What’s wrong with my I2C module/bridge to LCD screen? Troubleshooting

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hi Hawker I thought Id create a video response to your questions since it has been going on for a while and I can understand how its frustrating for you so Ive been going through all the comments and first thing that I notice is that your backpack seems to be different to the one that Im using which is this one here Ive got a magnified photo on the chip and trying to read it the ID on the chip is CF 8 v 740 Im not sure who the manufacturer is the little symbol looks like Philips not sure Philips no longer exists under that name so one potential problem might be a difference in the backpack that youre using closest to the one that Im using Ive also had a look at your sketch on codeshare which is this one here which is the one that I have in my github repository looks like its identical the inclusions up here or youve got a bunch of different inclusions which I am not familiar with especially these three here Im not sure which which library using so just so that we dont get confused Im going to be using this library here a new liquid crystal library and here is the URL for it in the notes so Ive got that downloaded and installed and my libraries so Im using version 1.6 of my Arduino IDE so here of God liquid crystal underscore I to see and here I look inside that youll see that its using the LCD header file plus to see IO dot H so this is a precursor to pretty much all of the libraries that are required in here actually having another look at that so its a h SI hecho okay

so it doesnt look like you are using the same whole library as me I dont think that these are required anyway for the simple hello world program so well do is Im going to copy this into a new sketch and Ill ask you save it so lets say that not temporary directory here yeah replace problems uploading oh yeah I need to connect the Arduino thats better alright check for the board no board yeah 11 to try again alright so this works now as I said from my previous from one of the year the responses so this backpack connect or sensor data to the LCD screen using pins D four five six and seven of these four pins I was just using the multimeter to figure out which of the upper pins on the IC convey their data pins and its these four pins here right so thats how this is set up now to confirm that this is actually happening that Ill make some changes to the data pins on the constructor so if I go for example for this then lets see upload and it is working but obviously the data has not correct as they are sent over to the LCD screens so what eventually gets to the LCD screen is incorrect to change that to say in 1 2 again all right so they that are corrupt so if I play around with these values and the parameters Im not getting correct output onto the screen similarly if I go I can have a look at the I squid C dot H file and pick up one of the other constructors lets say maybe which one is the simplest this one here the one that only has the LCD address then

my LCD screen address or the doctors address is 27 so comment it out and just use the simplest possible constructor to see if that will still work yeah it does you cant probably see it but I can see here that the words hello world and row number 2 do up here its just at the back lid isnt on since one of these the the second value second parameter is the back lid so if I add back lid and upper again so it gives me an error in compliation of course the next possible constructor requires one to three parameters so need to also put the one here thats also the one that affected their effects the the back lid so this is the polarity for back lit problem so t-back hi Oh kind of it should be how I know so this looking for in integer as the second parameter in the chief of the second number and then sati back light pole for the third parameter hmm such not so sure right now sir and bit unprepared to this okay so it accepted the fourth a fourth parameter and thats working hang on maybe this was it causative yeah okay like that just experimenting a little bit that somethings happening but obviously this is not a correct configuration so what else can I change if I put a one here so Ive got the next constructor backlit control Ive got the address the enable pin which is – so this one is the enable pin then Ive got the read/write pin which is one then of course the RS the reset pin which is zero otherwise the screen will not reset and at the end then this is the mistake I made earlier at

end I need to have another friend for the backlight pin and thats going to be a positive polarity for the pin before the screen to be on so what does it do how can they go so something is happening that a pin still incorrect so these four values it seems to me that are really required without them Im not going to be sending the data to the correct tense so Im not going to be getting a proper idiot so you go with those on you get a proper readout another thing that was happening with with your problem another problem that you were having was the difference in the I squared C address that your backpack was listening to so in my case it was 27 in your case I think it was 20 and just remind anybody whos looking this at this that there is an ADC scanner sketch that you can grab from the playground download it so can put it in here alright so that will tell you what devices and addresses you have listening to various I squared C addresses so my guess is 27 okay so I think your problem may have something to do with your backpack it seems based on the information that you have given me that you are using a different backpack to me and as a result this library might not be working thats thats my best guess for now maybe you can confirm that and maybe even send me a link of the place where you purchased the backpack and see if its any similar to mine and maybe even I can order one of those and see if I can get it to work okay thanks for here I hope this helps a bit

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