a great Robin

and has a fantastic story arc but I dont think hes the best Robin lets move on to Jason Todd he was the second Robin and the Robin who fans voted to be killed in the death of the family storyline the reason why I dont think Jason Todd is the best Robin is because hes such a flawed character which in some ways is a good thing by making them super interesting but those flaws made them better suited for the character of Red Hood no questions asked case in point fans voted for him to die as Robin it was by a slight margin but liking anything a win is a win no matter how cool he was always the edgy Robin for lack of a better term for example when Batman first met him he was stealing tires from the freaking Batmobile seriously what kid has the balls to do that Jason sure did even after Batman eventually took him under his wing he struggled with nearly beating criminals to death as hes always been a loose cannon when fighting crime which is why when he was brought back to life and became the antihero red hood it made for one of the best comic book characters ever in my opinion ultimately Jason wasnt the best or most skilled Robin but man is he awesome as the Red Hood hes definitely one of if not my favorite character from the bat family excluding Batman of course then we have the first and most popular Robin good old Dick Grayson to be honest when I thought of doing this episode I knew right off the bat it was going to be between Dick Grayson and Tim Drake because like I said earlier Damian is still really young and struggled with killing much like Jason Todd but even still narrowing it down between Dickinson was really hard Dick Grayson was a fantastic Robin and his relationship with Bruce is like no other both of their origins are rooted in losing their families to crime which in turn made them dedicate their lives to stopping as much evil in the world as they could it gave them a sense of purpose and comfort but at the same time they are polar opposites Bruce

finds comfort in the darkness while dick is more drawn to the light what I mean by that is Batmans whole thing is about fear he uses fear to get what he needs from who he needs to save who he needs he doesnt want the bad guys to be as friend or to get along with him or for them to trust them he uses fear and intimidation to get what he needs along with his great detective skills and all his other attributes in other words he doesnt f around for lack of a better term hell drop you from a three-story building if youre not cooperating he wont kill you but hell sure mess you the Frick up hes even been quoted as saying fear is the thing that makes them tell the truth fear is what makes them honest when it comes to criminals their fear is more important than your trust and he said this to Dick Grayson Robin who as I said is drawn more towards the light in the panel Batman is interrogating an uncooperative criminal about the location of a missing child but dick says I think you should put him down he doesnt know Batman then ask how do you know Robin and dick answers I just know Batman then drops the criminal and gives Robin the whole fear speech I just read so big doesnt think you have to be that brutal with criminals all the time in order to get what you need from them he uses other tactics mainly because in many ways dick has healed over the years and has accepted his parents death and that things change hes even admitted that the Nightwing zero issue but Bruces driving force will always be the death of its parents I only bring all of this up because being opposites to a certain extent is what makes them such a good team its like the whole opposites attracting were grace and lacks Batman excels and vice versa but even though dick was a fantastic Robin he eventually left the sidekick gig and became Nightwing Bruce was like a father to dick but it was very evident over the years that dick no longer wanted to be in the shadow of Batman he

needed to become a hero in his own right he started out as Robin it became one of the most loved sidekicks in all of comic books but his evolution into a man becoming his own symbol as a Nightwing is what makes Grayson so awesome I also think most people would agree that much like Red Hood dick is way cooler and more interesting as Nightwing Nightwing is freaking awesome and a big brother for the whole Bat family hes always the one handing out advice to all the others on how to deal with situation especially on how to deal with Bruce because hes easily the most seasoned on every level so if were talking about who is the best overall character and not just their time as Robin I think that title would go to Grayson I know that could also be argued for sure but my personal opinion is Grayson I mean hes the one freaking took over for Batman during Bruces apparent death and hes a natural leader which hes proved as leader of the Teen Titans and the Titans but this leaves us with who I would say is the best and most skilled person with the Robin mantle tin Drake you dont have to take my word for it Dick Grayson even admitted that himself while filling in for Batman saying hes a better Robin than I ever was hell probably end up being a better Batman too that alone proves my point but the praise for Tim Drake doesnt stop there in Batman hush Batman himself says dick saw being Robin as a thrill its probably why he outgrew it Jason saw being Robin as a game is probably what got him killed but Tim I have to hand it to the boy he wants to be the worlds greatest detective and from what Ive seen so far he will be someday but the compliments keep coming in Grayson issue 13 dick tells Tim youre twice the detective I ever was its a good thing Ive got these good looks Rachele was even called Tim Detective Sain well done detective which as we all know is what race calls Batman so Id say thats a pretty good compliment then when someone said that Tim Drake

to lose a fight against seven people race disagrees and says Tim Drake is not Bruce Wayne he isnt Grayson or even Damian Drake is different look behind his eyes I suspect hes already won in Robin war issue one a caption Tim Drake aka Red Robin formerly the worlds second greatest detective currently the worlds greatest detective it says currently the worlds greatest detective because during the time of the storyline Batman was thought to be dead but its just one more example out of many that proved how skilled Tim Drake is especially in Robin also I cannot forget to mention that Tim was so overall skilled as Robin that he took over the Batman Beyond mantle for a time so dick took over for Bruce and Tim took over for Terry thats kind of awesome if you ask me in summary Tim Drake fought alongside Batman has Robin for 20 years always using his brain and strategy before he went into a fight with Batman even saying someday he will be the worlds greatest detective even passing himself so for those reasons and more I think Tim Drake is truly the best and most skilled Boy Wonder agree or disagree be sure to give me your thoughts in the comment section down below first up for Wednesday January 18th we have mighty Captain Marvel issue 1 if youve been wanting to read Captain Marvel this is the perfect time to start reading her here we have Green Arrow issue 15 Green Arrows relationship with the cops disintegrates when a new murder seems to implicate and beyond a shadow of a doubt and finally we have Batman issue 15 Swamp Thing comes to Gotham City with the mysterious request for Batman I think thats all I have to say and thats going to bring another episode of variants to a close but remember you always like I vant Facebook pages keep up with the show and all things comic related could also follow me on Twitter at Grant comics or me on Twitter at Eris underscore Kane units Ill see you guys next week when I talk about all things comics in the panel Battin 8 is interrogating an uncooperative formidable raka Madden who raka Robin because its relevant to the episode

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