What Is Your Worst Experience Of Waking Up After A One Night Stand? (r/AskReddit)

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what is your worst experience of waking up after a one-night stand waking up and being asked to leave and then going outside to find my car was towed then having to go back inside and wait there was the continental storm and she was Snowden until 5 p.m. the next day went to an older ladys house one night next morning her kid comes in and hes at least 16 17 hes like OMG mom another one woke up to a bunch of snapchats off my penis from the girl I slept with she put a couple of them on her story I guess she did this when I was asleep edit we were pissed drunk the night before like the chick was still next to me when I was checking the snapchats I woke her up and had her delete them wasnt anything malicious sex was good though her asking sue what are we now this girls parents came home a couple days early and in the morning I was sleeping with her in her room with a couple alcohol bottles surrounded the bed with an ashtray filled with weed and a couple of roaches in there too well anyways parents came home and went upstairs was completely naked with no covers on and they just see my schlong just out in the open I thought her dad was going to beat my probably the most awkward thing to ever happen to me back when I lived with my dad I took home a friends sister from the bar pretty messed up dont remember much we were awoken by four guys with guns drawn yelling at us to get out of bed turns out I was being raided by the friendly local drug task force sitting on the couch with my dad in this chick whose name I could barely remember while they tore up the house was interesting we all ended up getting arrested and I havent talked to her since she tried to add me on FB a couple years ago I guess I made a good impression edit to anyone who was following this I requested more info from local Clerk of Court I didnt get much the arresting report is only available for me and doesnt specify what the chicks specifics and her info has been taken down sealed or expunged maybe but I did find that she had arrested F Posse Schedule IV substance and then her final outcome was

nope no info posse sh ty if anyone can in temperate that better than me be my guest but it looks like whatever the charges they were no info in the end so she got off family member after a wedding reception with an open bar cant remember much as she can not either but we both woke up in the nude with multiple used condoms all over the hotel room the girl had bit my lip till it bled I had bruises and cuts on my body and she had peed on her own floor she couldnt remember my name either weve been together for over a year and half and Ive never been happier ended up real drunk with my best girl friend and we get back to her place after ruining our lives at a local bar her brother who came along was also drunk and she convinced me to sleep in his bed with him turns into him not knowing how to remove the bra in not being able to perform with me ending up leading the show two minutes off riding he cries out sounding like a wild boar and comes all over everything I wake up the next day no idea where my clothes are full of dread skip ahead get home covered in horrendous high keys super frowned upon at 22 so I cant avoid admitting that I was a brother skip ahead eight months later Im even horrified admitting this anonymously TLDR dont cure best friends brother edit grammar not me but happened to a friend drunk girl comes barging into his dorm room clearly not sure where she is yelling for some guy who doesnt live there and proceeds to fall asleep in my bros bed he proceeds to pick up his gameboy and plays games all night until she wakes up the next morning very confused about what had happened she wanted me to stay for the night I didnt want to but I did I woke up in the middle of the night and tried to sneak out just to find out the door was locked she woke up and asked me where I was going water was the only thing that came to mind she walked with me to the kitchen walked with me back to the room and locked the door again oh Ive got this one I posted it a while back but heres the gist got insanely drunk at a hipster bar

