Who Did Zuko Marry | Who is the Mother of Izumi | Avatar The Last Airbender Theory

who is zukos wife
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I got some cold hard facts and admittedly some soft pants on who exactly did suka marry and who is the mother of fire lord izumi stay tuned to find out if youre new here we do plenty of outside videos including episode reviews theory analysis of bi-weekly podcasts and more so be sure to subscribe so you dont miss out todays video will try to figure out just who Zuko married and who is a mother of fire lord azulon it is never outright stated in the post-show comics or in Legend of Korra who Zuko married Im going to look at the possibility of several suspects including some popular characters and some more obscure ones and ranked them by the probability of being Zukos wife lets get started possible wife number 6 song song was the earth Kingdom girl that helps Zuko and Iroh after IRA poisoned himself she seems to immediately sympathize with him her and Zuko share in the experience of having an absent father and being burned by the Fire Nation I see a use Betar comparison here Im very sorry sitar fans if that is sacrilegious to you but as a non sitar shipper thats but to their possible but not real relationship that is appealing to me is theyre both victims of war from two different sides who could move past that and love each other Zuko and tone could have that same thing that being said they dont seem to have much chemistry so I give this a 0% chance of happening possible wife number five tough yeah no 0% chance tough already have our own baby daddy issues and if you have questions about that such as is Sato soohyuns father you can watch that video here possible wife number four unknown the role – avatar is big and wide and there are plenty of women Zuko could have married the creators say in legend of korra commentary that some members of team avatar met and married people beyond their teenage years but im

going to put this at a you want a percent chance possible wife number three Jhin the next possible wife azúcar could be another member of the earth Kingdom free call Jin lives in Ba Sing se and would frequently visit Zuko at the tea shop he and IRA worked at and tells the boss and say they even went on a date together on the date they go out to dinner and gin then take Zuko to her favorite spot in the city a candlelit fountain but to her dismay the candles are not lit Zuko tells her to close her eyes and see fire bins to light the candles and Jen didnt opens her eyes and amazement although you have to question how does she not suspect suka being from the Fire Nation after this I personally like to think she knew but it didnt matter to her and she could see past the fact that he was fire nations he passed the hatred war and bigotry of the Fire Nation instead believing love and faith and forgiveness and see the scarred boy who just needed to feel that love and forgiveness or shes an idiot either way shes happier candles are lit she then kisses Zuko and he kisses her back then he leaves her in confusion when he returns home IRA as Zuko how his date went Zuko replied it was nice I want to take a moment to note that this is probably the Sukkos first kiss I mean he didnt really have that much experience with girls I think before this so yeah good for him after the war the gungeon could have met back in Ba Sing se as Im sure Zuko would visit his uncle and his tea shop often I put Jens chances of being suppose five at roughly 4% possible wife number two Sookie what you may be thinking how and why New World was Zuko still shocked his girlfriend well our plenty of hints dropped in the comics and legend core why

Sookie could end up being Zukos wifey before we theorize how Zico and Suki could end up together we need to explore how Sokka and Sookie could have split up first in legend core theres no mention of psychos love life I think its safe to say he didnt have kids or it would have been mentioned especially in books 1 through 3 where sockos present is felt hes seen in flashbacks in book 1 he was chief of the Southern Water Tribe which was heavily involved in book 2 and in book 3 he has said to have helped stop the Red Lotus from kidnapping Korra it was also important to note that the of outsource vas with probably millions of different womens soccer could end up with its mission before Brian and Mike said not everyone hooked up some will go on to me and have relationships with people beyond their teenage years so there are some reasons why Safa and suki may not be in game but Brittas Zuko come in well Zuko and in suki have a great admiration and respect for each other so much so that suki along with the other Kyoshi warriors served as his personal bodyguard after the war this is where fanatically they seemed to share more intimate moments you can start to see their relationship building evenings if those little sister not talking about Azula it marks the Zuko health pretty Suki is and Zuko agrees with her their most intimate moment comes shortly after Zuko and may break up in the comic the promise so he tells Zuko that the Kilcher Warriors are worried about him that personally she is worried about him now in real life used to be fairly meaningless things but in storytelling this is obvious foreshadowing this makes total sense in the story as well since the end of the hundred year war Zuko has had trouble with dealing with the aftermath of it after all 100 years a long time of pain loss and war it could

take a grand gesture to gain a meaningful peace throughout history and literature marriages have been used as a grand gesture to broker peace and establish new partnerships in this case Zuko marrying the highly esteemed leader of the Kyoshi warriors will serve that purpose so accounting for their recent chemistry and foreshadowing in the comics and political motivations a marriage could have I would give it a 15% chance of Sookie being Zukos wife and here it is the possible wife number one may this is the one most fans assume Zuko marries their relationship started when they were kids and were crushing on each other Zuko and may have an off again on again romance starting in but three of Avatar when they started dating in the episode the beach they briefly broke up at mizzou Cola his temper get the best of him but by the end of the episode they were back together they broke up again during the days of Black Sun with Zuko left a note for her saying he is leaving to join the Avatar to defeat the Fire Nation and then they got back together at the series finale and Mei told Zuko and a playful threatening manner to never break up with her again but the combination of the stresses of being the Fire Lord trying to establish peace have 100-year war and assassination attempts Zuko sort of closes me out of his life leading into him not confiding in her and keeping secrets from her this leaves May to ending their relationship and this is where they currently stand in the comics and in Canon one of the evidence that Zuko ends up marrying me is that they actually do really love each other when the most jaw-dropping moments from the show is Mei confessing her love for Zuko in front of Azula why would you do it the two do love each other that much is very clear but I personally find the relationship to be one of the most unhealthiest and

the show well it is probably more like real world relationships I still prefer a better more healthy one but I cant deny the evidence and the biggest piece of evidence that Zuko marries many come straight from Avatar comics writer gene Luen yang and a panel at Emerald City Comicon he talks about how a fan wrote him and told him he broke love by breaking up a couple that he doesnt name not to spoil anything three years later even though he didnt say it was suka and may we can safely assume its down because he only broke up two couples and the Avatar comics Zuko may and may kilo and I dont think anyone really cares about kilo enough to write the author maybe there is now even if he was referring to Zuko and may getting back together in three years thats not set in stone but it still makes it far more probable Im gonna say theres an 80% chance may marry Zuko but theres still the question who is I zoomies mother were just gonna assume theyre the same person because if were different I didnt have to theorize that bazooka and make it marry she dies in a knife-throwing accident and Zuko remarried has Azumi in that theory went down a dark path very fast my apologies Plus even though I dont put much weight behind similar physical traits and animation being an indicator that characters are related they and I zoomy do look alike plus the meaning of izu me and japanese means spring or fountain which Zuko and my have a wonderful memory together them in a fountain though to be fair so does Jen alright who do you think Luka married and who is the mother of Azumi let me know any of your wildest theories I love hearing them even if its somehow Katara if you liked this video please like and share it really helps the channel out and consider subscribing and sincerely thank you for watching Im out

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