What Is Vulkan & Why Should Gamers CARE?

vulkan runtime
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graphics API is power your games and the next big steps have been direct x12 and Vulcan and what weve talked a little bit about direct x12 a lot of people are wondering just what is Vulcan well to understand what Vulcan or even direct x12 are you need to know what an application programming interface an API is a set of protocols and tools for building software applications pretty much everything has to use an API of some kind if nobody used apis nothing would get done because everybody would be writing everything every single call to every single possible function would have to be rewritten for every single program or game for instance theres a Microsoft Windows API which allows you to call the various functions of Microsoft Windows similarly all Hardware typically has some type of an API or uses some kind of a generic API and thats what DirectX 12 in Vulcan both are now obviously DirectX 12 is the latest version of the DirectX API and also its pretty easy to tell that DirectX 12 is developed by Microsoft who also develops Windows Vulcan however is developed by a third-party Chronos group and theyve been working in conjunction with AMD with the intention of making something a little bit more open in fact Vulcan is the actual successor to OpenGL which was the primary competitor to DirectX and again was open the intention of Vulcan is basically to be a next-generation OpenGL however it has developed quite a bit further than that AMD like I said who is working with Kronos group has been working on an API specifically for AMD hardware called mantle Vulcan is actually derived from and built upon components from mantle Vulcan is just a little bit more specific than DirectX 12 Vulcan is more of a direct competitor to direct3d 12 which is the component of DirectX 12 thats specifically used by graphics cards for gaming or you know other 3d things there are other 3d things that arent gaming but

this is game ranks right now the purpose of Vulcan is obviously to compete with DirectX 12 like I said its a little more specific but thats the point now what its not more specific about is what platforms it can while directx12 has generated some impressive results its restricted to the Microsoft Windows platform Vulcan supports Microsoft Windows OS X Linux and even Android in fact Google has gone with Vulcan as its primary means of conveying graphics as of 2015 that is the Android low-level API what this means is that developing a game that is very cross-platform is suddenly significantly easier to do as the apis are the same or at least similar on every single one of these platforms Samsung for instance is using the Android integration in an attempt to make its TouchWiz UI less of a disaster on battery life so Vulcan does have applications elsewhere but back to gaming the Vulkan API particularly excites a lot of the people that are interested in steam OS which is a variant of Linux the intention of steam OS is to create an operating system that enables the steam machine movement to create something that could possibly work out a lot better than a gaming console if a game is designed exclusively for DirectX 12 well it takes time and money to port it over to other platforms if a game is developed for Vulcan it still takes time and money to port it to other platforms but it takes significantly less and anybody whos interested in gaming on any platform other than Microsoft Windows has to understand that thats a big deal and even those of us that stay on Microsoft Windows have to understand that not everybody likes Microsoft Windows I know I know youre probably thinking Falcon you jackass you sold us out no its not what Im doing Im a gamer Im loyal to gaming not to Microsoft Windows not to steam OS not to Mac not to PlayStation not to Xbox none

of this stuff matters to me I like playing games and Im enthusiastic about the idea of more people being able to play more games Vulcan unlike DirectX 12 is a platform that does more enabling of that rather than encouraging people to develop on a specific platform you might be able to guess that Valve actually is on the side of Vulcan with Microsoft attempting to do a lot of the things that steam does but natively in the Microsoft those interface you have to imagine that valve would much rather you know do anything other than directx12 a because valve has steamos and wants the steam machine movement to continue and be because they probably dont want windows to make steam outdated now obviously thats not going to happen Windows itself doesnt have the same kind of gamer community that steam has in fact community is a strong element of what steam is and thats why it will probably stick around without much issue even in a post windows / Xbox merger frankly steam matters and the point of DirectX 12 is to get people to develop games on Microsoft Windows the point of Vulcan is to be the best game development API now that doesnt mean DirectX 12 is really technically inferior than Vulcan there have been benchmarks that have said things in favor of both I will say oftentimes with Vulcan performing just a little bit better than DirectX 12 but in all honesty Im not biased towards either one of them as I said gaming is what I care about and while technically the idea of an open low-level API is what matters to somebody who cares about games that doesnt mean I dont see corporate interest in Vulcan there is an agenda behind Vulcan you have one of the major graphics card makers involved with it and you have valve involved with it these are companies that have their own interests and agendas and with them supporting Vulcan over DirectX 12 one has to wonder

its actually because its an open API or if its because its against Microsoft Vulcans getting pretty widespread supports for instance it was based on technology by AMD but NVIDIA has thrown their support behind Vulcan as well as Intel imagination technologies Qualcomm and others but in trying to be as objective as I can I have to say that just because its Vulcan doesnt mean its better it means its associated with a better principal than DirectX 12 and thats the principle of openness but that doesnt mean that there wont be people that attempt to use that tentatively I would say that I am a supporter of Vulcan over DirectX 12 but thats on principle whatever gets me playing more games that I enjoy is technically going to be the one that I automatically favor but were still pretty early in that race the next couple years are really whats going to tell us what the big deal is between these two API s and which one actually ends up coming out on top just to say it one more time I would much prefer the platform that allows people to develop on as many platforms as they can to be the one that reigns supreme but again Im Pro gaming not pro branding what do you think which one makes you more excited about the future of video games and I know there is one of them you have been thinking about it because nobody will shut up about it in the PC gaming community so lets meet in the comments and have a long conversation about that hopefully a civil one if you enjoyed this video please click the like button and if youre not subscribed now is a great time to do so we upload brand new videos every single day of the week and the best way to see them first is a subscription as always thank you so much for watching this video and we will see you next time right here on game ranks

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