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what does America do best turn corn into things that are not corn corn is natures Lego amazing national parks system Im a Canadian who has visited nearly all of the states in the West half of your country its a colossal understatement to say they are your national treasure spicy chicken wings I have lived in five other countries on three continents and I am yet to find chicken wings that come even close to what you can get in USA Canadian here just got home from Vegas you guys are the best of charming the crap out of girls hustling for cash and customer service I had an amazing time cause with 650 horsepower under $60,000 mm-mm gt500 I was at a local brewery grill a few months ago when the table next to me said to the waitress our friend here is from Germany and hes never had hush puppies or sweet tea we are in the south I crapped you not our section of the restaurant went dead quiet the waitress says in that case one order of hush puppies and tea on the house its at pride and willingness if not insistence to share parts of our culture that we love maybe not the best thing but I like it Im a Texan who never had chicken-fried steak I was analyst killed when the waitress found out edit I am so sorry Texas a few years ago I had to miss a statics midterm to attend my u.s. nationalization ceremony my professor was amazingly gung-ho about my reason for absence exclamation points in an email I got an A in the class file ways well remember when I was in Israel and attended a talk about regional conflicts that was paneled by both Arabs and Jews after both groups explained the problems they have with the opposite group someone finally asked them what they both liked the answer was American movies and music which everyone agreed that was the one thing they both liked American pop culture FTW jazz and blues we also protect Canada very well let someone flick with Canada we freaking dare you we will freakin flick anyone with so much fricking Liberty they will hear the star-spangled banner figures Canada is like that weird awkward friend that never really talks but everybody will stand up for them because theyre so nice default smiling buy a coffee get a smile make random eye contact get a smile in most parts of the world smiles are not as readily given out or are causes for suspicion the Thai are good at it too though Muay Thai fighters are fun to watch for that reason theyll pummel an opponent viciously then smile and hug American here I smiled while I read this land on space objects without crashing muscle cars theyre like the only ones that make muscle cars cartoon adult ish comedies Futurama South Park Family Guy American Dad apparently king of the hill Ive never watched it and of course The Simpsons The Simpsons taking all things into account could very well claim to be the best TV show of all time using freedom for scale and measuring everything in freedoms Im pretty sure America makes the highest quality P in the world weve got the market cornered for every

genre except tentacle P guitars virtually every single significant guitar ever made is American regardless of a bands nationality the bands that dont use an American Fender Gibson Martin Epiphone Rickenbacker PRS etc are few and far in between with the exception of several British amplification companies America has virtually every aspect of the guitar market covered how has no one said barbecue yet most people in other countries dont even understand what youre talking about if you say BB cue the food honestly your food is amazing I have never eaten so many different dishes that honestly nowhere in the world can match your craft B beats a lot of beers here in Germany as theyre all different also Im a sucker for sweet tea the people everyone is so friendly its hard to get an entire sentence out of a European but in America people will just talk to you completely out of the blue its so refreshing compared to how lonely a big European city can feel tolerance America was formed from people from everywhere else on earth and is getting rid of oppression faster than anywhere else perhaps because of your shared histories even after World War two Europe was not a good place for Jews Gypsies or anyone that isnt a white heterosexual Christian to live that is only just starting to change but many Europeans are still prejudiced particularly against Muslims and LGBT people the culture only in America are people free to truly speak their mind in Europe you can only do this so long as you dont offend a protected minority I think this is why America is so much more tolerant than Europe Europeans are forced to keep their feelings private and resentment grows as nobody will challenge their opinions only suppress them the places Ive only been to a handful of states but each one is like a different country the cities are something to behold and feel truly different something you dont get in Europe so much not to mention the stunning landscape the military you guys have the most advanced military on the planet and are willing to use it to protect other people as well as your own be it against the NSDAP or modern terrorists while many Europeans like to complain the world is better for having America say hello we do it more often more creatively and with more enthusiasm than anywhere else in the world good ol a fashion baseball winning 107 out of 109 World Series its like the rest of the world isnt even trying music movies microcode software high-speed Pizza Delivery probably complaining how terrible America is even though its awesome I hate how amazing this stupid piece of crap country is I had a German profit College that loved the depth and width of our profanity not sure if thats an English language thing or an American thing file eat education and training top students from across the world flock to Americas universities for education in engineering finance math medicine law and everything else the smartest and often richest high school students in other countries frequently will move to a different country to go to Harvard Princeton and even highly regarded public universities like University of Wisconsin or Michigan but its extremely rare for top students in the

