Who is RA9? All Kamski Answers to Connor Questions – Detroit Become Human HD PS4 Pro

who is ra9
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glad you will see you now mr. Kamsky just a moment please Im lieutenant Anderson mrs. Connor what can I do if you tell me sir were investigating deviance I know you left several life years ago but I was hoping youd be able to tell us something we dont know deviance fascinating arent they perfect beings with infinite intelligence and now they have free will machines are so superior to us confrontation was inevitable humanitys greatest achievement threatens to be its downfall isnt ironic if a war breaks out between humans and deviants millions could die mr. camp scape its quite a serious matter all ideas of viruses spread like epidemics is the desire to be free a contagious disease listen I didnt come here to talk philosophy the machines you created may be planning a revolution either you can tell us something thatll be helpful or we will be on our

way what about you Connor whose side are you on I have no side I was designed to stop deviance and thats what I intend to do well thats what youre programmed to say but you what do you really want I dont want anything I am a machine boy Im sure youre familiar with the Turing test here finality simple question of algorithms and computing capacity what interests me is whether machines are capable of empathy I call it the Kamsky test its very simple youll see magnificent isnt it while the first intelligent models develop a cyber lighted young and beautiful forever flower the boy level with her what is it really piece of plastic into any human or a living being with a soul its up to you to answer that fascinating question destroy this machine and Ill tell you all I know or spare it if you feel its alive but youll leave here without having

learned anything from me okay I think were done here come on kind of lets go sorry to get you youre important to you comma your investigation or the life of this Android decide who you are an obedient machine our living being endowed with freewill thats enough Connor will leave and pull the trigger Connor dont and Ill tell you what fuck test negative you choose your investigation of the life of another Android youthful knew it Im a man of my word ask one question Ill tell you why not and I want to know how deviancy spreads Android share identification data when they meet another Android an error in this program would quickly spread like a virus and become an epidemic the virus would remain dormant until an emotional shock occurs fear anger frustration and the Android becomes deviant probably all started with one model copy error Azir instead of a one boss of course some kind

of spontaneous mutation thats all I know an interesting question coming but I doubt my aunts will be very helpful a war is coming youll have to choose your side well be triggering people or stand against recruiters I want to know where Jericho is Jericho a place where androids are free a place for deviants rise up against their creators they transmit a piece of code to each other in order to find their sanctuary now you have the key Ferndale station is the door a war is coming youll have to choose your side I want to know who are a nine is ra9 the origin the first Android to lead a strange phenomena like a spontaneous religion I dont know who re9 is I dont even know if it really exists maybe its Messiah maybe its just a myth but deviants need to believe in something bigger than themselves even its irrational thats something they

in common with humans an interesting question Connor but maybe not the one who needs to ask a Wars coin youll have to choose your side will you betray your own people or stand against your creators I wouldnt like to be in your shoes what could be worse than having to choose between by the way I always leave an emergency exit in my programs you never know he shoved that girl for fuck sake it wasnt a girl lieutenant it was a machine that looked like a girl you put your gun against her head and you bore fucking brains out I did what I had to do to advance the investigation and Id do it again if I had youre a lowlife you dont feel a thing do you a machine thats what you are youre just a fucking machine of course Im a machine lieutenant what did you think I was I thought you you

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