Who is SNOKE and other LAST JEDI problems

who the fuck is snoke
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a long time ago in a galaxy far far last year in 2017 we got Star Wars The Lost Jedi a film that divided audiences you either hated it because of all the questions set up in force awakens were either not answered or the answer was very unsatisfying well you loved it because it had Star Wars in it controversial hipster director ryan johnson delivered a sometimes fun and sometimes frustrating sequel to the 2015 smash hit and later hated JJ Abrams retro Star Wars The Force awakens watching where the last Jedi has gone in terms of fan reception has been such a wacky thing to sit through so before I get into anything Im just gonna set up my reaction to this film because this will not be a full review of the movie so I wont be going into a lot of detail of some things like the purple hair or the green milk tip guzzling but when this movie was finished I just sat in the cinema and complete silence of staring at the screen this movie is actually very similar to Prometheus continuing over to alien covenant there are themes set up in the first movie that are to be resolved in the sequel however some reason those filmmakers then lose interest and paying off what was set up in the previous film they just want to be different and fresh before so I can set up the mystery of Reys parents who is Snoke and what is up with Luke Skywalker and this is my new theory about where movies like this are going and how its a pathetic step backwards to guaranteed artisan seats for all the sequels of your franchise you need to shove in all these questions that will be only answered in sequel so like in Prometheus why do the engineers hate us Terminator Genisys who sent this t800 back to the past Oh Brad by who ah who sent him back those files have been erased oh thats convenient the Amazing Spider in what happened to Peter Parkers parents but the one thing that has haunted me my entire life is finding the truth about my parents all the biggest one in this who is Rays parents I know waiting for my family now Im gonna get into the Reys parents reveal a bit later Im just gonna set up spoilers although its been out for a month so all this should be known by now the main focus of this video is Snoke not being given an origin story before he is killed off and how this sets up every problem with the direction of this movie now when I first saw the force awakens and Snoke is set up obviously your first thought is while this is obviously the Emperor of this trilogy they kept a mysterious in that movie Im really showing up as a hologram just like The Empire Strikes Back and then we get this movie and all of your stuff is just sitting down like in Return of the Jedi well in Return of the Jedi hes introduced walking so Palpatine was already doing more now after sitting through him being set up and mystery in the force awakens and then immediately killed off in the last Jedi I was like well who the fuck is he what is his connection to anything aside from manipulating kylo Ren at some point that we never get in context on now I thought I would have a benefit of making this video so late after the movie came out that it would be able to get more information on him from the internet and I can find out why I should care about his involvement in this movie and I have nothing now something I have read all over the Internet in terms of the Snoke

argument is well we didnt get any origin story for Palpatine before the prequels were made and you just got his character just perfectly now thats a good point on the surface but once you start analyzing that point it soon makes no sense now before I get into my point of Snoke not getting any backstory of context I tried to look up what I could find online even though Im highly against having to resort to the Internet to get the context I should have gotten in the movie because its a dumb rabbit hole when youre like the blue dolphin at the end of Prometheus is dumb did nothing and didnt continue into the next film people like um excuse me its called the deacon and its awesome and shortly after the events of Prometheus it turned into a mountain and its like yeah cool story dude that sounds even dumber or sometimes fan speculation on the Internet can be better than whats in the actual film I remember before Transformers Revenge of the fall and came out I had read on the internet that the Decepticons all used tank parts from this dead tank robot to make Megatron into a tank and I was like yeah that actually makes sense and probably sounds cool but then you see the film and they take parts from a robot that doesnt have any tank features at all and they tap the magic thing on Megatron and he has rebuilt in the very next shot now trying to look up details about Snoke all I could find was all of this leaked confirmed and revealed speculation of Snoke all of which is so dumb and it also doesnt help at all Snoke is the first Jedi Snoke was born disfigured Snoke wears a gold ring that has a bit of charcoal from moose to fire on it so you get all of this leaked confirmed info on shit that you dont want to know about in the first place now Im gonna go back to my point of not knowing Palpatines origins in the original Star Wars movies this way when you first see the original Star Wars movies for the first time everything is new and you just accept what is new as it happens okay its set in space okay good guys bad guys black robot leader villain rebel princess farmer kid who has big dreams old wizard and on and on and on you dont get to the cantina bar and go whats this things origin or what were these guys doing right before this movie our God however by the end of the movie you are now established with all these characters now the trilogy is over all three of these characters stories are wrapped up now you do a sequel trilogy 30 years later that continues the stories of these characters that you know so well and you hint at all these events that have happened in the meantime Lukes failed Jedi school Hong left to be a smuggler again and layer just keeps being an elderly general now when you are introduced to the Emperor hes new and he talks to Veda like their old friends he even calls Vader his friend here you are setting up some past events with characters you know introducing a new character into that mix but skipping over this characters involvement just because hes essentially like another character you know and thats the annoying part who is Snoke what was his involvement with kylo Ren when he was training with Luke was he present in the Jedi teaching and would manipulate kylo when Luke wasnt looking or did he just talk to kylo in his brain from far away but then how does Luke know who Snoke is is he Darth Plagueis or do these sequels ignore the prequels if

