What NOT to do if an Artist Shows you Their Work

one common issue facing those who work to conserve works of art is:
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last week I showed a person my sketchbook for the first time and unfortunately this person did a few things which I found incredibly annoying and when I thought about it I realized that these things have happened to me in the past and it seems to be a common thing that people do and its not even people who dont draw all the time so they may not understand that they shouldnt be doing these things people who are doing their art GCSEs with me at the same time were literally doing these very same things so I can only imagine that it comes from a lack of consideration but anyway Im going to go through four things that I really really wish people wouldnt do if someone shows them their artwork so the first one is a really big pet peeve of mine because people do it to me all the time if a person asked to see my work and I show them the first thing they do is go WOW and then they wipe their finger across it now thats not an issue if youre dealing with a medium that fixes itself and doesnt move like oil paint or acrylic paint but what if youre dealing with a graphite artwork or one made with pastels or charcoal obviously even if you fix or maybe not obviously but if you fix those works theres still the potential of it smudging so if you wipe your finger over it guess what youre potentially going to do and believe me if you do end up damaging the work it will be incredibly helpful to the person who created it speaking from my own experience I spend a lot of time on my graphite pencil drawing thats a medium that I love the most so when you swipe your finger across one of my graphite artwork youre potentially ruining something that I spent hours on and if you dont know how that feels then just imagine spending hours on something and then someone coming along and ruining it in literally a matter of a couple of seconds thats how it feels okay so the second one is connected to the first one if you have just eaten and you havent washed your hands dont touch the artwork seriously dont do it especially if youve eaten something that has created grease on your fingers I dont want your greasy fingertips on my artwork and worse still if youre eating crisps I dont want your sticky nasty crisp on my artwork and even worse if youre licking your fingers two quotations clean your fingers and then you

touch my artwork dont do that and that might sound really rude to hear but seriously I think its rude that there are people in the world who do this dont eat and then touch someones artwork before washing your hands and yes Im serious about this and Im not saying wash your hands every time before touching someones artwork no but if you eat you are literally putting dirt on your fingers Im talking about finger foods by the way Im not just talking about you know if youre eating with a knife or fork obviously Im talking about finger foods here Im literally starting to get annoyed just thinking about these things because theyve all happened to me at some point okay so moving on to the third one if someone lets you flip through their sketchbook or even slip through loose papers of artwork please dont flip through it aggressively it may not seem like a big deal but if you slip through it aggressively and then you end up bending the page that is a serious major pet peeve of an artist especially if youre dealing with a final piece okay if you do have to slip through pages the best way to do it is to find the edge of the page and then turn the page by touching the edge of the page as much as you can the reason why you dont want to just pick up a corner of the page and then turn it the way I guess we would normally turn a page of a book by putting your entire hand behind the page and then turning it over the reason why you dont want to do that is because if there is a piece of art on the back of that page especially if its something created with a module medium like graphite pencils youve potentially just ruin the artwork simply by turning the page so please please dont turn the pages aggressively we dont want any marks or indentations being left on the pages and also please dont put your entire palm over the pages turn its my touch in the corners as much as you possibly can and that will help save any artwork that you may potentially have ruined okay so the last one Im going to save what is the last one the last one may not seem like a very big deal but it happened to me week and I realized it actually is quite annoying if a person is showing you their artwork and you need to then do something in the middle and the artwork back to

the artist or put the art back in a location where its safe from damage what you shouldnt do is leave that the artwork exposed so if its a sketchbook by exposed I mean leaving it open for the artwork is exposed to the outside world dont leave it open in an open area this actually happened to me last week the guy who was looking through my sketchbook then needed to do something so he he okay first of all he he put my sketchbook down on the table and then flattened it flattens the pages with his hand based on my first pet peeve he shouldnt have done that in the first place but then he left the sketchbook open in a public area to go off and do what he did and that for me caused a lot of anxiety because I spend a lot of time on my sketchbook on my art on building up ups my works my skills and to have someone just put my work in a place where is exposed to anything people walking past could still drinks on it anything that actually calls me a lot of anxiety it might not seem like it would but for some reason it did that is a big no-no as well please make sure that if you need to do something in the middle hand the artwork back to the artists or put it in a safe location so just leave it exposed in the middle of nowhere around people that I dont know and therefore cannot trust okay so Im going to end this video by saying one thing if you really cant understand why an artist would get annoyed by even the risk of their artwork getting damaged let alone the artwork actually going damaged then think about it this way if you or someone you know spend more than an hour doing their makeup they got their contour right they put some really pretty eyeshadow work on their eyes and they go out into the world and someone comes along and goes wow thats amazing and quite their finger across the eyeshadow what would you think Im quite certain you wouldnt think wow thats normal or thats not annoying at all or yes I just spent more than an hour on my makeup someone smudged it but its okay Im fine its not embarrassing at all that people are now looking at this no youre going to think okay that was silly why would you do that its inconsiderate right someone should spend a long time doing something and if you put a little bit of

foresight into it you would know the consequences of swiping your finger across it so why would you do it same thing applies with the artwork if you just thought about it for a second which is what considerate people do you would know you would be able to foresee that if you swipe your finger across it or turn through the pages aggressively or touched it after eating or left it in the middle of nowhere that theres potential for damage to the artwork you would know that speaking from my own point of view whenever I put something down on paper theres something within my heart that makes me want to do it these days Ive very rarely run by logic I run by instinct which means that when Im joined something its my heart its something within me that is telling me to draw it so when you do something that can potentially damage my work what youre really saying is that you dont care enough about my feelings to actually take care of the things that matter to me thats what youre saying and if you dont care about a person like that dont dont ask to look at stuff that matters to them because you should know youre not going to take care of it and I know that sounds probably really dramatic and I would have thought so too if it wasnt for last week me showing some on my work and being reminded of all those things that I used to find annoying when I was doing my GCSE seriously I am a very private person when it comes to my artworks so much so that even my first cousin didnt know how I drew all the things that I have the potential to do because I kept my artwork so close to my heart okay thats how private I am when it comes to my artwork so when someone shows the complete lack of regard for my art and treats it in such a way where they dont care if it gets damaged what theyre really saying to me is that they dont care about the thing that matters to me thats it for this video if you are a person who has been on the receiving end of anyone doing anything annoying with your work please let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear it and if you are a person who has done any of these annoying things please make sure that you dont do it again so thank you guys for watching and I will see you next time

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