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hey yall its Bailey welcome back to the channel and thanks so much for tuning in for what is going to be a review of the who is she cosmetics lip but composites these have been a long time coming Ive been putting them to test for well over a month almost two months at this point so Im ready to share my thoughts on them I have, 12 shades to talk about here today so lets go ahead and get moving so first off what does a lip composite I was compelled to try these because theyre all over Instagram they are mesmerizing to watch people apply these to their lips and so I talked about this in my recent favorites video I just like it was one of those moments where you lose track of time and space and next thing you know you have 12 lip composites in your cart and you dont know how it happens youve checked out oops so I have them to talk about and Ive really been liking them what is the lip composite they say it is a mixture between lipstick lipstick lip gloss and a lip stain I would say its closer to a gloss and a lipstick rather than a lip stain they are very pigmented and I would say they have a longer wear time than a lip gloss but they do not stay in the lips I know a lot of you guys are not about that life and so if you are one of those people who doesnt like a bright red stain in your lips after the product or a brown or whatever color stay on your lips after the products has worn off or the finishes ward away these will be for you because I dont find they stain my lips and I do have some pretty bold shades to talk about here today pricing ranges from ten fifty I want to say there might be some ten dollar ones in there to, 12 dollars they also sell them in lip stacks I dont have a lip stack to show you but that is a one way where you can kind of get a bundle deal and get the price per pot down lower each of these are five grand pots I think you get a lot of product Ive been working on the one in particular that I have over the past two months that Ive been using like crazy is an I am still not quite sure if thats how you say what were gonna run with it and I have a good amount of product left the way I like to apply these as youll see as I was watching all of these on my lips is with my my makeup brush the two these are very similar to Arties brushes but way way cheaper but they are the like smaller lip brush versions one has a rounded edge that I used to apply this one today and one is more of us or like a square cut edge and I find I like the square cut one best because its easier to get a nice cripple what was I even saying a nice crisp line whereas the rounded kind of cut one is a little bit fuzzy around the edges but can definitely be worked with as you can see here but thats what I prefer to apply it but you

can also apply with a regular old lip brush an angled eyeliner brush whatever you like to use to apply kind of potted lip products will absolutely work with these theyre just a little bit more jelly gelatinous is that a good word to describe them I dont know youll be able to see here theyre a very strange texture very pleasant to wear on the lips super comfortable non-drying ultra glossy not sticky like they are really the best of both lipstick and lip gloss worlds in terms of how comfortable they are on the lips and what a high shine and high pigmentation they provide actually I do want to step back I say high pigmentation the ultra bold like shades that I have here are very pigmented however you will notice that a few of these function and I think theyre supposed to function this way as more of like top coats things to complement normal lip colors or to be mixed in with these there are a ton of mixing videos on Instagram too that are also equally as mesmerizing to watch which is another kind of Pro benefit of getting some of these products is that they are very easily mixable you take a little you know one of those metal pans or just anything that you like to mix your products on and you can put like an iridescent more sheer top coat a Cesc type product with a more bold and totally change up the lip product thats one of the very cool things about these so with that said lets go ahead and jump into and talk about all of these shades as im swatching them for you here on camera lets first start with angelic this is a beautiful mint how like copper this is one of the more opaque shades its very high shine its definitely gonna maintain that metallic finish on the lips very much like the hot metallic liquid lipstick trend here but clearly with a glossy twist its really more of a mix between copper and a golden champagne shade I know when people think copper they might think its an orange that thats not isnt necessarily gonna flatter all skin tones and I think this is going to be very universally flattering because it has those pinky beige II undertones next up is Anaya this is like I said my favorite its a classic baby pink base with beautiful gold veining throughout it goes on nice and opaque it has that beautiful high Sheen or high shine gold shift to it in addition to that glossy finish and I just think it looks beautiful on the lips super like very daytime wearable a lot of these colors namely like this beautiful chocolate brown that Im wearing right now not everyone may feel comfortable wearing that during the daytime this is definitely one of those thats going to complement any and every look so its a good staple shade on two naked this is one of those thats more of an iridescent top coat it has a clear base and then running throughout has these interesting like subtly greeny light pale gold shimmery iridescent its a very strange a lot of these are super hard to describe because there are just so many pigments running throughout so Im doing my best thats why Im also including lip swatches here because theyre not all very straightforward but this is

