What to text a girl who stopped responding (UPDATED 2019)

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Matt: Can a four-word text really revive almost any dead number? Well, watch and find out! Because its so annoying when you meet a girl that you really really like and it seems super on. Your texting back and forth and then, wham, out of the blue, she doesnt text you back. You probably start over-analyzing your last text and second-guessing yourself and try not to freak out and hopefully you dont send a lame text like “did I say something wrong?” Further sealing your fate of being forever ghosted. Watch to the very end and Ill give you my simple three-step system to get her to reply back and the forward text that I send to revive even the most dead number. My name is Matt Artisan from The Attractive Man and this is what to text a girl when she doesnt text you back. Berkeley psychologist found that receiving a text message makes people feel more connected and elevates their mood. No shock there but this might surprise you; that the open rate of SMS messages is 99%, yet the reply back rate is only 45%. Which is why Im first gonna give you three crucial tips that you need to start implementing right now, anytime you dont get a reply back. Tip #1 is dont stress out about it. So many guys freak out because they have one itis. Theyre putting so much importance on this one girl that theyre texting and that if she doesnt reply back, then theyre really affected by that. So instead, I recommend have at least five, if not even ten girls that youre texting that might seem like a lot. But remember, it doesnt mean youre dating all of these girls, these are just girls that youre interested in and that youre trying to get a date with. You might only get dates with like three or four of them but the point is if one doesnt reply back, you still have a few other options. And not only that but make sure you have an interesting lifestyle, a cool lifestyle at least have a job and other things that youre focusing on so that getting a date with this one girl or any of these girls that youre texting isnt the most important thing in your life. Make sure to have other things that are more important than girls. Now, its one thing if shes your wife or a long-term relationship but Im talking about girls that youve just met, that maybe you havent even gone on a real date with and just the fact that youre worrying so much about it makes you needy even if she doesnt see that youre pacing around your apartment, waiting for her to text you back. She doesnt

see that needy behavior but mentally youre still putting her on a pedestal. Youre becoming more and more needy about this particular girl and when you eventually do, either write back to her, you might end up sending a really needy text or when you finally end up seeing her, youve put so much investment and mental energy towards her that you might end up being really needy and push her away. Because the fact is she might just be busy, maybe shes on an African Safari and she doesnt have cell reception or maybe she saw your text and she had every intention to text you back but she just didnt feel like it at that exact moment and then just forgot about it. One time I was hanging out with my girlfriend and she got a text from her best female friend and she had every intention to text her back but just didnt feel like it at the moment, I forget we were doing something else at the time and she didnt end up replying to her best friend for an entire week. And thats her best friend who has a lot of value and importance in her life so imagine you the new guy in her life you dont have that much significance so she doesnt really have a lot of obligation to text you back. Remember, women base a lot of what they do based on how they feel in that moment so she may not feel like texting you back, so what? Try again and maybe next time shell feel like texting you back, which brings me to the next point: Dont text back immediately. What happens with most guys is theyre texting back and forth, maybe every 5 or 10 minutes. Its going great, it seems super on, a guy is getting super excited, then girl just starts doing something else, she gets busy or she doesnt have cell service and the guy starts freaking out, 30 minutes have gone by, an hour has gone by so he texts her; “hey, are you busy?” And 30, 40, maybe an hour to goes by, no reply and he texts; “okay, cool” Which obviously means its not cool and that hes a little bit affected by it. Instead, I dont even do a lot of back and forth texting, I just use texting to set up the date, not to get to know each other and have all this banter back and forth that just uses a lot of time. And you should have other things going on in your life like I said before instead of just texting girls all day long. So, I recommend you send the text and you forget about it. You put your phone on