kylo becomes so obsessed with darth vader then where the fuck is the ghost of anakin skywalker being like wait kid thats not what im like anymore or did Snoke stopped Anakins guys from talking to kylo this is the problem had they given any of these answers about Snoke he would actually have stopped him from being a Palpatine ripoff now this might just be me but the whole Luke training of dooms New Jedi Order seems like such an interesting movie right there now I had two theories about Snoke I had a dumb one and a better one the dumb one was that Snoke was actually a shape-shifter and he was imitating the burnt Darth Vader to trick kylo just because they both had this forehead scar and yeah I thought that was something theyre trying to show me that and the better one is that Snoke was present in the Jedi training with Luke along with whoever this guy was like Luke found all of these long-lost Jedi Masters who came out of hiding when the Empire was defeated they formed a new school brought the Jedi text and off they went Snoke who would have looked normal started getting into Carlys ear about Vader and the Empire and how good that was then kylo would probably rebel against Luke and then they formed the Knights of Ren and then he bent down all the temples and stuff and Snoke was caught in the fire and got horribly burnt but was probably just trickery and he was actually fine and then they both want to go kill Luke but he fled but that would have just been Stokes connection to kylo and Luke the other question is how the hell was he able to just start up another Empire like he was he just a millionaire first and then you just wanted to dabble in politics and power Palpatine ran like the intergalactic United Nations since he was already in power he just switched it to an empire plus he already had the stormtroopers when the fuck that Snookie pull all this from is he so powerful that he could just trick planets into signing up for the first order in this building all this shit building the biggest Death Star ever inside of a planet people bitch about the force awakens doing the whole Death Star plot again but I want to know how you just have a new empire all over again after three movies of shutting that shit down and out of the proper backstory that we should have got all we got was this awkward series of flashbacks of Luke going into kylos tent and feeling something in him and kylo is like you love Skywalker but you dont know what he did to me in that tent and then Luke Skywalker is like kylo is young he didnt know what he saw and I found that these were pickups they did late in the game so there was nearly gonna be even less backstory see this is the movie to start explaining this stuff its like I said before the force awakens set up all these questions to make you come back for the sequel but in this movie Rian Johnson was like yeah who cares am I right Palpatine ripoff yeah lets get rid of him hes like Saddam Hussein from South Park any problem with this movie and he gets on Twitter and responds like Oh Daria BAE you think the relax man Snoke CGI must have cost a pretty penny what a waste of money that was this brings me to the reveal of Reys parents and no boy 2 years of the internet speculating Reys parents because they had to make it such a huge mystery in the force awakens and Rian Johnsons big reveal was that her parents were

