Where is the ‘Hit or Miss Girl’ Now?

who is the hit or miss girl
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So…. Tik Tok. Tik Tok right now is arguably the top site for memes. You cant search the word meme on YouTube without finding a Tik Tok cringe compilation of some sorts. Its hard to argue that there is a face more iconic to this meme movement from Tik Tok than: Nyannyancosplay. And I dont think that anyone would argue with me when I say that Nyannyancosplay is the face of memes on Tik Tok. “Oh, Tik Tok.” “Oh, this is Tik Tok?” “Oh, Tik Tok.” “I saw this circulating Twitter, no clue what it is.” “The internet has declared that this is the new queen… of the Ugandan knuckles basically.” “I know the song cause of the meme, but I dont even know it outside of Tik Tok…” And as somebody whos fascinated with every aspect of meme culture, I wanted to know more about this person. What were the reasons behind the making of the now-infamous Tik Tok? But there was something I really wanted to know. When you go from being a nobody on the Internet, to suddenly the queen of the internet, that must have an enormous impact on ones life. “She gained a huge following following her Tik Tok post. One of the popular duets with her original video questioned her gender which in turn sent an influx of hate comments her way.” And so with those questions in mind, I got in touch with Nyannyancosplay, in the hopes that shed be willing to have an interview with me. And, well, she was. Youre now gonna become YouTube trash. How does it feel? Im already Tik Tok trash. What made you make this Tik Tok, like what was the, I suppose, inspiration behind it and what- how did it come to be? Well, I like Tik Tok cause its a, like, a new platform for cosplayers to like, use audio and like, still be able to portray the character. So, I was just in cosplay, and I heard the song, and I didnt really know what it meant I didnt know it was a diss-track at all, so Im just blindly going in. And I make this, like, Tik Tok, and I almost dont post it so when I do post it, everyones like freaking out. So, I didnt really have anything. I just blindly made it. And how long after posting the original Tik Tok did it take before… it- it started blowing up like- Id say actually a few days because then some- like all of a sudden someones like “Yo, this new account posted you,” and I was like, “what?” and theyre like, “hEy gUyS loOk at tHis TrAp” and I was like “All right…” *nervous laughter* Oh god. Oh no. Yeah, And then shortly after that people start doing duets with me and this guy makes it about holding up a sign, saying like, “Thats a dude,” or something and I was like, “Great…” When did it really sink in that this had gone like, insanely, like big? Like, what was the moment that you knew it had like, really transcended what you thought- cuz- cuz many people would like, could not fathom like, the amount this has blown up. Oh same. Like, Im still like, trying to like, fathom it. Cuz Im like, seeing like, all my followers keep going up in random- random spikes and Im like, “Whoa!” But um, I think around the end of November, when like, posts were getting crazy like, people kept posting me and like, commenting and stuff. Like, it started sinking in, like, “Im literally a meme” like “Im literally, a meme.” I feel like, almost to a certain extent, like your

face is like, synonymous with Tik Tok, nearly like a poster child for tick-tock at this point. Cuz you cant- you cant go on YouTube without seeing your face in a thumbnail. I even was on an ad for Tik-Tok, like on Snapchat. Someone sent a screenshot and it was like, the ad, it was like my face and I was like, “What?” And like, seeing the thumbnails is also crazy cuz I never thought like, I would be a thumbnail. Yeah, so I mean, yeah, cuz youve been, like, a PewDiePie thumbnail like two or three times, I swear at this point. Yeah. Thats pretty crazy. You know when you have all these people on YouTube talking about you or talking about your Tik Tok, you know., has there ever been a point where you just kind of dislike that, or is it always just youve- you always just kind of rolled with it? I did my best to roll with things. Usually Im an over-thinker and over-worrier, so Im like, “Aaah!” But um, it really pushed me out of my shell to like, keep like pushing and rolling through things cuz um… I got a lot of negativity with the comments, like I said earlier, and, it really made me like reflect on my- my self-image and stuff, but I realized that you only have one life and one body. So you should love yourself for who you are and not care what other people think really. So its really helping me push through all the negative comments Ive been getting. You know, I think a lot of YouTubers are fortunate that they dont blow up immediately, and they get to like kind of roll with it, and they get to learn all the ropes and stuff and online personalities etc. But like, I- I cant imagine like, how difficult, it can be when youre just thrown into this world, because you- youve gained- How- how many followers do you have an Instagram? At like, this point now? I have like, 400K? *laughing* That is insane! And before the meme, I was struggling back and forth from like 300- or three- 3K to 4K, so like, going from like, struggling, to like, all of a sudden spike Like its really crazy. I- I think a lot of people v would be envious at your position. But, have there been any, you know, side effects that have come from blowing up that you have really been struggling with? Well, its really hard to take in at first, since like you said earlier, like, you get like, a bunch of hate at once and like, not everyones good at handling hate, and Im a very small like, shy person, so sometimes- and so getting that and getting your- seeing your face everywhere is like, hard to take in. Like, I would- I wanted to do YouTube for like my whole life, so, thats why Ive always been like doing content slowly and I never thought of myself like, blowing up like, so fast and like, trying to handle it. But, I would say its a good thing but also, theres a lot of negativity in it that people dont see because people forget that you are a person. Youre not just a meme. Like, I have feelings. Yeah, of course, of course. Yeah. So you mentioned earlier that, you know, a lot of people were referring to you- you know, or saying that youre a trap in the original post. How did you deal with that and was that the most negative things that you were getting sent your way, or was there like, people being even worse than

