Update Hotmail to Outlook | Upgrade your Hotmail.com Login Account

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hey guys welcome to another video on the web tech tutorial and this video Im going to teach you guys how you can change your old hotmail account to be updated to Outlook comm right so first off lets say I want to update this particular hotmail account I just had to sign in so after sign in yeah on the top right hand corner you can see initials and just go ahead and click on it and click on view account and then click on more

actions and click on edit profile so it will take you to your profile page now the next thing you want to do is mmm just click on manage how to sign in to Microsoft and you might need to verify your identity by using your phone just go ahead and do it once youve verified your account youll enter this page where you can see your old hotmail account so what were gonna do is add a new email ending with output calm so in this box

just type in a new email and you can use it as an alias or then just click on add alias so as you can see right here you have both your hotmail comm and Auckland com now once you have your upload calm you can just go ahead and remove your old alias which is hotmail.com so just click on remove okay before you just remove that you have to choose you have to assign a new alias which would be this second account and just click

on make primary alright once its done you can just go ahead and remove your old account and then just click on remove so there you have it just make sure its changed to open comm so thats basically how you can update youre a hot meal to your Outlook I hope this was useful and if you have any further questions you can log in to web site tutorial comm and ask your questions on the ask question section on the site so until next time bye bye

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