What am I Responsible for on a Leased Vehicle?

who is responsible for registration on a leased vehicle
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The back of your lease agreement outlines additional obligations and responsibilities you have as the lessee. With a lease, you are responsible for insuring, maintaining, servicing and repairing the vehicle, at your cost, according to the manufacturers recommendations. You must also maintain and keep in the vehicle a record of all maintenance performed. In addition,

the standards for wear and use state that when returned upon lease termination, the vehicle must be clean and in the same condition as it was when delivered to you, except for reasonable wear. As the lessee, you are also responsible for excess wear and use. Excess wear and use includes mileage in excess of

the miles allowed, mechanical or electrical parts that do not work properly, body damage, such as dents, scratches, chips, paint damage or damage to the wheels. Damage to the glass, such as windshield cracks, scratches, pits or chips. Tires not comparable in type and quality to original tires, tires that dont match, or that have

less than 1/8 inch tread remaining at their shallowest point. Youre also responsible for any missing parts, such as wheel covers, keys, remote entry devices, owners manual, etc. In addition, youre responsible for any unauthorized modification to the vehicle, or any other wear beyond normal that renders the vehicle unsafe or incapable of passing inspection.

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