that? Ive gotten worse but the trap thing really did get to me cuz Im like, “Do I really look like a guy?” Like, “What features of mine-” like, I started like, nit-picking at myself. Like, my shoulders are broad Like, um, I do look muscular because I did sports my whole life. So like, I was- I did track and stuff, so I was always in the like, the weight room trying to like, get strong for track. Im like, I do look muscular but that doesnt make me a guy. So I was like, struggling a lot with like, self-image and like, stuff like that. But… like, some worse things Ive gotten are like, hate threats and like, people wanting to like, do things and um… That was also kind of scary getting that. From the way youre talking about it, you sound really confident about a lot of this stuff. Like, how have you found dealing with it? And how would you- how would you recommend to others who are in the same situation deal with it? Well, I created a really good group of friends that I talked to like, literally every day, and they support me and like, they let me rant and stuff and vent. Um, just having a really close group of friends and like, being able to talk to people really helps because then you have like, support from them, so youre not dealing it with it on your own. And I also got to talk to you a little bit about my problems. So I talked to you. Yeah, I mean I- I kind of saw, like, how quickly you were blowing up and I remember, you know, even though my growth was nothing, like, in comparison to yours, but I remember feeling kind of lost like no one was- no one- no one on YouTube spoke to me or told me how I should be doing things or how I should be dealing new things and I really, like, whenever I see people who I mean, you know, youre obviously a viewer of mine at some point or like, anyone youre, like, I feel like I could maybe just help by just giving them a few words of advice to take like, 20 seconds out of my day. Like, I was like, “Okay. Ill just shoot you a message and tell you if you ever need any advice, like, Its fine,” You mentioned how you have close friends supporting you and you really value that. You know, have you found that any people in your personal life, maybe, people who didnt talk to you before this Tik Tok, kinda crept back into the, you know, the picture after you blew up? Well, theres always gonna be those people in life that. Like, youre starting to like, get somewhere and theyre like, “Oh, how can I ruin their day?” So, I mean. those people did pop up, but Ive also got in touch with some old friends. So thats like, a good part of it. Like, some old friends were like, “Yo, is this you?” and Im like, “Yeah!” And then theyll start talking, like, about you know, random stuff and like, Ive made- I made new friends through it and then Ive made, like, good old friends through it. So, thats also a good positive side of it. If you could go back and talk to yourself before you made the Tik Tok, like, lets say a day before you decided to make it, what would your tell past self? Um, get a new wig. “Get a new wig,” Hahaha! I dont think its that bad! It looked pretty

