Ulcerative Colitis | Kim’s Story

which is an appropriate nursing goal for the client who has ulcerative colitis? the client:
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I couldnt do anything I couldnt go to them all my friends I couldnt you know go to their houses because Im so afraid that I would have to stop every ten minutes to use the restroom it was terrible because I really I just had to sit back and sort of watch them live their lives Kim was very lethargic she was constantly complaining of stomach pain stomach cramps at this point shes not able to go to school shes not able to really function I really didnt have a choice it was like my body took control over my entire life because I was going to the bathroom reading on you know twenty to twenty five times a day and I just I couldnt stop I went to the first Hospital in Baltimore and

they really I felt like they were just throwing medicine at me and they would give me medicine just to make me feel a little bit better but they werent really treating the problem to me the main problem is that I was losing myself and you know I was a, 16 year old girl that was spending most of her time in her bed they werent treating the problem that I just I didnt have a life anymore it took about a year for Kim to finally come to me I basically I broke down and said I cant do this anymore there I knew that there had to be something better than what I was doing and then thats when I thought of Johns Hopkins Childrens Center so I actually did a little bit

of research myself got online and was looking for a physician that specialized in inflammatory bowel disease and the first name that popped up was dr. Oliva hamburger when I finally looked at all of Kims records and heard her story I realized that she had a fairly severe ulcerative colitis I knew that we needed to attack you know Kims all sort of colitis by using strong medicines in different combinations but theres also a point in time when youre also thinking ahead and realizing that if those combinations dont work then the best option for the individual to have you know a good life moving forward maybe collecting so I remember when I finally got my final surgery it was the most incredible feeling because I woke up and I felt like a completely

different person I didnt have to go the bathroom and not in patan just going past that I didnt feel sick anymore I felt fantastic it was incredible the person can live without their colon and certainly have a very fulfilling successful healthy life I was really lucky I never thought I would go to college and you know suddenly I started you know feeling better and then right behind that I got the encouragement from my doctors to do it you know dr. Oliva she said go for it so I took him to school in August I dropped her off and that was such a fantastic feeling I didnt I if you had told me a year ago that my daughter would be able to go to go to college and live on campus

in a dorm setting I would have never believed it but Im watching it happen Im watching her life take that 180 and Kim describes it as it was mom these two years or these years that I was sick it was as if it were just the blip in the road and now my life just totally gone back to normal and I know that thats a direct result of the care that she received at Johns Hopkins Childrens Center Im very grateful for the people at Johns Hopkins Childrens Center because they made my sister back to the person she was before there it is they gave me the confidence to say that I can do it and I can have fun again and I just I really appreciate it that fantastic I love it

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