Warframe – Switch Migration?

warframe account migration
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found it okay so from July 21st until August 1st 2014 in my yard you could marry grace your PC account to PlayStation 4 this was a one-time limited thing you could not take any of the exclusive things with you by the way this is the exclusive to PC list and well pretty much this is what it looks like now apart from obviously the lateral priming Excaliber prime but I cant be bothered clicking on those thats the exclusive list for PC lets not get into the fact that both consoles have the prestige packs one being blue and of course one being green yeah they have a lot more exclusive stuff than PC ders and still like to complain the dont have excalibur Prime well Umbras now with thing so hopefully that will start to die down soon really want that to die down soon because always

we have been at an Excalibur prime off topic with the announcement that warframe is coming to the switch and I will add the weir that did that I actually thought it was something to do with a thorn but the fact it was the switch she was like yes I bought my switch like a lot of people for Zelda kept it for Mario played the Zelda DLC not gonna go into spoilers on that one no he did there actually and its sat in a bag since I reconnected it to clear I put it back in a bag and its now just kind of laying around being a nuisance the fact that Wolfram was coming has left and this is why finding this page was such a pain there are a lot of people and I mean its what the tenth and if Im brutally honest it

is currently the eighth but this will be uploaded on Tuesday which is the 10th tenll con was yesterday something like 12 hours ago if well want to be brutally honest about all of this yeah the forums is already ablaze with will let you be able to do what you could do with placed for in the Xbox one when they came out because when it launched on the clear station phone when it launched on the Xbox one you could the count may agree it there is huge terms to this law you could migrate it it would take your inventory in thats pretty much it your progress on the solar map as well Platinum does not transfer all that Kearns does not transfer over but if they do in fact run this will it be like it was for the PlayStation 4 and of course the Xbox

one will it be from PC to that particular console will it exclude more items I mean its obviously more visible here as to what was excluded four year ago remembering how far this game has come in four years because this no matter how you put it is July 2014 its July 2018 its almost an entire four years since this was a thing it has never returned it is not something you can do I would still love to do it on PlayStation but you cant so will they actually run this again I am one of those in the camp of yeah lets please allow us to do this I really dont want to have to run through the game for a third time the big thing though when it comes to this is this one line here this is the main reason I was doing this

the first place I just got massively up top off topic a few times doing this your PC account remains untouched unaffected unchanged it basically will copy if we think you have and transfer it over to the switch and again con stress this one and off no platinum no clan its basically just the inventory and this is still a big if they even do this its all down to whether the facilities or the capacity is even there the capability to do this may not even be a thing it was four year ago but again Wolfram has come a long long long way since that happened I mean yeah telecon kind of proved that one oh I want that so badly right now I wish there was a release do it anyway well leave this off yeah for now thanks for watching and our catches next time you

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