ike pushes joan, who falls and breaks her arm. ike is liable for the injury
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we go good morning guys so yesterday I took last night I took Gwen to the hospital to the ER for her wrist and they did a couple x-rays and its not broken but its a really bad sprain so it hurts essentially whenever she moves it but with no broken bones so theyre going to keep it immobilized for why would that splint she got and then were going to be busy visiting the doctor and was do a checkup and Ill test that so thats really really good news youre good I didnt want to say anything yes youre a to her but if she had a cast she wouldnt be able to swim for a few months she would be out of gymnastics so were probably still going to take a week or two off gymnastics yeah to rest that maybe we could do other stretches and other things but maybe they can adapt the gymnastics so she doesnt use our arms which I dont know if thats really a thing Gabrielle gets her braces off in two days okay yeah Mothers Day is tomorrow so you know once again these are a little bit out of order its not even necessarily out of order but delayed a little bit but its almost impossible for us with our schedule to do it every day so I apologize for that but hope you guys still enjoy it whats going on with you Gretchen Gretchen is doing well no problems with Gretchen she is excited for her sisters to be home all day in the summer and shes also super excited to start pre-k I think its in August right you know I guess yeah because shes four now called you four nailed it oh so right now right now we are going over to target because I have to finish grabbing a couple things for my hospital overnight man-purse so I gotta fight the bigs already but I guess I will show you guys everything Im packing and aside from obviously like we bring in a camera a couple batteries and stuff so I mean you I want to bring that too right I mean camera battery thats not too unusual for having a baby but Ill show you guys everything I pack in that bag and thatll be how to be kind of fun oh great Oh everyone always asks its pretty funny everybody always asks if someones not in the video like where is so-and-so well right now mom is with Graceland and Girl Scouts doing a mother-daughter breakfast for Mothers Day theyre making them breakfast so thats kind of cool I want to get out of here before they get back so that we can get our things done and hopefully be back not too long after they get back okay so much fat but uh thats it for now were going to head over to Target so you guys see what we do over there and then the adventure continues yeah I got a buckle guenon because shes got that bum right arm and see if I can do it with a camera wow this is really riveting footage and were buckled in now we must get Gretchen buckled in whos little chilly out isnt it lets see those dance moves someone was doing a little jig shes happy to see a little little kid push me cart you have me to push uh all right careful they are all lofty hey youre my new southpaw no other hands yeah you know current issues are falling out look at this yeah cool man thank you cooler lock the plus here see that girl can see this I love jumping here yes Oh pretty cool huh the guys trying to make me a hot smores so to talk about how theyre going to do it right now they said its a vanilla base with the chocolate and the marshmallow in it though well see Im sure its going to be guessing I need to get more sunglasses because I have that one white pair that I like but theyre always like in Moses purse or the other car or the house so and make a couple choices here yours are too big you need a new one right alright well look lets look see we can find all right finally some some good hats best dad ever number one dad best dad ever oh look at that king of the grill alright pick me out presents best you have two choices you could choose best dad ever or number one dad best dad ever go ahead because youre in a good job on your drinks there at America hat getting near fourth of July here were getting ready to go wait a minute is this a American oh my gosh its a fanny pack that plays music what oh my gosh look at this that looks like a Power Rangers hat here but then the carrot moms going to love that did it do like that its too funny that they have a fanny pack that plays music I have a fanny pack but wasnt one me wear it because she says its not cool but I said Im not cool so that didnt work I still can wear it there actually are some pretty cool shirts here rad dad with the superheroes youre looking at superdad number one bad thoughts I think you Mouse I dont have to you Mickey Mouse oh look what Bobbys right I favorite people call the dad Ill have to good one thats true we did get a big watermelon do you remember that we havent been out to the pool with it yet though shows are more fun oh yeah no I think we wont mom doesnt like to share things just kitty mom would love that do I get that for Mothers Day go ahead get it double cherry and going big on America I like it though actually I kind of like like a rock and roll heres like the number one readers number two and three readers like a Buffy oh my gosh all right well look at some books here all right all right what do you got hi guy Moana CD includes characters voices and sound effects get out of the village oh theres another book I think you like a hundred Moana things dont you okay I just kind of want to read this about it I know Mason would love this book all right well get it Ill get that for you okay thank you whats it called its called baby story there was a river made on and I really I didnt get to the movie but I really honor in the book okay cool what you doing frog master so you like that maybe get that for your baby sister Wow hey Gabriel heres the these are the books these are the body books that the girls look at on anyway thats enough said there but books for the girls theyve been looking at right yeah I know goddamn oh great do you wear underpants on your head looking at TVs wow that