Who is Sterling Archer’s Dad? | FX Archer Series Analysis (The Fangirl)

who is archers father
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so the FX series Archer has kind of jumped the rails recently after Isis shut down and Cyril opened a private detection agency Archer got shot and that season ended with him bleeding face down in a pool instead of dealing with this issue the series next two seasons were dreamland and danger Island implying to me at least that Archer is either in a coma or in his version of heaven living out different action-hero fantasies but we wont know the truth until the series gets back to the real timeline assuming season 7 was part of the real timeline and not just another spin-off like dreamland its also equally possible that Archer died of cancer years before and everything since has been part of his heaven like experience and even though this is all important stuff to figure out its not why Im here today this video is about determining whether archers father could be Lex Trexler or Nikolai Jakov looking first at the eyes both candidates have brown eyes while Archer has blue so without a full genetic test of these cartoon men to see if either of them carries the recessive blue-eyed gene then brown eyes gives us no hints next to look at the nose Nikolai has a relatively straight nose with a bulbous tip Len Trexler however has a bump in the bridge of his nose just like Archer and while Lins jawline isnt a very

close match his lips and cheeks definitely resemble archers as well although Nikolai has the cleft chin like Archer and their ears are very similar so whats the answer well I think the answer is that there is no answer at least not physically during the few times the show has had a flashback to archers father he hasnt had any hints of a Russian accent I hope you like alligators I do so unless we chalk that up to a faulty memory I think that throws Nikolai out of the running although to be honest the flashback dad could have been a fake or third candidate who didnt know he wasnt the real father we have no idea and really no way to figure it out because even wrong has enough matching features that he could have been archers father and if we try to analyze the voice of archers father it sounds like it could have been Cyril or Kriegers father if Krieger even had a father your mother doesnt know Im here but I wanted to bring you a birthday present but the voice is definitely not leonard nikolai and based on the flashback clip archers father was not supposed to visit him whereas len and nikolai have both seemed surprised to learn that they could be his father so heres what i think the true true is Mallory was a very crafty secret agent and her husband whom she

adored was killed on the job as Mallory recalls a beautiful men blue eyes full lips black wavy hair that was her husband and when he died Mallory kept his name and his fortune but she also found out that she was carrying his baby and as Lana showed us pregnant isnt an easy thing to be as a spy so being a smart woman and actually copying many different animals in the wild Mallory romantically cozied up with all the major players around her so Mallory made bedfellows of the new head of the KGB the up-and-comer poised to take over Odin as well as countless other important men in power and this was not done because she was a loose woman with questionable morals but because she needed something like a plausible accountability kind of like how a cheetah might mate with all the males in her area so that no one attacks her offspring Mallory knew what she was what her husband was and the odds were high that her son would be mentally and physically built for secret-agent work – and having slept with every top dog in the spy community meant that Mallory had a safety net a card she could repeatedly play where if her sons life was in jeopardy she could scream out our son and immediately save Sterlings life but this was a card that had to be played in emergencies only she couldnt have

a baby and then tell a dozen different men that they were the father because then DNA testing and paternity rights would come into play and that made things more dangerous no sterling could not have a father because he had to be an open secret until he was an adult and couldnt be stolen from Malory but I suspect she had to use that card to save Archer once before his sixth birthday and thats why a man came with an alligator gift thats also why he claims hes not supposed to be there because Malory cant have someone openly posing as Sterlings father just in case she has to play that card again with someone else also consider that Malory is a very cold seemingly uncaring woman even though shes very defensive and upset if Archer ever gets in trouble well Malory beans so hands-off with her son would be easily explained if archers father was a deceased agent that she really loved if Archer looked just like his father that would hurt his mother so much that she could barely stand to look at her own child and that caused her to lash out towards a kid in unkind isolating ways Mallory loves sterling very much but she never processed her husbands death enough to face the reality that sterling was there and her beloved husband was gone for good so instead she became this drunken socialite type thats trying

through life and keep her son alive and not only does that answer who archers father was but it really gives us an entirely new perspective on Malory Archer as well it might not be reality but theories are more fun well thats all I have for now but this video is not quite over yet I get a lot of comments that say do a theory on this topic but Ive already done those theories so please consider going to my main channel page and clicking on the video tab so that way you can see everything Ive done you will probably find a lot of things you like that you never even knew that I posted I want to let you know that I also have two other channels say hallo goodbye gaming and the family family vlogs thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed enough to hit subscribe and share I can use all the help I can get to let other people know that this channel exists and if you made it this far leave me a comment that says something like hey I made it to the end and then let me know what kind of videos you want to see in the future I cant make any promises but the more people that request something the more I can look into it okay well I love you Ill see you in the next video

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