u.s. to leave the country for education elsewhere I may be mistaken but I believe the only colleges in the worlds top 10 that up in the US are Oxford and Cambridge Island reporting in its easy to be cynical about it but really the u.s. really should be praised for the free speech its people enjoy many Western countries have free speech light you can mostly say what you want but things get complicated if your speech is deemed offensive by a protected group and you may be risking going to court if you say something bad about an organization with money I understand that nowhere has perfect free speech but the u.s. comes closer than most with its constitutional guarantees and its something thats really worth celebrating with some examples I going clear a recent exposure of Scientology couldnt be published in the UK for fear of lawsuits to the us-based reddit regularly holds free debate about massively controversial topics which could run afoul of various countries hate speech laws for instance lets say you of the opinion that the whole cost is a Zionist lie youre perfectly free young arrogant to start up a conversation about this and have your arguments be utterly destroyed and doing so is this healthy I think so the best counter to a bad argument is a good argument its not suppression or censorship three the US has a pretty good record in allowing the uncensored publication of art literature and even videogames that are subject to censorship in other parts of the Western world by salute Americans for their P movies Miley Cyrus and the lesbian scenes in every good HBO series I know that free speech battles are being continually fought in the US and that sometimes it seems like a never-ending battle I also accept that there are all sorts of problems like free speech on campuses free speech zones and so on even so recognize that you are still ahead of most of the world when it comes to the right to say what you want it might be lame to love my country but I do because there is not one thing we all do best we are a highly diverse group of mixed talents sure we have our problems but who doesnt I think America is the best at bringing the world together in that sense through our diversity most other Americans will probably think I am insane for saying so but I think we are much more progressive on race and class than most other countries it doesnt seem like it because we are always arguing about these things and they seem terrible but my experience with other cultures is that they often go to the extreme of harboring their resentments toward others and never want to openly address or fight about the problem I think our perception of Europeans for instance is that they are all open-minded and progressive souls with no animosity in their souls it all you have to do is look at the ongoing treatment of gypsies Jews and Muslims to recognize that there is still a good deal of institutionalized inequality in the rest of the world which America has finally after a long and bloody history begun to move past if youre Jewish there is no better

place to live than here maybe Israel but most of the Jews I know prefer the United States first off Im a born American citizen of Mexican heritage from my upbringing and experiences I can tell things about America and Americans food my god do we take our food for granted I go to Mexico often during spring break and summer although Mexican food in Mexico is great the other cuisines they try to make is far below Americas standards America has 50 states all with their own take on food though Id say California Texas and the South have the best cuisines in the States every time I come home from a different country I always go straight to good old in-and-out military yes we do over fund our military and we should defund quite a bit too the amount it actually needs however our military is Americas sword and shield our military is far advanced of any other military in the world and is constantly innovating in technology much of the technology we love has come through the US military in fact it is the US military that is still allowing NASA to do its technological research although Obama was joking when he said that theyre building Iron Man we are actually not that far off from some sort of exosuit or futuristic type of armor our military is so vast that were the first to respond if another country needs our help it is because our military is so big that we have this duty to police and care for we also usually see on the news our military in combat when a lot of what our military does is provide humanitarian aid culture contrary to popular belief by foreigners America does have culture you see it everywhere and anywhere in the world much of what the world loves today is most likely American Americans Americans are unbelievably friendly we are considered cool in many parts of the world a lot of us are great cooks probably our biggest trays are our hope perseverance and positiveness Europeans might call that being unrealistic in life so we love that it is because of our Navy that North America is the most tolerant continent in the world and easily the most genuine Americans and North Americans are very progressive when it comes to dealing with race gender issues sexuality and religious ideals there are bigots here but there are even more reasonable and educated folk than bigots I recognized that our country still has a lot it can improve on mainly secondary education health care immigration and foreign policy its only a matter of time for LGBTQ rights and the legalization of marijuana okay maybe immigration too but we will do that and fix that why because we are Americans its in our nature to fix the present and create a better tomorrow Americas best at Americans Frick yet the little wave people do to each other from inside their cars like hey Pat reared go ahead wave thanks fellow freedom fighter I love it Dutch citizen here moving to the US to be with future wife soon to me what America does best is a few things diversity I live in Europe and I can literally go see Paris then go to London and then chill

coasts of Spain in the span of a weekend if I wanted to waste a lot of money and felt like it however each place I know what to expect and what kind of people to expect in the u.s. man I feel like I go into a different country from town to town sometimes even from neighborhood to neighborhood I love all the different people and all the different foods that I can explore which brings me to food France is a country of good food no not really France is the country of an expensive grilled cheese given a name you probably cant pronounce with a slice of tomato on it all the different food everywhere and Im not just talking fast food Im talking about everything I have yet to find something online which I wanted to try and couldnt google and find I could get it within a reasonable driving distance as I said I live in Holland Holland is boring as heck so what the US does best to me is also the amount of life I can find there the people the cultures the things to explore and some cities and towns and areas go through a complete metamorphosis at night the states the United States of America is one country good to me as an outsider its like 50 different countries Ive only been in a handful of different states but its amazing the scenery change the people the culture yet I dont feel like I dont belong as if I went from Holland to Paris for example I love the feeling of going through a windy and rain filled forest lush state to a summer paradise with big buildings and long beaches and then end up in a beautiful snow-white area where theres a foot of snow and snowman everywhere I get laid when Im there which I guess I could also give the country credit for thanks for the frickin future wife just remember every time you got down with a future wife you gained a small amount of freedom its like an STD but one you want Malaysian born Filipino raised and British educated here Ive seen my fair share of travel my answer to you sir is beef nowhere else does a good steak as commonplace and as cheaply as America does building airplanes were the first at everything aerospace related even our boondoggles revolutionize aircraft in the past 20 years first stealth fighter thats not something barely staying in the air we passed up an even better one for cost political reasons VTOL aircraft using a new highly accurate design 360 degree missile lock tech which is part of a revolutionary avionics leap involving augmented reality interfaces new composite materials in a jumbo jet tiltrotor aircraft more stealth tech hypersonic aircraft such as the ex 43 new spacecraft tech such the ex 37 yet we are quietly beginning to kick butt in manned space flight again NASA kicks butt at everything it does and more chunk is back tell him hi chunk in the comments and he will bring you good luck once again if you are new to the channel you can subscribe I publish new videos every day until then check another video or dont either way have a great day you magnificent people

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