Types of characters

a character foil is a character who acts as a by highlighting one of another character’s qualities.
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today were talking about types of characters first we have the protagonist this is who the story is about its usually the good guy or the person youre most interested in then we have the antagonist this is the person who is anti or against the protagonist its usually the bad guy in the movie Batman the good guy or the protagonist is Batman even though he breaks the law we know hes the good guy and we want him to win the antagonist or the bad guy is the Joker no one wants him to win because if he did it

would mean the collapse of Gotham there are different kinds of characters dynamic characters change as a result of the story events an example of a dynamic character is Harry Potter over the course of the series Harry grows and changes more than anyone else the static characters dont change very much at all an example of this is Ron Weasley he doesnt really change but we know hes reliable a round character is someone who has several often contradictory character traits and seems very realistic Hermione Granger is a good example of a round character this character has a lot of

conflicting traits her parents are both muggles yet she is a wizard she has high standards for school but doesnt have a problem breaking the rules to get a good grade shes the only girl in her group and she isnt boy crazy we have flat characters these are usually minor characters with one or two interesting character traits and are generally unimportant and we have stock characters a stock character is a flat character that is so recognizable the reader can assume certain character traits like the busy business executive who has no time for anyone other than work an example

of a stock character from the Harry Potter series might be Dumbledore most Headmasters are very powerful people and have a lot of rules and the buck stops with them just like in the Harry Potter series Dumbledore has a lot of rules and everyone knows they have to listen to him we have major characters who are essential to the story and we have secondary characters who move the plot along but arent who the story is about theres also different kinds of characterization characterization is the word we use when we mean how the narrator tells us about a character

direct characterization tells us about the character exactly what the narrator wants us to know it will say something like Jim is a good boy in direct characterization shows us details so we can figure it out in direct characterization might be when we see Jim being helpful to an old lady who needs to cross the street thats in direct characterization we can infer that Jim is a good boy because hes helping the old lady now when you read your next literary piece you should be able to tell what kinds of characters you are reading about created using powtoon

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