Ts Madison “The Queens Supreme Court” 4.8.19 w/JASMINE MASTERS

ts jasmine
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is it all is it on honey if this bitch record osm you to blend to the land Instagram and snapchat run the swap BGC check facebook periscope and last but not least every single one of my bitches Christian mingle and the lens all across the land this is your girl s Madison and Im coming to you now blab and always and forever in color from the Queens Supreme Court all right ladies and gentlemen we need you to get those drinks together get your seats and honey get ready because these shows are ones for the books you already know how it goes there all you got to go to trial the Queen Supreme Court Memphis Tennessee thats right April 29th the dream girls are invading your seat girl I suggest that you get up right now and get your tickets thats www.eatright.org it your tickets now because April 20 having brunch with David and a special so get your tickets the show is at Marriott East see you there baby get to the lounge but thats May 12 and May 13 girls Im gonna need you to stop with you being right there and run over to because the so get your tickets darling www.engvid.com for the to day is step again now listen dont beat Joris I need you to report and report now thats why they said the Queens activities to the Dominican Republic get your tickets on www.hsn.com well look for the link in the bio but ciao honey we are gonna have an amazing time now all you got to do is get your past wanna get your plane ticket we got everything you girl tickets are available now no wait gonna be judge you like 2016 the Queen Supreme Court in the dope [Laughter] [Laughter] yeah [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] all right somebody want me Im just gonna surpass ooh girl Im all mad at you man Jasmine message may not be a lady right now at all but shes all ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Queens that will be supreme court and tonight my special guest judge is none other than my dish of all juice shes my favorite girl from RuPauls Drag Race Season what said and also all-stars whoa bitch now gentlemen Jasmine masters came to us all the way from San Diego California half our what they eat lettuce la letters they eat lettuce beat writer I we do he be the rice burritos coordinate arroz a la that Mexican food that says yes a lot but she cant she cant and got a hope for someone miss Marris cooking this you gonna say Amen that tastes good because I rushed it well I hate to see where she got time to do in the kitchen because baby she took all my EBT go on you better tell me you without RuPauls Drag Race and you still got an EBT card which Oh last bowel beam is no mail no no mail Boise item in line it is not in my name oh youre not going to the store everybody said you buy him Akash she asked you why whos my EVP car show oh girl cuz you gonna get him happy you already final now wait for the kids that come to the limey so you read the paper cash yes we got half okay great 120 I got that before we get the docking started I have to ask you a couple of questions you know I want to do an interview because I know who you are and those people I did it dont watch the vh1 bitch you better you need to upgrade your cable package for all where did you know that you were who you were like because Ive been watching you way before RuPauls Drag Race way before yeah and you have always been my name is Jasmine always something to say no and like youve been going viral on the internet for years just like myself yes its deadliness yeah were both libras over you know God has tried his lighting rings the Lord the Lord oh the spirit just with some thought thats hot got it always you know and like Ive been what Ive been a fan of yours youve been a fan of bad wolf wiki you dont own it or cares you you almost taught me how to smoke a blunt I tried to get you know I did romi a few just in case I didnt know you know youre not a smoker so I want to respect the harm is just dream we down here in the basement let the trouble in the basement I gave you my blood okay brother could you please pass jasmine her blood because we want you at your Roys please will I get a contact high from it possibly yes please dont watch the show tonight cuz I might get the country you keep that food after chick when we did its gonna be alright I wanted to know jasmine where did you know how many times did you try out for RuPauls Drag Race I tried out spotty okay and then how did you win didnt happen like you know it happened really common reader though it looks like my last time doing it I want to take a break and then they say bitch you want to be on the show cuz you made it hell yes Im in talkable bitch using Taco Bell always rolling through the drive-thru and I got to combination burritos with extra green stalls oh and I need like a little pens here something to break it on that toys all day youre not that game not that toy can big oil and the county takes all of my asshole with me do you even have sex with you in this no maam so you put on all this body and I work work work work work nummy but no sex scuse me work to this not my type of work oh my I praise off the girls just do it I just cant you try to can but your I never tried I just know its not me this is weed this is makeup Im taking this stuff off pities my teeth is gonna go down the pants gonna pop out that way Im turned off could the smell of the pants on there oh Im just saying when they clean red you watch blind ass or not it is a little altar yeah you had a viral video that went viral when you told you talked about