Who Is The Best JoJo? – JoJo’s Bizarre Debate

who is the best jojo
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I know this will be a mistake but it needs to be done whats are we doing now we are here to determine who is the best Jojo I can take all day I dont care were going to act like the young to old adults we are and come up with a consensus on whos the best Jojo look at mr. mafia taking charge does everyone have a representative for their group we still dont know who should represent the jotaros in this situation take the time to do so and we could be out of here sooner than later alright guys which one of us should represent us I vote Jurgis joke trope just because hes annoyed even be here Im out because Im barely even around in my part I also concur on Yogesh Jojo being our representative do you really expect me to argue for you guys you dont know make sure we go to the aquarium every day whoa now me lets not start throwing out the death penalty like that so do you agree to do it do I have a choice not anymore lets get this over with have you guys made a decision we have dawn Giorno we have chosen youngest me to represent us oh this should be good did everyone else settle on their representative I think Im going to sit this out being the first Jojo and all yeah Im not sure Im much competition for the other JoJos okay then Jonathan and gap youre out does anyone else want to forfeit dont you dare think

about forfeiting your a yari damn it the Joseph collective has decided to pick me as the representative of the Josephs all right Im going in with no fears what if something messes up your hair one fear I think this is idiotic but its better than having to watch Disney movies with Anna Sui all day cannot me a journo Ive got this one in the bag you can do it a great-great-grandpa something like that now we could get on with the debate lets start with the best villain what better villain is Devin the ultimate life-form ahem do the reason why the Joestar bloodline got stands in the first place stance its that a technique like the ripple what did you like to know and me to tell you no besides you had to defeat your villain with the deus ex machina just to win and having the same type of standards do is in its own form of asshole I regret saving your life now old man what about my villain Kira he was pretty cool having a David Bowie impersonator they had to get stabbed with the arrow to get a third ability and use another standard sided stand just to be able to fight you and still get rekt by an ambulance in the end doesnt much support to be considered the best villain but it was like a murder mystery man I would have demolished that guy if other stand users were in the way and if a rocky didnt nerf my time stop he never thought about it like

that Im not going to argue that my villain Diavolo is the best because hes just a mess of a character but I will give my vote for funny Valentine funny Valentine he was the President of the United States in my universe that alone is enough for my vote what exactly did he do killed my best friend stole the corpse of Jesus Christ and used the girl shield him until I shot him to death I like that guy more the deal so he gets my vote what the hell me I thought you were on our side you get the chance to kill a guy like that you let me know so this is what regret feels like now I know how Jolin feels Im not going to attempt to argue my villain because hes just deal but a black priest that it seems we have a winner best villain goes to Johnny congratulations thanks Gaby next is who has the best stand you actually give me a category I can actually win you stand wear sunglasses whats cooler than that being able to stop time youre just a ripoff of the world and you have purple vines as a stand enough said how is this even a fair argument if I dont even have a stand leymah rocky not us is shooting fingernails considered cooling this time no its disgusting at least I have the golden ratio so were a green star platinum its the best Jojo Stan they think crazy diamond is the best your stand couldnt even heal your grandpa Jesus

shoter oh thats brutal welcome to star platinum the world oh my Stan can make living things from nonliving things it can also make humans feel like theyre on esta scene do you have to use the Requiem arrow just to beat your villain thats reverse of what Kira did but he lost but my Stan says muda and our say Laura your know youre outnumbered here I dont want to reach that truth so was there a winner here or is it a draw lets just call it a draw and move on to one last category best side characters this argument was rigged from the start hey I havent won anything yet either so lets not pass judgment just yet Burmese food fighters and weather report are the only ones I care about everyone else can just die even it is sweet especially at a sweet what about me I need someone to bail me out of jail I have the old man as a side character theres no way you could be dead but I had you as a side character man the kid makes a point but so did I Joe trow was in my or to caldo ladies theres enough Jotaro to go around zeppoles are the only good sad characters I agree with that but having only one good side character doesnt really count I had an entire Posse with me dude you had a character get written out of the story a guy who could only end up shooting himself thats not always a bad thing a girl that was

escort mission for most of your adventure and a guy whose ability left of defenseless wooded use I dont think your so-called posse was as good as you think it was when did Joe trow become the most reasonable thats simple when youre in the most parts you have enough experience to know whats going on you forgot to record the dolphin special on Animal Planet didnt you I forgot all right too busy neglecting my daughter the fact that I was born and survived is a miracle in and of itself so who had the best side characters can we just say no one and leave Im bored now fine by default Johnny wins because hes the only one to win a category yeehaw arigato JoJos I thought the only person that could beat me was me what about Poochie your crowd did totally worth it alls well that ends well this was rape from the start wasnt it I giorno Giovanna rigged everything what a dick but it was fun though right not at all well I have no idea what to do now before I go Giorno you want to sing a song with me that sounds like fun to me all righty lets do this thing helmet Jesus help me he tore my legs he said you do not need to beg you just need to shoot a funny guy why not I will give it a try and thats how my story in the land I will bear to dance and be the last bits hand down oh shoot him down

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