and met this cute little pixie chick we went back to place double-back beast did it and passed out on her bed or what I thought was her bed when I awoke the next morning it became abundantly clear that she had absolutely no furniture in her room every surface this includes bed and makeshift desk was comprised solely of dirty clothes little mountains of them it didnt smell too bad considering but still wasnt pleasant I sneaked out while she was burrowing deeper into the bed pile I should also mention that I wear contacts and didnt have my glasses with me turns out I drunkenly removed my contacts and flung them God knows where so I then proceeded to very blindly still drunkenly stumble 2.5 miles back to my house ah College we both woke up after a night of really really rough sex while she was on her period the hotel room looked like that seems from Dexter woke up mostly make it still drunk with the guy I to sleep in bed with me okay normal but then looked around and there were five other guys in the hotel room not normal I calmly looked up and asked the guys did I Kenny of your low resounding no got dressed woke up the guy we all got Taco Bell I went home edit for what I remember this was at an anime convention in Texas like four years ago I met the guy while having a cig break from the con rave we drank went back to the rave moved the party to his hotel room his buddies arrived made fun of us for the noise and we all drank some more after that I assumed I passed TF out LeMay Oh found out I hid my face on the nightstand while sleeping and got her bloody nose my entire chest and face was covered in blood when I woke up needless to say it freaked both of us out lol this was the one and only one-night stand I had Im not that type really we went to her house did our thing and went to sleep woke up next morning to a really heavy set kid in the doorway I said hey and he starts laughing hysterically it was her special needs lil bro woke up next to my best friend we had been friends for four years happy I went late then one thing to another and all that she

made a little surprised Yelp sound when she woke up and fused herself to the other room we were at her apartment it was fantastic waking up with her high hopes for the next day that was pretty much the end of our hanging out now a few years later we barely talk anymore not worth it first one-nighter I had was in my early twenties when Id only banked people I was in relationships with Im very much the stereotypical gaming nerd casual sex is not in my personality at all so I woke up my apartment she was asleep next to me and I had no idea what to do if I woke up next to a GF I died the kondal hair will get up and boil the kettle so I got up to do that but phased out and stir naked in the doorway looking at my couch in the other room for I dont know how long came out of my reverie when she said what on earth are you doing I dont really remember what happened think she just got dressed had a drink and left wasnt a bad experience I guess and were still in touch but I was really put off by how out of character it was for me my freshman year of college I had a one-night stand with a girl from tinder once I met her she told me she was on probation for punching her ex-boyfriend in the face and breaking his nose my young self didnt care and just wanted to get laid the next morning after I left her place she texted me saying she was drunk which was completely untrue because neither me or her had anything to drink and there was consent she was furious with my response and threatened to call the police and charged me with slander I was confused so just thought she was crazy and rushed it off the next night I went to her party with my friends and she was there she was completely belligerent and came up to me asking me to I said no and she tried to punch me I backed away and walked out the door she followed him threw a bottle of Seagrams vodka which hit a cop car she was arrested that night and went to jail moral of the story think with your brain not you got drunk at a friends party one night woke up next to

I had a serious crush on for months only to realize that she didnt like me in that way so I had a killer hangover and my heart was broken yay parties her boyfriend walked in understandably pissed I got out of bed and walked across the hall to my room woke up on the other side of London pretty happy with myself until I realized all I had to wear was a tiger on ishi no shoes not he sure just boxes and a tiger Onishi going through London rush hour in a tiger on the sheet with the remains of tiger face paint was interesting I was in Vancouver on a port visit and spent most of the night drinking in the rest scouring the city for somebody who maybe had some shrooms for sale I asked this random girl on the street ended up in a conversation with her we go back to her place and smoke and she proceeds to make me instant mac and cheese but left out any trace of butter or milk being a gentleman I silently eat said mac and cheese the night progresses and we hook up in the morning massively hungover I realize what happened the night before and I sheepishly slip out of the house before she wakes up I then realize I dont have a penny on me and I dont know where I am spend the rest of the day trying to find my way back to my ship sailors life for me had a great night with a lovely older lady proper milf the next morning I went down to make a cup of tea for the two of us I couldnt help but think that Id been in that kitchen before I was having a deja vu moment as I turned round out of the kitchen with a few cups of tea in hand I see a girl she screams Muallim it hits me she was another one-night stand Id had a few weeks before I had accidentally done the mother/daughter luckily most of my clothes were in the living room downstairs needless to say I left just a short message from todays sponsor if you like me merch beautiful halo is the best place to buy click the link in the description to take advantage of the limited time discount in the free shipping choose from over 10,000 designs and use the discount code meme do it now you

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