What is Cool Jazz, Anyway?

the bebop musician who spearheaded developments in cool jazz and then jazz rock is
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and in the 1940s many adventurous musicians wanted to express themselves in ways that were more subtle than the way they could express themselves in a style called bebop the style they created was called cool jazz because it was a direct reaction to the hot excitable aggressive bebop style now they express themselves using a different kind of sensitivity now Jimmy the kind of sensitivity that this kind of music call for required some special attention to the brass instruments well one of the things that was

very important about it was the fact that instrumentalists played very very smooth in this style and to play smooth means it you play in a style called legato and it takes a lot of air takes a lot of breath control to do that and you dont have a lot of space to take breath so thats one of the main things about this style so you have to hold notes a long time and really just sprang them together how do you do that show me

now thats called Bop olicity on the so tune that was very popular and one of the best Tunes to demonstrate the kind of music were trying to play now the harmonies though the harmonies that were being used were similar to the harmonies played in earlier styles of jazz like bebop they were played with more rhythmic subtlety like this check these harmonies outside of a few mistakes there it sounded as though the harmonies were kind of clustered like that and they were because many of

the things that were played the clusters were and you can hear better if I did it that way perhaps and anyway because the music was played so quietly the drama frequently used brushes like this now heres a tune on which hes going to play brushes and this is a tune that was featured on an album called the birth of the cool in the group that recorded it first was Miles Davis Jerry Mulligan and many other jazz musicians known these days primarily as bebop players

they wanted to play their own compositions in a more relaxed style so although they had their own groups they frequently came together they got together on many occasions and they played a more restrained style of jazz they developed the cool style of playing and applied the same principle to their own groups now were going to play the tune that Jimmy was playing the melody to a moment ago bop olicity and lets see how that sounds with this quartet thank you it was called Bop listening

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