no one now in one hand this question was actually answered but a fucking hated answer if people want to compare this movie to the Empire this is like the Vader is Lukes father reveal but the Vader daddy revealed was the proper twist it wasnt even a twist that was hopeful but after all the setup in the first movie this made you feel the gravity of the reveal however this is the equivalent of Reys parents revealed obi-wan didnt tell you what happened to your father p oq no no I knew the guy ah so Kyllo tells ray that her parents were junkies that sold her off for apportion 1/2 portion and there was so much speculation that she was like somehow a descended from obi-wan either that or she was Lukes daughter which I would have been fine with like while Luke was training the New Jedi Order he had a daughter with someone and she was like befriend and kylo at the end of two or three when kylo snapped like Luke knew that both him and his daughter were in danger so he dumped his daughter on some sand planet you know were orphans dreaming about becoming Jedi and eventually leave the planet because theres even that trailer in the force awakens where Luke is reading off the same speech he told Leia when he revealed to lay that theyre related father my father hasnt I have I havent my sister my sister has you have that power too and its revealed in that movie that Ray has the force also when she touches Anakins lightsaber she has the vision of the hallway where Luke fought Vader and also they got you and McGregor in to do the Obi one voice to talk directly to Rey because you youre a voice in the book yes I recorded a line for it it was it was very late in the day and theres a sequence where we can use a voice like we hear obi-wan Kenobis voice coming from the distant reaches of the forest so line is ray-ray Ive got to try and channel him again yeah hey these are your first steps these are your first steps so what the fuck was that about so Reys parents being nobody and just ditched her on jakku which for the most part is an obvious obvious manipulation to the dark side and this is my other problem gray is constantly being teased to join the dark side and kylo is constantly being teased to join the light side but they both just Teeter on the edge it never has any weight and this movie just ends with raping the hopeful Jedi and kylo being the depressed Sith have Rey go for evil yeah my parents were junkies fuck hope also why did snow try to hook up Rey in Kylers for while is his plan for them now Luke Skywalker hashtag not my Luke and not my camels either when I read eight I told Ryan I fundamentally disagree with virtually everything youve decided about my character now I was open to Luke not wanting to be a Jedi anymore and he was living in exile like Yoda and obi-wan however this movie spends absolutely no time with it every time it would cut back to Ray and Luke I just wanted to stay there I defended the shit out of force awakens saying that it has such restraint for not having Luke in it at all and ah what a cliffhanger now the next movie is just all going to be Luke and Ray and our boy is gonna be the obi-wan Luke that sounds so good but it would be like two minutes with Luke and Rey and then it would fucking cut to Finn and whats-her-name trying to get giant space goats from being racing

like 15 minutes then I cut back for another ten minutes of Luke and Rey and then Ill cut back to Poe getting dog by Allie Sadler and a boring chase up and then were gone in Lukes days and I cant even remember why but Luke wants to go burn the Jedi books for some reason dont know what that would have done and then Yoda rocks up for some reason and I give them points for dusting off the old puppet but while I was watching that scene there was two things going through my mind why is Yoda acting silly like his disguise when he first met Luke second why wasnt that Obi one like resurrect Alec Guinness and terrible CGI or even getting you McGregor in if youre gonna bring in the ghost of one of Lukes mentors to make him see the light in that moment its the Jedi who started him on his journey Yoda just didnt feel right on his own how about Yoda obi-wan and Anakin not the young Anakin but the older proper one like where of these three Ben and I hated hologram Luke just because it was so obvious from the get-go after being grey with long hair the entire movie and suddenly walks in with a brown beard and short hair immediately I was just like oh this has to be a vision or something unless he cut his hair and dyed it and of course the whole time Im just waiting for the reveal to the point where I even missed the lightsaber setup where it was blue and the blue light said was broken in the previous scene that like went completely over my head because Im just waiting for this hologram reveal then it happens and Luke dies which people loved I do not get that at all I thought Luke had been absolutely unsatisfying this entire film and now hes dead and if they just bring him back for most of episode 9 and goes form well that just feels like DC movie retcon people still want Luke bring back as a ghost there you go and then it can have all this ghostly exposition about Snoke and kylo and raised real origins retcon people have said this movie has cut all ties with the original trilogy and now JJ Abrams can do whatever he wants with episode 9 but thats all it did was cut ties it didnt pay anything off like this movie still could have accomplished the same thing by the end if it just didnt answer questions without any interest at all there could have been some more meat to this so overall when I look all the plot problems I hated with this movie it was just a okay movie to me like I enjoyed the opening battle with post shooting the turrets I didnt care about fin saving horse goats and finding Jedi slave kids Leia was fine I guess the force thing I thought looked a bit tacky should have just killed her off in that moment because for the rest of the maybe all she does is sleep in sits so that pretty much sums up my feeling about the last Jedi after coming out of rogue one with the most nothing reaction really was up to this movie to make me interest in the Star Wars again and it didnt and this solo movie looks like an absolute fucking mess so yeah probably not even going to see that either anyway if you like this video be sure to LIKE and subscribe I might have more Star Wars discussion videos on the way so stay tuned for those and follow me on Facebook and Twitter and if you disagree with anything I said in this video let me know in the comments and lets have a proper discussion

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