When You’ve Got Boba on Your Mind

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okay Ill take off my job mm-hmm has it been slowly growing mm-hmm how long would you say like one year two year or five years its actually been small for years but actually just now slowly growing when I say maybe that the last two years it progressed a little bigger than normal then average time it grow but when I first hit it it was nothing it was pretty much embedded in my eyebrow so you really cant see it at all no I know that youve watched me squeeze out thousands of blackheads and whiteheads here on my youtube channel but I know that many of you guys suffer from acne yourself and youre just not sure what to use this

is why one of the first products I created a Tesla new skincare is my acne system this is a simple twice daily three-step regimen it is formulated for all skin types and all acne types so for those of you who are not able to see their mythologies or who are just plain confused when you walk down that skincare aisle you want to go to s Lindys skin care calm and check out my acne system Im gonna kind of push against you just to block your eye and everything color never squeezed anything out of it been there for five years at least it was a little bluish coloration did you ever get into like an accent like like hit this

really hard or anything now right mm-hmm it might just be old like a blood here trapped in here huh so just be full what about that yourself in case show of your of your show name of your video his aunt is a big fan and she was bummed she couldnt come here baby this ones been called Bobo in the head I feel like thats like a little blood vessel almost so its really really small mm-hmm thank God so youre saying how recently did it start to grow again because you had two years okay so slowly grow not like its like the last two months of something mm-hmm very fine it I didnt feel it at all it when Ike

lets you it was no place youre only know no tension whatsoever yeah theyre like maybe like clots under there like worried about if it was usually thats gonna be stuck to you and yeah it would keep growing you know and go faster you know worrisome okay I know what it is yet do you do the faraway doctor beside okay cuz we have two stitches here were gonna put in okay do you have somebody you can take out such a tree do you want us to take them out for you were happy to do it oh maybe thirty minutes oh thats not mad you okay youre coming back oh yeah yeah one crazy curly eyebrow hair oh I picture a

of people who are watching this video are gonna make a comments about it sometimes I dont know so I brought her and that people are like what about that I feel nothing I gotta do is make sure you just trim them down [Laughter] theres no its just swollen a little bit so were gonna push something from wanna see what we got yeah Wow seems like a little almost like a little ok so let me see and then look look back again see the crazy eyebrow yeah this big guy just said he was terrifying at first I never know but that was a bad oh Im glad Im glad you do Im glad you did so great you did great you

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