the girls three in four kinetic in the club and they graph be starting oh did you mean that I I keep one a big uns bottle of Listerine death to your Kyle that one out on the table that was I have two flavors the blue one and the green one take a big this to one ear just your mouth hey these things dont come to me dont come to me with Oh get a lighter weve got to get this darker started well since were talking about shitty deals and toilet paper season 11 episode 21 Oh the reunion part when recap battles Porsche excuse me let me let me work this correctly sixty-three here all nene leakes williams at 61 year-old Cynthia Bailey at 30 39 year old even talks colorism and controversy oh yes girl run the pictures I dont know what it this is just that you just wanted to let them have it about their waves Oh [Laughter] all right yall ability lever season the only girl who have is what is porcius always Porsha happy lady she may not care she may cant rewrite a smell but what always leave never fail she make a pickup the right man but push and there [Laughter] pick the right baby Porsha happy lady all the time get all the review I got from Real Housewives of Real Housewives of Atlanta season 11 episode 21 23 27 oh hi V episodes you got Im finished with listen I call for a cancellation the last time I talked about the show Im over you girls are not friends yall not enemies yall aint nobody yall yall yall go here yall feel me tape I dont have any empathy sympathy or anything for you girls all the thing I go and look at her head and listen I love my feelings because every year nene leakes is very very rich every year shes very rich okay every year we know theyre Porsha is very [Laughter] and you dont ever know anything he just say I needed this my nerves is on 2283 thats a blood it is past Portia Templar wash it on need coffee the other ones be to the chill and get that molasses and all thats backup dancers which was maybe well yeah because she was kind of tense up two seasons you know shes really attitude II with all the girls but shes going through a lot but she was giving me I know she had a baby do the jurys out there the judges are up here can we move to just go ahead on a just let this be the last season I think we should we cast some to her I cant let Porsha come I watch it next bedroom I think even though Id never really cared for back true I would like for bet you to come on thank you for you to have all that all our focaccia for you to have all that all the money you got hours you got all the stuff you got girl bio hair dont never be laid girl you need to get you one or two of these Instagram models goodies give me one these Instagram hairstyle Instagram girls to come out there today were your and pin some beautiful stuff down come on leave a test on course what you need to do do this is make sure she wanna after that her hair campaign Commission because what you had me lay that hair be I think you got edges you took my hair I was talking about Nene you very rich every season and every season you get your tag like this season was yo you youre you are the glue to your wig and your family needs to get it together to lean over to pour shop even though you really dont fuck they online leave over to Porsche and say girl whisper be your hair company grow and that one of one or two adult Instagram girls come through and bond their hair from hey and Marlo we need time I

just grow your fascist maybe David a week wont give me canal lifetime teased leave me a little bit I was very confused Im not smoking out a week but Im standing like am I looking at me Mia whos the other girl but it was Marlo she had a blonde hair on and all that she gave me but was the lace lifted on the side like Marlo grid was kind of right now but she gave me very uh Nene clone teens I wanna rule in favor of Oh all in favor of a cancellation is say aye were Housewives of, 11 this is your last evening news can come on hi speaking of last seasons Kim Burrell has been spotted out particularly d.smith why bad heart for feel funny and child engagement reading Kim Burrell so bad we had two honorary put her back on the docket we just I literally wouldnt have all the fucking bad built dads back bad built praise and worship at motherfuckers I dont want potatoes food dance always got to read glass often reading glasses on for no reason bitch nobody dont even bother you bitch but you always and look on the way she do look at the way you do now what we will say positive about you this we you know she went and money too unstable hell have it [Laughter] well leave a tower of Louboutins [Laughter] somebody mustve felt sorry for you in that church down there it went bad Austell Georgia girl witness for her and a muhfucka to one of those got their microwave please it took the hot comb and lado edges Becky Danko the other leg though they still look a little nappy on the tier front over here the Queen Supreme Court when you look nice you look nice when where you look nice were talking where you been looking bad I am look like they took a Photoshop of money care from the Parker anybody got a lighter and lighter you know what this is my problem with Maria our friend of mine was going I never heard of her never knew nothing shes saying nothing Im afraid of my was going baby so I dont want to eat a lot like that oh yeah nibbling you know making sure kiss the water they pay to get painted [Laughter] somebody the comment session say they kill real looks like baby Bob to reveal Marisa Kim really like baby birds they dont listen Kimmy you need to get you answer with that I we just need a prank we utter airily reg Oh motherfucker