Who are Konohamaru Sarutobi’s Parents? Boruto & Naruto Explained

who is konohamarus dad
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okay before I get this topic started and try to answer the question just lower your expectations I mean it guys just Laurie even more than that yeah that seems about right all righty then its time to go detective mode who are konohamaru spirits you know thats a really good question now after looking into it to my surprise this isnt even a theory there is actual evidence towards who konohamaru parents are and what they did but when I arcs the most avid Naruto fans if they know the answer the response is usually so as fans of this series we all know by now that certain characters in the anime will eventually take a back seat at a certain point of time I mean even relevant side characters that have been fleshed out completely in part one such as Neji Hyuga become irrelevant and butchered in part two we all call that the most powerful jutsu in the normative universe called creepy local forgettable jutsu now imagine this occurring for the likes of Neji right well think about the parents they dont even survive or exists this jutsu leaves no survivors such as Sakuras parents right we saw them for a bit we know their names and everything but after that there is no development its sayonara goodbye good riddance it was nice knowing ya yeah what about Tsunade the fifth Hokage no we we dont even know why she isnt called Tsunade send you instead she is stated to be a descendant of the Senju clan which is a very important fact if you think about it we promise we will create a theory as to what may have happened later on in the future so be sure to hit the notification bell just to be sure in just in case if you dont get notified and make sure you press subscribe because some of you forget that so saying all of that at least in Konohamaru case we know what his parents were doing and they actually exists it actually caught me by surprise cutting to the chase in the official canon bore to one-shot manga which was a collaboration with ball to the movie which I dont know at this point of time we know bores her movie has been reckoned to follow the manga so by that logic Im going to say

that this information is true it is stated by Mitsuki who is narrating the manga that Konohamaru is the grandson of the Third Hokage who put great efforts into developing and expanding the village to what it is today it then states that his uncle Asuma was part of the former 12 guardian ninjas which we know is true from his backstory and finally it then explains that Konohamaru sperits were acting as the two right hands of the Third Hokage heroes in and that his parents were elite joning under the direct control of the Third Hokage himself Konohamaru spirits were an ANBU duo team per se now thats it thats all the information they have given in the manga about his parents nothing about their names powers or even what they look like are you satisfied guys are you that its like I told you youd be disappointed some of you may be thinking its better if they didnt exist now right well nah just from this tidbit information I can go balls deep and explain a few things in details about Konohamaru as I explained in my previous videos discussing Itachi Uchiha we know everything this manga special states in these short sentences regarding the parents to be true and it connects the dots quite well if you think about it in there Itachi shinden for example and even in the anime it states that heroes in the Third Hokage controlled part of the ANBU and that was under his direct control and we know because of the darkness involved in an ANBU Sakura a ninjas personality determined the eligibility into the force leading to only exceptionally skilled shinobi whose personalities that dont match the organization to be rejected from joining this tells us that Konohamaru spirits must have had the right personality type according to the leaders of Konoha to join the ANBU in the first place the most popular characters that we know that were in the Army for example are Itachi Kakashi Yamato and Orochimaru now all these characters have something in common that we can deduce and that is the ability to kill shinobi on sight and distance their emotions or feelings away from the morality of what theyre doing they are all exceptionally skilled on top of having unique shooters to themselves this is why I think the manga specifically states that

Konohamaru parents were elite Jony they could have easily just stated them as being normal ninja but since they are from the saratoga clan it cant make sense why they would be more skilled than the average person yes youre right just like whats between your legs right this revelation also comes to the understanding why Konohamaru acted the way he did when he was a child he was gonna spoil I mean as I said this connects the story and Im gonna go balls deep when we were introduced to Konohamaru since his parents would always be away secretive and still part of the ANBU right Konohamaru was always referred to as the Third Hokage his grandson or honorable grandson something along those lines right we can all agree to that so that makes sense because his parents wouldnt be known by the public due to being distant and part of the ANBU they cover their face right Konohamaru even stated himself just like Naruto that he wanted to be acknowledged as a person and not simply the hokages grandson Konohamaru began trying to defeat Heroes in in order to replace him as Hokage Konohamaru probably didnt feel connected to his parents as much as he would have liked since being part of the ANBU poses you to be kind of like psy or Kakashi when he was first introduced since Konohamaru met Naruto he probably sees him as an older brother more than anything a sibling that can be put as a role model since his parents wouldnt be someone that he would want to be like was growing up the ANBU Im really idealistic now are they I dont want to be an arm boo if I was a kid so when Naruto shows no restraint towards him and freely hits him Konohamaru becomes impressed by Naruto and declares him to be both his rival and role model and even calls him boss and big brother just like Naruto Konohamaru when he was young tends to be loud headstrong and spends a serious amount of time inventing sexy ninjutsu and this is likely due to the same reasons as I mentioned I dont know what this is but its kind of hot also now that we know that Konohamaru is parents are ANBU we can deduce that isola who is his uncle had a brother or sister