good to me! That wig was- that wig was ratchet! Knowing what was gonna happen, due to you making that Tik Tok, would you still have made the Tik Tok? See, thats a question I ask myself a lot, and I would say yes because, although there is like a lot of negativity thats happened, Ive also- again, like, Ive made good new friends, and if I didnt make the Tik Tok I wouldnt have them, and I can also talk to people who like my content. Like, thats awesome. Like, you call- you do fan calls, and I understand why you like it so much. Like, its so fun to let be able to talk to people like that and stuff. So do youre like, family make Hit or miss jokes? I just I kind of want to know if they do. Well, I actually kept it for my family for a month. Oh, wow. Really? Why is that? Um, I didnt know how they would reply or like, react to it, cuz theyre not like, big on the internet. So I didnt- they probably wouldnt have fully understood. Which they didnt, so it was a wild ride trying to explain it to them, and then when they finally found out theyre like, “okay as long as youre being safe, I guess…” But no, they dont make Hit or miss jokes. Okay. Okay good. For your- your safety. So do your parents like, fully understand like, the scale of like, how big you are on the internet right now? Or they just trying to wrap their head around the fact that like, its even anything at all? Theyre trying to wrap their head around it and Im trying to like. help them understand like, um… Its not like Im doing anything too crazy. They generally like me for like, my content, and not anything else. Like, they thought I was doing really bad stuff and I was like “no”, I feel like parents always assume the worst though Yeah. I think either you told me or I saw this, that you disabled your comments on the original Tik Tok. Was that because of all the, I suppose, the people calling you traps and stuff? Yeah, most of my comments on my tik-tok were on that video and they were mainly all negative comments and I was like “I just dont want to see this,” so I just disabled it and if I see a negative comment I straight up block people like, I just dont want negativity on my page because I really want to spread like, the message of self-love and like, loving each other, because I feel like the world nowadays with like, how the memes are blowing up, that we arent taking time to like, be kind to other people. Its as simple as like, smiling at someone or like, opening a door for somebody else. Like, just be kind to others. Like, its not that hard guys. You know, out of all the tik-tok memes, are there any ones that you hate, and theres ones that you love? I like trends, so Ill see a trend and, like it, but it takes a lot for me to actually do the trend because of the Hit or miss thing that became since I started it. Like, thats crazy. So, I mean, I might do more trends in the future, but I do like watching other memes and trends and stuff, like the “Im already tracer” thing. Do you like that one? I think Ive already made that one. Have you already made it? I havent actually seen, Ive already made one! Its with Diva. I

it way before the trend happened too, so Im very happy that mine wasnt in the trend thing. But I, again, I turned off duets on my thing. So, people cant- Do you have any advice for people on Tik Tok who are maybe trying to blow up? And if so, if they did blow up, what would you recommend, you know, they do? Mmm, I would say probably definitely follow trends cuz people watch the trends often. Um, be yourself and if you do blow up, Hold on! Find a good group of friends and I would talk with them. Just be safe! No, Im glad! I was really worried that when I was going to talk to you that youre going to have a lot of negative experiences to talk about or… I mean Ive had a lot of negativity but Im pushing through. Like, I refuse to let the negativity get to me anymore. I can tell that its not, you know, getting to you that much, and I really you know, I gotta give you props, because I think its one thing that a lot of online personalities struggle with, is having the thick skin and being able to just ignore it. So, I mean, massive props to you. I can only imagine like, how tough its been. Im sure- Im sure if you talked to me like, earlier, Id probably a way bigger mess. But like, now Im more like, stable and like, working on getting good. What- what would you say has like, caused that change in the meantime? Like- a lot of the negativity and like, again self-reflection and um, I do like this group called BTS, which is a k-pop group, Youve probably know of it. Of course. Ive been following them since 2013 when they started, and like, seeing them grow up, like, theyre not afraid of how people judge them or all that, and right now with their preaching self-love and their newest album was about that, so its- thats been helping me and if they can help me with that and I can help spread that I would love to do that. So, I mean, songs, music is like, a really big inspiration in my life, so, I always listened to songs to help, and I always go to friends and talk with them. Whos your BTS bias then? Taehyung. Okay, I dont know if thats a good taste or not. Im sure the comments will let me know. Whats the craziest thing thats happened to you as a result of blowing up in your- in your opinion? Well, Ive had, like, an experience where I was just ordering pizza hut, one day, and I got my bread sticks box and I opened it and like, inside was written “Hit or miss” in like, sloppy font. Just “Hit or miss.” My final question is: Whats next? What are you- what are you hoping and doing in the future now that youve got this- these platforms? Uh, some stuff is happening right now and Im trying to like, get a hold of it. So once I get that settled I will do Twitch. Im going to stream on Twitch. I want to do YouTube and Im probably going to still stay on Tik Tok and Ill keep trying to push cosplay content, but on Twitch Im probably gonna start doing, like, gaming videos and stuff. Im super excited to see where you go from this. I think this is gonna be a fun journey that youre gonna embark on. Um… Yeah, so, do you want to tell everyone its just NyanNyanCosplay right, everywhere? Basically everything. Just, NyanNyanCosplay. *Fricking adorable laugh*

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