youre not happy with we was not letting my foot up off your knickers you had no reason coming for I will grow Fantasia you had no reason coming for Fantasia lately no dont have you looked at this lately Im not at all bitch you look a fool do you see you know child one of the preachers wives felt bad for you out there girl honey will every one of the gay boys dont know him the gay they do well you know we got 100 flocking somewhere going thank you today they do what I have no move they do somebody doing it she need the gauge she better stop that cheaper a lot of other people talked about the games and some gays to one over there fix the month well cuz because me a queer Carlos is still hating gay well hello hello this sub-game haze out there that putting on the way so you didnt point it someplace that way you didnt put that sisters together right I need you to sell games hey hey hey right now you said yourself I got a member so shes one of hating gays about to be my job hi so we know we dont really have that we just brought it back in here because you know she fucking shoes damn baby I watched that video of my 12 time the herd thing and theyre going down baby the Mancos fear cankle [Laughter] kill feels like a craving off a bear bear she did like a bean whanau she did the white bitch speaking of bitches this bad bill is gonna get beat the fuck at all all oh I dont know who this bitch is in Africa Oh Africa I want to say South Africa I dont know who this bitch years but run the tape and Im gonna let you the people I decide oh I would have whooped our ass I dont care size age gender and that was mine I went to boxed her ass into a kurta and I wanted sugar and in her ass but just because it aint shoulders dont mean is she still dont she dont deserves an ass – look man no no no no the depth that got them ol ass whatever the fuck that bitch what did I ask what she still dont get her ass oh she dont get that bitch when they have cheese meat has she been apprehended yes she has mm whats this twisted whats this deepness on this tour I dont know what happened behind the story I know it was in Africa and they got they got went at the video went viral uh-oh the school found out about it and then the bees recorded Bobby need to get some on video yes and we do start by stop for the jury let the jury wait you know this then listen somebody rich tried to rewrite my basement I be a citizen folk and they were they were actually read hold on they were actually reading from their studio apartment please put that fool the camera down so they dont get to see how real roofs are made in three level rooms oh okay did she the girls try to let me have it growing right against me with my basement thats what would you say no Caleb will you would say your bad as we talk cuz you got a baby okay Ill sit in the red chair the bunk has been evicted honey theyre already over there in the bookshelf remember what I was saying so all books dont have dick some of them have pussy Oh Caleb you are you have a how old is your son hes two and a half your start is to happen when you watch this video I want to call the murder charge yeah yeah I think thats half of us it will all of us basically in this murder yeah and then I ought to talk to mama whoop her ass and you better be good like Selena Johnson told her what shes gonna tell her daddy when she was singing she still needed for those things and she said and you better be good oh come on Edie I would have told my girlfriend mother or whatever whoop her ass and you better be good doing it Oh after I fucked her up so you was gonna fuck her face okay Caleb you said something you hit on a point I did Im gonna talk to Jasmine every word I said you said the two things was like a situation you sleeping the person was what she was doing thats easy dead-ass wrong but the person I was filming it she needed I asked I mean even if even if you were trying to get proof I couldnt as a father like and why do that right I mean I dont care whose child that is its still a baby and theres nothing in the world that a 2 3 4 5 a kid could do different ways you know even if they have taken taking the crayon and wrote written all over the wall with a permanent marker or something like right yeah yeah I dont care yeah you dont do that then you can beat your own child I got my ass whooped a little better nobody elses no maam yes I would another persons charm like that Ill never get this step theres a difference between whooping and abuse that was the check yes cousin listen if yall bad ass motherfucker kids run around here do the wrong thing to me I would take my shoe and you looked at it okay look no I mean listen you gotta listen weve cut Calebs head Ive lifted up just a little bit listen I love your baby your baby is very and my mother okay I love your baby my mother loves your baby you know your baby is very respectful hes a babys a baby right no Melissa if you were out of public about you having a baby you know sometimes you could listen Miss Mary got those eyes would sure to show Miss Mary is so deadly she would look at a child too true they could be over there fucking up something she does she carry on like that here so you know Ive got a poster child give me a star no not at all they need it cuz vicious dog came over he took a shit on my respect to the child or tapping the childs head you know because the child needs to understand a chocolate but abuse is not tolerated no aha okay the first bit of the video thats why I listen thats why you are here doing kept secret video were going to go ahead and sit with the ferns – like that bitch right outside that school to