definitely a good like its taking that clear gloss up the next step and giving you a little bit of iridescent and frost enos to the lips that said its also a good mix in because of that property its just it itll take that if you have a cream finish which I do have one cream finish amongst all these a lot of these are shimmery or metallic or downright glittery and so if you take something like this with a cream finish shade its just gonna add so much more depth and dimension to that onto lions den its almost taking the metallic or iridescent shift of naked up a notch but including a little bit more of that pale greeny blue iridescent to it with more of a yellow clear golden base again one of those thats going to wear like a clear coat on your lips with a little bit of it well actually a lot of your essence to it but again good mixin for other shades you might have in your collection on to London this is a beautiful it came out way more pigmented on the lips than I ever thought it would but its this beautiful pale lilac II with an antique gold shift I its far more wearable than I would have thought looking at it in the actual pot but I have it paired and youll see this when I upload the tutorial I have it paired with a romantic purple matte eye and it just goes so well with it far more wearable that I thought like I said and its really reminiscent of London Fog which if I had to take a guess I would assume thats what its named after then theres Jupiter which is a metallic gray G Brown definitely has hints of chocolate but also kind of a steely gray mixed in here Im going to love this shape for fall because it has those brown undertones that with that ultra trendy kind of taupe undertone to it as well the next one was I couldnt not get this shade it was just so like dripping molten metal I had to get it its golden metal naturally and its very reminiscent of a lot of pigments out there that exist right now but its this really its its golden but it has kind of this green burnished undertone to it very very beautiful but also mostly metallic no shimmer and it really is just this straight shade no sort of iridescent or anything to it not necessarily wearable for everyday for me but such a fun shade and a great one to mix in or add to the center of your lips if you just want kind of that pop of color in the middle in fact it could be a fun one to add to my lips right now so lets just go ahead and do that like how fun is that theyre just so much fun to mix oh my gosh that ray of light is going to bug me its the morning light that I love but hate for filming videos lets just move it back a Titch okay so yes these are very fun to mix not necessarily practical for the everyday lip product where you can get super fun and funky and creative knowing that they arent super long-lasting like I get three to four hours worth of were here youre

gonna see the finish were off on your glasses theyre gonna come off definitely with heavy eating but some what would light snacking is well but for the most part I would say they are relatively long theyre longer wearing than your average lip glosses what I would say lets go on to the Reds I have four of them for different kinds of Reds because a and love a good red lip it just takes that like everyday classic simple makeup look up a notch or five and theres so many to choose from on the side like between the combination of finishes and textures and dimensions so much fun lets start with the only cream finish I have which is bright nights this is a classic red orange like I said with the cream finish you can tell because there is no iridescent theres no glitter theres no shift veining anything happening in this aside from a classic orange e red lip product the other thing that is really nice about these is whether or not they are cream finish or they have any of those glittery shimmery iridescent add-on mix-ins youre not going to find those elements sinking to your fine lines so often with lip or frequently with lip glosses I find if theyre cream finish or they have any sort of milkiness to them that pigment will sink into fine lines theres that light ray again oh my gosh and start bleeding into you know outside of the lip line and I havent experienced that with any of these guys now onto a hot Orange II red this is kind of a maybe its more of a burnt orange than a red but its called Dakota and it is a amazing metallic almost chrome II burnt orange shade absolutely beautiful then Natasha is very similar and that its like a chrome red its super high shine very metallic and it definitely has its a blue undertone so its gonna make teeth look nice and pearly and white but it also has that intense metal shift I wore this recently in a video and everyone was asking what it was it was this guy two more shades left the one that Im currently wearing well now under that gold shade this is brown sugar again one that I think Im really gonna love come fall in winter because its a great classic chocolate brown has a subtle metallic its not quite as metallic as the last two that I mentioned but it definitely isnt a flat cream shade and then obviously it has that high shine glossy finish and last I could not place an order without getting some hollow so this is called spot light I will say the hollow pigments or the hollow like actual flecks arent as dense as you might appear here there in just a clear glassy base but you can mix them in with any other lip shade you have wear them along for this really fun you know like glittery lip color well-lit texture I suppose it is not like color but its hollow couldnt not do that and those are all the shades I have what else to talk about shipping time because theyre an indie company a lot of people have questions about ship time how reliable they are in relaying your shipping information to you and so I actually pulled up because it is July since I

ordered these guys pulled up my shipping information place the order on July 3rd got the status they were processing on July 5th and then the order shipped and the email came complete with a tracking number on July 11th on their website they do say that they take up to two weeks I believe to process they have a ton of like all the information is on like where theyre based where theyre manufacturing all that kind of stuff during a sales shipping and processing can take up to two weeks so totally in line with what they promised theyre going to deliver on their website this also leads me to an exciting part of this video and that is that it doesnt get away Im going to be giving away every single shade that I have just given you the rundown on and that is actually thanks to them they did not send these to me for the intent of a giveaway but I received two packages on the same day just one tracking number but – I thought they maybe split up the orders like in terms of batching and processing or something they must have split them up but no two identical packages with the same item so I emailed them about the you know the mix-up to the fact that I got two but only paid for a set of one and they said that they were moving their manufacturing facility and moving their offices or something they were in transition the weekend that they shipped these and so I should go ahead and keep them and so I want to give them away these are amazing products and I thought itd be a great opportunity to allow one of you guys to experience these two so just make sure youre subscribed to let me know what shade youre most interested in trying down below so thats really it guys I think it ran through everything I wanted to throughout this video if you have any questions and I left anything out will definitely leave leave it in the comments below overall I really really like these I dont think theyre for everyone on a daily basis like if you want a long wear lip product these are obviously not for you if you dont like having to apply things at the lip brush these probably arent for you but I think they are a really fun easy way to get some interesting colors I think thats the biggest drop probably in addition to being very comfortable on the lips and granted you can get other comfortable lip products not in this potted format but in addition to the fact that they dont dry your lips out they add some moisture to your lips the color Ive never seen color combinations and pigment complexities for lack of a better word quite like this and then the fact that you can go in and mix them beyond what how they already come in the little pot its just really fun to me so if that sounds like something thats appealing to you I would recommend you check them out Ive had nothing but good experiences with them and yeah thats all I have to say so thank you guys so much for watching really hope this review was useful please dont forget to subscribe a feeling already and I will catch you the next video bye guys

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