Im also guessing Asuma is a younger brother because Asuma is 27 years old in Naruto whilst Konohamaru is 8 years old this means if Osama was the oldest sibling of Heroes in Saratoga the Third Hokage he would have to be only 19 years old when Konohamaru was born but we also know that the Third Hokage often was father was 68 in the original Naruto that means he busted some nuts I went balls deep correcting Asuma at 40 so in my eyes he rosin definitely has more kids out there that we do not know of and Asuma is the youngest of them all also his older sibling must be around 25 years old once conceiving Konohamaru it is most likely an older brother that awesome ahead and the father of Konohamaru since considering his last name is Sarah Tobi usually in tradition the child follows the fathers clans name and a woman normally changes her last name to a husbands last name just like Sakura Sakura is also known as Sakura Ichi ha in Bordeaux but then again I could be assuming too much its up to your opinion since in Japanese culture if Asuma had a sister instead and she married a husband that doesnt belong to a clan or is from a clan less with lesser status than the Sarah Toby then her husband would become a sorry Toby hence Konohamaru his name would still be sarutobi like I can go even deeper with these guys its quite insane how much pops into my head with tidbits of information but if I was the writer of volatile and Naruto is pretty easy to implement Konohamaru spirits in a flashback or reminiscent episode 4 development of the character for example since we know they were ANBU black ops this could be a driving point too awesomest backstory that was given to him in Naruto does connecting even more dots in the knowledge of universe and Carnahan brews life also more whilst growing up not always saw eye-to-eye with his father also MA later came to respect Harrisons role as the Hokage and was proud to have been born into the Saratoga clan later on in life when he grew up so as a writer we can say awesomer felt this way due to the fact of being in his older sibling shadow who was also an

elite joning according to the facts as well as being side by side with their father he rose in protecting him at all times as ANBU whilst Asuma wasnt being recognized for his talents at all and heres a reminder for you guys heres a clip learning of non-number aunt Anita tori whorie well cuckoo nor they will meet me or destroy kosovo wooden oku told me to meet Ella Toronto where is he you know no wine you are told a walk autumn or you go call my mother too you know he told me to meet at night talking about you so in my eyes that make sense in enabling all swimmers and konohamaru story to have an extra layer of emphasis on why they felt the way they did and turned out to be who they are today Konohamaru has shown immense emotional endurance recovering from tragedies close to his heart such as the deaths of his grandfather and a swimmer in a relatively short amount of time maybe he developed this side through his parents teachings because they were onto and they you know they have as I do them furthermore since the manga pano displayed his parents to have anbu mosque on and one of them seems to be a monkey you know take a look at this pic were further digging and we can see the same monkey only being side by side with the Third Hokage himself in manga chapters 1 2 1 they appear again in chapters 2 428 and even 450 so is this masked monkey ANBU Konohamaru sparing it could make sense and easy to implement we just dont know if they are still alive at this point but all the evidence points towards and it makes sense anyways I hope all of you understood everything that was saying and that said thats the end of the video I hope I blew your mind in some way and taught you something that you didnt know about everyone involved so as always let me know your opinion in the comment section below as Id love to know it also make sure to follow us on Instagram or Twitter to be in the know of when we are uploading next and what is rolling around in my mind Ill see you guys next time as always on Thrones day or tomorrow even though

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