have all those elements a little bitty truth to sit there watching so they can jump over the praise because this is not last time but if she is whoop – I know but let the parent of that child in a room with her so the parent could well play as just we dont work oh yeah the enviros watch and then fire it is so alright speaking of firing squad oh by making a firing squad Whitney Houstons understudy Mariah Carey [Laughter] is your phone is your phone a woman shit that shut up and look cute and not your head hey so phone who want me to go who want me to critique them right now on the spot you do come here come here right here come right here come right here now she says she gonna do this did she did I call her out does she come herself alright so you need to lose weight find a good bra you can go to any intimate its called intimacy I took my wife my wife and knew nothing about anything I took my wife new net because she came from a family who didnt know anything about anything I took my wife to a place that they had we dont buy bras at Victoria

not black women that got large breasts so you need each other are made and its not that expensive no baby you get a good bra its almost like having a breast lift he got a little of the church yall with user depandi Im gonna get there so everybody need to read that read that yall women sit let that want me read yall I like that look at that poll look the pants ladies hands off up to the chest that is a Yankee Urkel boy so what do you know about somebodys got all this back you see you got the patinas coming up sit hello now whos that in the back but she kind of like you kind of Mustang I bet it is why oh and shes never ever air bubbles girl shes their black member dont know about that some of you bitches do anything for a rare bottle shoot baby you allowed this man to sit up here and tell the word that you didnt know shit at your family cave some shitty did no shit yall come in there but a big bag of shit just there and you let this man you as a woman let this married them women to the church on the whip as they said they needed bras and all this stuff I wouldve told man you still did come from shit Danny wake up some shit that you let these men yall some of you hos do it thats yall go see you ladies motherfucking man whos gonna be weird if he is in the next to hear that garbage out holes like a use knob and the by one another truth I wouldve been here let me go tell me something let me tell yall something its desist is to swap at his hip the shrine of this voice the cut of his hair Phenomenal Woman let me tell you something man that aint no failure there since they have raised the Worman down to the ground like that reading those warmers the different I guarantee you everybody put the darling now for play this I wanna let me tell you something colors lets write down to the color color you got the shape that my control of death I was like that anyway aint nothing wrong with believe it in the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost but you got to get to know the rough with a person is dressed for yourself and dont go dont go to the house theres nothing cuz it aint nothing but a building the house the house of the Lord is you speak bitch your body is a temple oh the house of the Lord is you what you dont need to get down nigga dick no frança good instructing you how to put on no bra the period telling you that you is fat let me tell you something I wont get off this a real nigga okay I dont know shit about no motherfucking bra but now to take the bitch oh and a real nigga like fat bitches cuz Im a good person hey bitch do I know you aint no fat bitch though youve had like I have over good food fat pussy done before Jeff Im 42 Im super sad Im pogrom by thighs will playful faithful lovable smokeable you just genderqueer Im gonna gender queer did get hard you going to word that was the whole me I kind of change the things ladies in the church stop letting these mere immerse you like this making you look like ass making you look like an ass welcome to pitch and then put your point out finish off her plane Isis is their whole church to a bulldozing bitch bitch witnesses understudy right Harrys former manager claims at the singer of Greg this I know a former manager cranes at the Sager abuses drugs the singer refuses to hand over medical realm who Stella yeah trash okay Im a car from God no she was no good cuz you see wait wait a bit let you decide by size will be talking about still hold everything still thats my manager that was was and what is she I thought she was trans from day one I said she not therefore Mariah she there could see me the thank you working with this person shes got a kid she got to do all this good news here cuz you want the money baby and shed get all your information like one little good old Judy to try to do any coach other to everybody I dont know care of Silvo oh I know you do – tellings trash Stella killer look man she might be trans to the Im sorry how did meet the common man yesterday I dont know but uh listen but that woman that worked with Mariah was trash but yall wanna sit right here like yall aint no bride with me and they got their stuff in the bed now yall listen yall nothing again we too much I thought it was so yall be to tell me their talk about that Whitney was the only one with that white tower that we hide all the weed smoker no muhrtelle oh that boy also a little bit mysterious and both of us that she got with that Tommy Mottola water on or whatever the fuck his name little listen him Clive Davis weekday was already snow next year before tea motherfucker for 41st right