What is the Msocache Folder and How Do I Remove It

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local install source copies office installation source files from the Microsoft Office 2003 installation media into a hidden folder on the hard drive called them say cache folder this tutorial describes how to remove this folder local install source creates a hidden folder when

office 2003 is installed to prevent the user from having to insert the CD during installation and maintenance the folder usually takes up 200 megabytes of space you will have to decide if this convenience is worth the hard drive space or not you

can prevent it from being placed on your drive from the beginning by selecting the delete installation files checkbox during the installation removing it once it is created is not difficult do not use Explorer to delete this folder simply running the disk cleanup

wizard will take care of it 1 click start to select all programs 3 select accessories for select system tools 5 click disk cleanup 6 this cleanup will do its calculations 7 from the drives list in the select drive dialog box select the

that contains them so cache folder 8 wait for more calculations to complete 9 select the office setup files checkbox in the files to delete list 10 click OK when you are asked are you sure you want to delete these files select yes you

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