silent and then you check it when youre free. Go about your day, do other things beyond your mission and purpose and then when youre bored and relaxing, then you check your texts and that will really help you from ever over texting her. And then, if you dont get a text back just wait a day or two and send another text. And Ill talk about those exact texts that you could send just a second and a good rule of thumb is; if you send a text and you dont get a reply back, then you wait a day or two to text her. Again, dont keep texting her and asking her whats wrong. Now, I understand if its your long-term girlfriend, thats a little bit different but again were talking about new girls in your life here. They should not be that important and if you catch yourself stressing about some new girl in your life, do other things. Occupy your mind and one of the best things is get out there and meet more women so you have more options. But just because she didnt takes you back one time, dont give up and delete her number. And balance is key here. Just because she didnt reply back, one time doesnt mean all is lost. Remember 45% of the time, people dont reply back so you need to be persistent but without sending her a bunch of text and coming off as needy. By the way, if youre not subscribed to this channel, make sure to subscribe. And tip #3 is to use social media to your advantage. Because if you also have her Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, then she can see that you live an interesting life. That youre traveling or that youre speaking on stage or that youre hanging out with a group of friends or she might even see that youre with other women, that youre going on dates and hanging out with other girls, which can make her more interested. And it doesnt seem like youre just sitting at home, waiting for her to reply back. Youre living your life which you should be. Plus, maybe she started dating somebody else and shes not really as interested in you anymore because of her new relationship but that relationship might only last a few weeks or even a few months and if she keeps seeing your lifestyle, she keep seeing your pictures and your posts then youre on her radar and she might just randomly text you back when shes single again. Ive used this to my advantage many times when Im traveling and I see no point in texting a girl when Im not gonna be back in that city for a year or two but when

I do come back she remembers me and she asked me all these questions about my travels because she saw all my pictures and it keeps me on her mind and on her radar and its like “keeps the fire still warm.” Its not a full blazing fire anymore but you just need to stir it a little bit and you can easily reignite it. Alright now, we need to get her to reply back so here are three simple tips. First, remember it doesnt mean anything, just wait a day or two and then send another text. That next text shouldnt be like what happen to you or anything like that it should just be something simple, something short and something random it could be a fun question like “if you had any superpower what would you have” or “we could travel anywhere in the world where would we go?” By the way, I like the word “we” instead of “you” because it creates a sense of togetherness or send her a random picture because remember, pictures speak a thousand words. It can be a meme that somebody sent you. It can be a cute animal that you saw or found off the internet. Because women love cute animals. It could be maybe youre walking down the street and you saw a bum with a funny sign. You can send her a picture of that or anything else thats interesting, funny or exciting that has happened to you that day or maybe that week or you can try a funny role play text like “hey Im bored lets go rob a bank.” Ive used that many times and it definitely gets a reply just anything kind of fun, not too serious that just gets the conversation going again so that you can go for a date and meet up with her. And I have even better examples than this in my free texting cheat sheet, if you dont have it yet, grab a copy. Theres a link down in the description. Now, lets say, she doesnt reply back. Now, you still might not be in damage control yet, maybe shes super busy. Maybe, shes out camping and she doesnt have a good cell service, maybe she lost her phone. Maybe, maybe, maybe. But theres also of course a chance that shes just not that interested and theres only one way to really find out and thats step #2 — Wait two to four days so that you dont seem too needy or eager and then send a bait text. A bait text is just a text that baits her to reply back something like “I think you have a confession to make…” Now, shes probably gonna want to know whats that confession is. So

probably write back and ask what is it and one option is to say “I think you love me” and if she definitely doesnt love you or even like you then shell probably let you know and at least now you can move on or you can go more the role-playing route and say “I think I saw you last night peering through my bedroom window trying to sneak a peek, youre so bad.” Its kind of funny kind of gamy but if she laughs, if shes into it, thats great, youre back on track. Or if she says “definitely not” then maybe shes not so interested and you might want to cut your loss. Another example of a bait text is “I just realized what animal you remind me of” and she asked “what animal?” then send her a picture of a really cute animal. Now, if that doesnt work, then youre definitely in damage control. Meaning, you know theres obviously a good chance shes just not interested at all but it doesnt really hurt to send one more text. Now, if she still doesnt reply back, then you can still do a last-ditch effort if you so wish which is step #3 — Wait four to six or seven days and send her these four words: “are you still alive?” Just “are you still alive?” Youll be surprised at how often you will get a reply back. Oftentimes, its just a reply like “yep” which means to delete that number, dont text her back anymore and of course, if she doesnt reply back, then just delete the number. But if she answers with “oh my god, Ive been so busy” or “I lost my phone who is this?” then, theres still a chance. Dont over text her but send her some more fun playful text because that will boost the attraction. Shell see that youre a fun guy which means shes more likely to meet up with you because she knows youll be fun in person and if you need more playful text to boost the attraction along with challenging text and make her chase you a little bit and even texts that turn her on then make sure to get a free copy of the free texting cheat sheet. Theres a link down in the description and to the right of the screen. Make sure to subscribe to this channel, if youre not already subscribed. And hit that bell notification icon and we also have live boot camps all around the world so if you want to know how to meet women in person, on the street or any situation, then check out our boot camp schedule. My name is Matt Artisan from The Attractive Man. Ill see you in the next video!

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