stop forgetting who people would like she said she dont know who JLo he is go Jay Lord I stole three songs from my songs about money girl she want to sit up here and light and deliver the movie did real good it did not and I mean you know she wanna say that you know whats the man night with the blonde its just a good white rapper is obsessed with Eminem yall gonna sit up here like I dont know what varieties will snort that shit I tell you what why should we just have wine champagne oh yeah she isnt why Im shaking in obese which was she what you may not do is drop dead lets smile 8-bit eight-ball actual breath uh-oh and then hell Bobby Brown and do a Bobby dont be cruel so saying that anything listen I dont know what we dont let we gotta let me ride a variety is rich shes why yeah shes hot shes why shes 51 yeah you know and were oh you know she be me me for everythings just something Hayden warned me just trying to ditch her G at the last minute you know who shes got five now her be able to do you know all that there are we not fit to sit up here just at like they were gonna put we not gonna put we just we just gonna let Whitney go down okay were gonna put Mariah in the homes where Wendy Williams is that oh all right so are you Dennis Lee where we hear the question for you court is sitting Mariah Carey we can use his understudy on to the sober house Im not gonna do that for me me now watch a lot of Judge Judy can say anything they want to say try to bring me down but I will now [Laughter] shes free to go talk about community they able to Rogers please no justice mullet coming back the Empire wall nice were gonna get copyright stuff for this break I dont know if you listen Ill go back if I listen that listen Flynn cuz I go delete that bitching out every and everyone hello we might get cuz this comes front of you you know room we your co-star jussie Smollett husband in the news the charges against him have been dropped and you say you are quote happy the truth has finally been set free and you spoken with Jesse yeah I talked to Jesse all the time hes doing well yeah were are doing well the show is going well were on hiatus right now the writers are trying to figure out what the next season is gonna look like what our storyline is gonna be theyre trying to drum up some really good juicy stuff for you guys so thats what we are and Im about to be on the show yes I havent already anything else yeah I havent heard anything and this is the sixth season I think it all right now you know damn where the lead is that shit go down like there you see Lee days with those over there paying them $20 a day and – bitch you thank someone justice smiling up there with that bullshit no no did you think that he was really gonna get fired from Empire no oh the brightest is over there scrambling out how they gonna put in those megachurch [Laughter] and make it a part of the motherfucker show yeah thats what they need to do ah you know wait a minute great what you saying no Billy days we just give an opinion Id love to be on there now I want to be seeing an honest thing you know what I gotta say youre so beautiful whos watching the first because you always act like you dont see that that would raise the why oppressive to us for a long time because we buy Gucci shoes not because of Jesse the machines that make the future lynchings that may have in the future hate crimes that may happen people might think that black people did it for just to bring white people start listening I dont really think and this I really dont think its just like you black on the inside or did with Apollo D because you put two lights in the same from Delta you know damn where that was fans room that I would have been okay with but a lot of white people that do bank fraud wire fraud and get away with so Im okay with that well not net Im not okay with it but heres what it is but this man stopped him and said that white man put a noose around his neck which is so wait a minute when bleach on him and call him the n-word oh he was trying his best to make black people against white people it is unnecessary we dont need that extra layer they told me he got that for me well I aint got no problem with white peoples I loves my wife he was down dead-ass motherfucker yeah you know cuz you fuck all right girl just like he was only having that Chinese blood orange acne whole come to my side watch okay okay what what

do you think whats the deal did I think the show needs to be canceled this shit is trash oh I just begin to a continues I mean watch the show I need to see how to go right in here okay speaking of writing something in a window I love you boring Rufus oh crap Theo defeat Pookie l dovè hello James and the Giant Peach Oh Hezekiah Walker Williams along senior these people got you looking back that man and then lady its working out from you got you out here looking bad in these fries daughter daughter they got you around here like miss me right around the car mama so the house girl two minutes girl sir this man got you looking there any threes daughter listen listen Im not waiting facility here you like cuz girl youre all your appearances and your the way you Ill just carry you in the way is my daughter ima need you to really really really so search or who you are grow you are really windy by the front of you Oran thought Rufus climb the oldest Pookie held over jams in the jungle Hezekiah Walker we girl senior at this point this close-up on the Oprah Oprahs here and youre here and you let me and this lady thats having a favor from you reduce you to the size of a shopping cart and Walmart girl she said it was 4:00 in