Type conversion in Java

int cannot be dereferenced
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hi welcome to another java lesson here in this video were gonna talk about type conversions in java so java is called to be strongly typed meaning if you have a variable with a datatype for example an integer type variable called valve 1 you cannot assign to it a value that it doesnt expect for example you cannot assign a string value because the variable is energy type therefore Java will be strict on making sure that variable has an integer type value assigned to it so what if you come to a point where you have to or want to assign a value to a variable where the types dont match well thats where type conversions come to play Java will automatically do some type conversions on its own for example if you have a double type variable and you assign it to a value of 7 now even though 7 is a 7 is integer type variable Java will not have a problem with this because Java will automatically convert the integer type value to a double type so when we actually do print out what were going to get is not 7 but theres 7.0 because Java automatically does the type conversion it makes 7 to be a to be a double value so it puts that extra point 0 on it so Java will do these type of conversions on its own so if you want to know whether Java will do this automatically or not think of in terms of simple to complex so we start out with byte

too short to end too long to float to double so anything to the right Java will automatically convert it for you so if youre trying to convert a byte type to a short type well do that automatically for you if youre assigning a float type value to a double type variable Java will automatically do that conversion for you notice double is on the fartist so anything to the left of double so bytes short and long float all of them any of those datatypes you are trying to assign it to a double type variable Java will automatically convert those values to a double type so easy way to remember this is simple to complex so any value that is simpler than the data type of the variable Java will automatically convert to the right data type double type variable is little bit more complex then integer type in that double type you can have 5.43 where as integer types you cant have that you can only have up till 5:00 so integer types are simpler in that sense then double type values so therefore more simpler data type values can be assigned and Java will automatically convert those to a more complex data type variable now what if we want to assign an integer type variable with a double type value Java will not automatically through that for us so well have to do it ourselves and this is called type conversion or typecasting and to show you how this works Im going to give an example here so lets make

a double type variable called time thats going to contain the value of 77.4 lets declare a integer type variable called score now say I want to make score to contain the variable time Java will not let us do that because in type and double type dont match so what we need to do is we have to convert manually the double type time variable to an integer type so to convert a double type variable to an integer type you need to put parentheses and put the datatype you want to convert to so this in our case will be integer and you put the variable name so it will be the time that step its called type conversion its going to take that double type variable and temporarily make it to be an integer type and since were assigning a integer type to an integer type variable Java is gonna be good with that what will score be then so its time is seven point four and we know score cant contain a decimal what will score B well basically what it will happen is ja Java is gonna drop whatever after the decimal point so whether its seven point four or seven point nine dollars to Gotama is just going to drop that decimal part so eventually what score will be will become is will be just seven okay so thats how you do type conversions or typecasting and again these are useful when you want to assign a value of one data type to another variable of a different data type

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