What happened to Dailymotion?!

is dailymotion safe
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a few weeks ago I had made big changes to my video sharing status one of those changes was that I would partially boycott YouTube to start uploading my videos to dailymotion but now dailymotion is starting to stress me out even more so than YouTube before I get into that let me tell you my experience there right from the first video upload I could already tell that dailymotion is a lot more restrictive you can only put up to 120 characters in your title you can only come up with and up to 3000 character description and you could only store up to 10 tags for each video what if you want more what if you want more of a chance for your video to be seen even

YouTube doesnt limit me while doing that but thats not the big problem here the part where the shit really hit the fan was this now the worst part about it is that I didnt even know that these videos were taken down like this until I saw for myself even YouTube reminds me if a video gets blocked or taken down via email and they even gave me a reason here it says that theyve been rejected because of a breach in the Terms of Service what breach why exactly are they being taken down just breaching the Terms of Service wont cut it I thought dailymotion was supposed to be this site thats praised as an alternative to YouTube because they never remove videos what happened here why

did they suddenly become the opposite of that Ill show some proof I was about to upload episode 9 of my downfall parody series Hitler goes to Walt Disney World and I planned on uploading and publishing the YouTube version the same time as the dailymotion version and soon after uploading I only saw a third party note on the video settings button of the YouTube version even though the video still up but the dailymotion version has just gone out right I guess this is the same kind of shit that happened to fegelein The Lost Tapes when he uploaded Hitler vs Super Mario to dailymotion at this point I can say outright that dailymotion is even worse than YouTube and that is one hell of an unexpected low

to Ian why didnt the entire internet warn me otherwise Id even heard of some dailymotion uses with a lot of videos before but their accounts have all been terminated theyve unexpectedly gone from this trustworthy video hosting site to this embarrassment thats even more cringe-worthy than YouTube well at this point I cant go back to not using YouTube Im dependent on the damn thing but there is one more strategy Im planning on having I still have my Vimeo account with ten videos uploaded there throughout my history and none of them have been taken down yet then again Ive heard that vimeos method of video crackdown is to take the video down before it is finished uploading anyway Im planning on using my Vimeo account partially the

unter gainers do I will still upload my videos to YouTube and all of them at this point and if any of them ever get into real trouble I will upload that same video to Vimeo I would still upload some of my professional content exclusively to video but this is the road map Im heading towards at this point as for my dailymotion account I have no hope for them at this point I will be deleting my account and as a result I will be heavily altering my YouTube trailer to account for this heavy blow if Vimeo goes the same direction as dailymotion however then theres nothing left for me to look at in terms of alternatives to YouTube so expect a new trailer to my channel soon

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