the morning or three and she was out late in some snacks and somebody wants to take a picture of her and she was like well you have to take her while Im doing this because Im shopping this bitch acid I hear buzzing ow what Big C is we need to be boxed its bad but she always look like that where she going to shop no I mean I dont have stay on the show she look goo but outside the show she always looked like that but theyre saying if she goes through with the divorce she could figure find out how much the husband is actually spent on that mistress over the years she know how much they got the same account number girl they got the same economy he know her social security number Oh latest startling these me think of the bed I hear in these tweets like this Ive been saying that for years stop and quit using yall pussies as weapons you let this man come fuck you in the pussy enhance then you think he got another girl having he go over there for all the pussy after the throw bumpy you are just getting treated like hold and hes winning stop using your pussys dick is yall women beating up another bitch yall using ourselves to our daughter I need you get together please say listen this what we gonna do for your wedding bitch Im sentencing you to up under the store house you can come out bitch you can even order a pizza bitch bitch ovaries no Hilarys nothing grabs pizzas in YouTube under like this terrifying lion attack captured on camera at a circus in Ukraine you can hear members of the audience screaming as the giant cat pounces on his trainer in this video posted by PETA you see the Lions jaw clamped onto 32 year-old Hamada Cudas arm forcing him to the ground two seconds hes come to me and attacked me and cuts me the trainer left covered in gashes and bite marks saying he had a tooth still stuck in his muscle incredibly getting back up and moving towards the lion the trainers life was absolutely in danger hes very lucky to survive that if that lion the trainer by the neck it probably would not have ended as well as it did tonight CUDA is already back in the ring with the same lion just one week after this attack its not first time I have to do that because they jumping in cages with lions but they scared of black people I mean thats the truth that is the truth I made a video maybe last year and I was talking about the black people are a little bit more courageous or not Im sicker I dont know what word I want to use but they got a little bit Mohar their colors better let me tell you something aint going nowhere near the circus and all I dont want to spend on shitty ass elephant bitches oh boy you aint go really five blade froze door too many of those things because no because eventually things like this will happen please put this picture ever yall grew paler yet yes recently Africa a man was suspected of being a rhino poacher was killed last week by elephant and his remains were devoured by a pack of lions and South African Park Gerdes daddys fun they say theyve only found his skull girl that was it its good at the bottom of his feet girl calm so girl he up there killing rhinos and elephants killed him then Alliance a Timon yeah joy thats I thought I leave it alone shit fuck with the animals anyway leave it alone me I want to play a voice recorder that I got back I just want to play this for the flips the white folks live lets on here this right here from one of the paper we just wont let you out here yall white folks yall white folk believe it fold it identify with the things that these white folks do didnt hear what they wondered what the place was to say damn victorious the whores a mistake lets fuck him up with some orders either wed like to say IDenticard calm is an online greeting card company that delivers right to your front door visit our website WWE in a card com you can read the cards order the cars and we ship them directly to you if you feel it we say it in a card we have break up cards troubled relationship cards trouble friendship cards and of course all of the traditional cards as well from birthday to Mothers Day so again visit us at WWE for a limited time [Laughter] all right ladies gentlemen Oh make it up leave it alone a man chokes I crash here over a smashed bag of potato chip what was he home let me tell you something you stealing motherfucking like this walking us talk you see your motherfucking it look like this walk of the stove bitch you already laying here you this shit you gotta do it you got the bug from yes Im digging may I help you right right the register can I help you can I help you sorry do you need anything the chips are 107 smashed it all the chips is 107 they stand for 4 months eat up 107 okay you dont wanna know you leave the store okay thank you have a nice day huh huh leave it alone this night we ought to bend everyone the corner grocery store thats order or the check-cashing stone or anytime and we we want to strangle the bitch together oh yeah cuz yeah but Im not what you go there you get those black and mouse bitch and the people he stopped that slick shit you didnt wanna switch all the time evil yeah we because Ill sure they give me that give you their good cook lets that go to the store cuz they California I could just walk in and say maybe get a little out to that little 2 ounces of Danny we got a whole gram of that let yall do all this yeah Paul yeah theres mysteries yeah well what were gonna do is were gonna go ahead and were going to suggest that man to be choked by his own hand and Im we want to show by his own hands whats good for the goose [Laughter] Felicity Huffman trash [Laughter] maybe Im gonna call her name