What Your Favorite WAIFU Says About You!

who is your waifu
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oh yeah whats your favorite a waifu says about to you Asuna you just started watching anime know that you like magical girls no not not those magical girls samus you like independent girls REM you wish you had a girl who would take care of you cuz youre too lazy to do it yourself Graham you actually love REM but you wanted to be special Tyga you like being abused RAF Talia youre a furry peach you like normal girls Rosalina you like normal girls but you have slightly better taste Tifa you grew up playing Final Fantasy and

you still havent let go over Kannada youre an otaku Mikasa you want a bodyguard Oh Chuck oh you also have a crush on the sword and shield trainer FRA P youre kind of weird in a good way I mean is it good I dont know shes a frog Yui you like stupid girls Sakura you like useless girls inada you like abnormally shy girls hello sada youve never played kid icarus you just made here in Smash cuz he thought she was cute carried okay Im Im truly sorry for you miku you still dont realize that Vocaloid

isnt an anime Lucy youve always liked Blondies kerza youve always liked redheads Rukia you always tell yourself that youre 5% Japanese Rika you constantly roleplay as your favorite character even when people ask you to stop Monica you played eDoc and thought she was actually real Sayuri you like girls who are secretly depressed Yuri do you like girls who are overly obsessed with you Natsuki youre right okay come on anybody just me okay Ayano you think you would be cool if your girlfriend killed you Isabel okay what why is this even on here Ruby do you

think side is out of the coolest thing on earth not good you think sides are the coolest thing on earth Miley never garden you always mix her up with saber chika you randomly dance in public chika youre Nate year-old who grew up on five nights at freddys Kelly you like squids and long hair Marie you like squids and short hair pearl you like spoiled brats Maryna youre 80% of the splatoon community Lucina do you like girls who dont like you as much as they like their dad earth Jen you like dead means that died in

2017 toga you like Psychopaths and youre probably a psychopath yourself Nagisa you like Im sorry I just I just cant Lily you played Santa moon and still have a leg over Alex okay yeah you play a little too much minecraft Zoe okay you play a little too much for tonight robloxian girl okay um were done here yeah were were not going down that hole hey guys thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed the video whos your waifu comment down below anyways my name is MV Perry and Ill see you in the next video you

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