is a cool red blanket uh cupcakes beautiful cupcakes what is that its a peg and harder than Scott thats cool time to guess what what I know is that you are almost at school time youll need a backpack wont you yeah those are really popular with a Peppa Pig and Ola oh you want to get one of those yeah yeah again were doing a video right now so frozen a Peppa Pig or Star Wars all right public egg well I was like frozen yes service all right done they have so much clearance for electronics that Ive kind of forgot that I need to get a couple things for my for my dad purse for going to the hospital nice Im going to need a little power snacks so I hope to keep leaving the room oh and heres a good look too dark espresso who is a good deal on moms favorite water luck Roly or whatever it is who you know what those are super fun those little mini coloured marshmallows yeah get one of those packs know how long I got oh thank you Gretchen just remember that my mom and other people are can be watching the girls for a while too so I have to get a bunch of food that is easy to prepare and that they wont complain about so bunch of soups vegetables macaroni how about rice we need rice all right heres some rise just kidding our family would eat that in one meal cut the pickle tickle tickle all right lets get a bunch of hip-hip-hooray all right were almost done how are we looking at real good looking good thats easy-peasy what we dont need to plunge it Oh cuz Im always having to unclog the toilet for you know soft toilet paper Oh can I give you the rough stuff get out of my village all right keep it going getting everything in youre gonna carry something nice – what cuz its too heavy to put the rice on a stool how about you carry in this thats easy to catch good alright get your books Ill get my life blood trying to crank out some food here real quick its like cooking for a little army oh no dr. Bernie oh its not too bad that was a little more dramatic than I like to be but it is a little Bernie yeah that was hot that was not dramatic sorry if they hurt your ears and will stun with the eggs here going to make some little egg sandwiches for him Graceland is a Mothers Day thing this morning with Melissa and cooked her breakfast or lunch would you cook here lunch Oh whatever in lunch now did you eat lunch alright a little bit okay since you got her flowers so filled up a crap but use a base and then you have to put them at an angle so that they get kind of good water veins and I just went into our eggs that whats been pretty crow there and they go away and then you look for like two more days right right eggs are done they all got little egg sandwiches and this just got delivered because our little pancake and egg cooker you see it like it show yep this is the one we had before and I dropped it and it broke in like four places so it broke here and it broke in the back foot so had to replace it alright we knock that out and we got to straighten up around the house and maybe well head over to the other house and go in the pool or something oh theyre eating the eggs no more bread go straight eggs alright girl let me turn the tv down all the way Im watching the baseball and you got the target today right which one did you get the Peppa Pig Peppa Pig and you got frozen sushi is it oh shes I think so good oh yeah okay all right cool you can open yours first there gretchen 3s can kind of all open them thats fine oh you if yours is Casey Jones I totally want it oh youre Jewish when you got oh its come separate I thought it was inside the candy so which what did you get Gracie Mikey oh come on Mikey ha and you got which one you know do you know which one you got whos in there but who is that Papa who can happy who can you have that me you gave your little chocolate handle q5 v life I got papa oh yeah whoo this is chocolate nothing inside it yeah so you win mmm see if I get Papa pig you focus hes so little maybe not well there he is hello our Papa bird yeah all right thats enough effort of the set I want I just was one of those friends you wanted one of the friends but you got Papa thats okay you love Papa Papa just me right telly I love you too lets see oh pretty thats good good honor alright good on you good job guys we got so hard to pull ha I think you can keep it as little storage thing Oh Gundam out at second who gotcha thats what were doing next but I guess youll see right now hey Ill see here what are you working on there ma are you really which one that one I made talking about the evening but you liked so are you nice you get your nails done I did so you can see theyre pink I got pink for the baby cuz I probably wont be going back and plop them babies born and I got my toes too you see my toes Wow Pinkalicious yep good job honey Im good to go now Tommy how many times Ive got my mani-pedi my gosh kid you got a new charger for your laptop yeah good in it came next day huh nice because it broke magically and you didnt do it but someone mustve I in any number of ways rough play because I it might have fallen off of that good anybody okay do a little barbecue and right now I got some friends over and were about to eat hey hey buddy youre on video what time oh my goodness this beautiful flower honey it signifies our marriage I call that in July okay I am makin makin a mac hey Vanessa oh hi how are you you playing with Brody yeah you need water oh yeah all right got the burgers got some mac and cheese how you doing Gwen hows your arm Oh mouth full of food I know its doing better thats good all right time to grow up Ive got my sad little plate over here and theyre all outside eating but my allergies are killing me ah cant wait for this allergy season to be over youre joining me no Im not sure you is theres no – you – no more chairs out there youre not joining me but youre joining me you didnt want to join me just couldnt sit out there ha ha little punk go repin enough thats it for tonight guys thank you so much for watching appreciate it guys thank you

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