again Felicity Huffman trash just as I thought trash crate pleases I dont really follow these these stories so she was a part of a whole college scam where they were paying the professors and faculty at like higher so that was really utilizing privilege privilege I coin SAT they were allowed to take it by themselves and they were able to cheat and put basically pay for the bar exam right they dont make here to Felicity Huffman dont know too much and shit from the other one Im Big Dance we have white trash its red all right of a word picking up trash so we hear the Queen Supreme Court honey do what we do with trash we take it to the curb yeah trash around the curve trash they picking you up you gotta go gotta go Jay all right oh no lets go gentlemen heres but heres on a lighter note of our show because we are part of the LBGT ABCD efg hijk w x y and z one two three four five six seven eight nine ten community thats the way ways 11 year old son comes out Miami he started way way shared his support public me for his, 11-year-old son who appears sunny at the you beat Friday March we support each other with pride Wade wrote on Instagram over a photo of his son Zion who appeared with his stepmom actress Gabrielle you so some people kind of feel there because hes 11 he was at the fried in Miami that theyve been too soon girl you know no its not if you cant ahead to the limit grab the watch these you got a watch on it but thats really anywhere but I think the boy know hes gay right they knew he was gay before you start crawling right so if he know who he is Nathan accept him accept him and I think thats great and I think its absolutely great so we hear the Queen Supreme Court hundred wed you know we put an artist to stuff like that in the way way growing this end thats really good that you support your chances this is how we make changes here in the world yeah yeah command-u for these things 1,000% dont need you making those statuses and pulse like other girls in the community so just its a great job that youre being a great dad yes Father part the real you in Spain playing her position that pot stepmom popped so write it up kudos to you guys you did yeah thats Tim you file office right now our Father beats his daughter to death Oh first of all I blame the mother no I need to tell yall why I blame the mother that was

so for summer mother why dont you lay down and let your legs go baby how you eat this this do we see the same thing I know its bad thing the five years ago you aint look no better than this you let this to put this put your legs behind your ear and blast and you you head out ha ha ha Im hoping that you probably hoping for this but Im hoping that your excuse for this that you had to have your hair to forcefully take your womb Oh cuz I know it a woman laying down just giving that up but you know you know what she look like theyd be the one on really having good luck on getting you know maybe that was like oh that was Hennessey alright he had a lot of Hennessy with that one what you was on citizen – this is another child abuse case oh I think that shit oh Ill think somebodys gonna whoop his ass noise too much ass before these children these people you know what they need him lock his ass up somewhere you know and people fuck him all in the book and beat his ass and make them clean up shit all out the toilets he may enjoy there so you know what Im gonna do go get a chair since he look like an oil stain – three cars drop it out on his hand from the top of the Empire State Building theres sort of a crowd of P all down his body weight know them just oh come on down thats what I want to do their United said another decent rain down on our cars coming down from this pay fire your prize State Building getting on it and smash the house without would do Joe had this bad hole they said put him in the ring with it lion-o good one elephant motherfucking lions we take a ball just for the morning thats the nigga he gonna run from the motherfuckers see the way the gegen farm next up on the court laptop we got a hit and run video ah damn this would need to happen is bitch I mean those no shade the girl dear get up sit here cuz the police look at us adrenalin though the police looking for the driver of this car right here yeah are they gonna find her right now oh they go yeah I mean they find a chubby chaser both ways [Laughter] [Laughter] the Bible now I told you outed a lady is the focus scrapbook yeah I got knew that name was there any new to me was somebody brought it to me that she was the vocal about I never knew what the fucking Bible wasnt it broke down to me it was it was granted I know I dont know that Monica thing [Laughter] you know what so many things was going through my head but Monica I can get the right key without seeing our live now without the a brandy live it was two different day sure I did a bathroom and I occupied situate everybody clear but I like em both we just want to go ahead of a clear Brandis made that was not her driving that challenger that was not Brady no or anybody she cared to no not at all a legend cuz shes filming Empire just know shes gonna all right all right later Jeff lets move on the next video that we have and then we learn the end of our show is we have a swift hands pick pocketer all listen this is why I said period that you go to the store with your old mothers your old grandmothers your grandfathers and stuff its imperative that we take care of the of the elderly because there are people out here that are preying on these on the elderly people listen yall fuck my mom Im a fuck youll be oh damn straight up you fucking miss me