UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘x’ referenced before assignment – Python Debugging

local variable referenced before assignment
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hello and welcome to the second Python debugging tutorial series in the last video we were talking about name error and in this tutorial were going to be talking about unbound local error and theyre kind of similar in what causes this error and both of them basically have a variable reference before the assignment so lets go ahead and run through this and explain whats going on so the first thing is we need a variable so well define x equals five and now what were going to do is to find a function so were gonna say define test and normally we would in case this and try and accept however in the interest of showing you guys a

nasty ugly read output that comes from an error Im not gonna do it but normally I would say you should put your from prior year yeah your function and trying to accept but anyway moving right along maybe all we want to do is print X and so when we do that X is corresponding up here which actually makes X a global variable so when we run this it should actually print out five for us so well run test and there it is five but it only worked because we didnt that attempt to modify X so now what if we did X plus equals one well Im gonna spoil it for you guys and tell you this

isnt gonna work so you run it and sure enough you get an error because X is being referenced before its assignment which is kind of funky because its like it knew what X was here but now it doesnt what though but anyway whats actually happening is youre trying to manipulate X but it has no idea what X really is so how do we get around this because maybe you really want X to be a global variable because maybe its gonna correspond to some other functions that might edit X as well so what you can do is you just say global X and so thats kind of like defining a variable only youre just basically saying one

of the variables is going to be the global variable X so now lets run that and bring this over and run tears and sure enough we didnt get in here now lets print X and see if it did indeed work so save that run it again there we go so sure enough five six and then does it continue outside of the function well yes it does and so I was trying to think of how we can do this okay what well do is because otherwise it you wouldnt see that it worked so well call test first and then itll print X so then you should see if you know five six six save that run it

sure enough we did see five six six so thats an example of an unbound local error and how global variables work and what you can do to get around it I this was probably one of the most annoying errors I had to deal with when I was learning to program because it just made no sense to me because I was able to call it but then as soon as I try to modify it it was like its referenced for a sign man what the heck are you talking about and it was just it was definitely killer but anyway thats that hopefully you guys enjoyed hopefully I helped some of you guys out as always thanks for watching

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