imma fuck your bitch ass miss maragon stun gun yo ass cuz shes keep a stun gun in her hair bond [Laughter] you so I fixed the pencil we like we can see oh you work we know youre working over your Vista you got it look at this bitch you dog ass a little bit sure you dont get you dog ass little young bitches behind like the paper towels Judy she did Wow yeah oh you nasty oh you dog ass little bitch that is the problem I pause I get that ass throw kid he learn that shit from his marble he did his mama and his daddy theres mommy theyve talked in there yeah we like that shit that was taught as a child I dont know a girl named muchi right now that totally true how did you baby put a little taller yes mochi mochi whats she doing shes teaching the kids how to get money you gotta beat some pears and and make kids and while you whooping hands you gotta talk to the wider you can ask woman thats right Moochie [Laughter] I dont want to be hung to death that I wanted to be hung almost near there you know what I wont take that that that will it that the handle and I want to tie this stuff to a gate with it and then you do a lot of whooping I wanted we dont tie we dont take the scrap and tie him to the gate I want to go in there old lady and take that old ladys rolling car cuz I know she got it there go around few times no I want to take the battery off of her own the car put it in the bag a silk pillowcase back out so she wont danger with that but girl how you want me to go they take these jumper cables and put it on and then put it on the gate while hes tired to the game last thing on the court ledger before we do to our answer this one gotta go were gonna let you watch this one for yourself play the footage prashanta hmm what your flow corner house our demonstration sir then asking for that AFC nightmare walking in a splitter dancing that thing and lay down each other to that band because I have thought about it many a times hey theres got cock come up oh sorry thats to see thats why Ive never done cuz I like bathrooms and all day let me tell yall something yo yall motherfucking hos that got those video finishes tumbling as they close down girl because yall see this shit go higher on Twitter girl does not mean that you going to start laying down and casually just lay down lay down that filthy floor waiting on stock kept secret to cover there so you go deep in that Scott was with all that oh he was in Scott he went that couch like that no so she cant like that I dont want to be in it I dont want to be in his bathroom Im not doing that but he does in the shower just looking at me out of all that heres the bow next a little disgusting sexual exit I have done I have never gotten down on the floor waiting on a giggles deep the fall I dont even know where thats crazy shit I dont you know I wouldnt he would have had all type of shoe in his face yeah like a mulch them eyeballs that knows that mouth all that would have been oh weve got to the end of our show but we thank you for watching the funny its what Oh Craig you a dirty bitch so Mike one of the fans of the show sent me this do you know the name of the fan of the show oh this is gonna be very difficult yall sold out Thank You London damn another buddy and always baby the lady with the light I beat my daughter my motherfucking black we got to go it was like they was it they were like the knees know what Im sure they looking like beat mama de iwato Uncle Joe aint know what the fuck he was think Im doing up there in that room Uncle Joe was the one you know that Im gonna be around it was no way that you can have 10,000 motherfucking dollars well take it in the back of an old 1939 bitch bitch Ive been busting people Tinas always but this because of that movie I waited motherfucking friends might open it up the back of [Laughter] typi see now we submit motive like Ivy you gotta start eating those foods you dont I was going always whooped Tinas a snitch for me and she was gonna run cuz motherfucker is the best that ran four or five times that boo and she finally got away yeah playing her true step okay put that motherfucking baby come what was what was the gap what was the category Queen Latifah watch the first dagger the motherfucker we shoot that girl I was ready [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] No so what we want to talk about it at the show bitch so we wanted to get us the mole she gonna keep drinking this Im going to get that hot food and listen when we come back were gonna hear from allegra our our girl from the dominican republic still time all right well you two get your tickets for the doughnut republic dont miss out on that oh love you seeing New York City oh my god baby when I tell you that the Queen Memphis Tennessee thats right honey we call April 29th the dream girls are invading your seat girl I suggest you get up right down and get on and get your tickets thats www.vitac.com and get your tickets now because April 20 so get your tickets the show is at Marriott East see you there thats May 12 and 13 girl Im gonna need you to stop with your beginning right back and run over to www.donateyouraccount.com/davidpakmanshow Joris I need you to report and report now thats why they said the Queens activities and to the Dominican Republic get your tickets on www.ravistailor.com well look for the link in the bio but ciao honey we are gonna have him Im saving time now all you got to do is get your past wanna get your plane ticket we got everything young girl tickets are available now no way baby judge July 26 see the Queen Supreme Court in the dome it

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