who is big chiefs new girlfriend
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whats going on YouTube hope everybody is having a good day I dont know where everybodys from but the weather here in the south sucks rain freezing hot everything everything under the Suns you can imagine its happening the past week theyre even calling for snow tomorrow and it was 75 today weirdest weather Ive been in but that being said not a whole lot really has happened I have a huge question for everybody watching this video I got some information about the no-prep series thats going on right now with all of the straight outlaws about chief and the information that I got I want to know what you think whether you think this is fair or not fair right wrong what in the comment the reason the big chief was not at the tucson race was because he would not show up unless he got 20% of the gate which means every bit of the money that the gate clicked he got 20% right off the top you know theres a $40,000 pot he probably sells what 20 $30,000 worth of merchandise to Suns not that far from Oklahoma do you think he was out of line

by asking that from my understanding there is a lot of racers fans well you know the information has got out about that do you think hes out of line for asking that its a if I was a racer if I was from you know daddy Dave was there I didnt even have his car the Reaper was there didnt even have his car but he was there supporting what was going on where chief was you know murder Nova wasnt you know I dont know if that was a combination between Shawn and chief or water for just you know chief but let me know what you think was that you know right wrong laughs right what was that was that okay not okay I dont know what you think because Im kind of Im kind of mixed with it I dont know I feel like I feel like he would have brought a lot more people to it but 20% of you know thats thats a lot of money you know I dont know I dont know I dont makes me wonder if hed been getting that when he goes there you know do you get that in

Bristol you know did he kind of makes you wonder you know the whole contract issues they had going on with him and Shawn know hadnt been there and whatnot but but that being said a few things did happen the Burke brothers jaybird did Christ Pro hes okay thats the main thing the cars you know it was a probe begin with so you know really cant hurt it lets talk about judge it for a second and two episodes that has come on this week kind of outlining and introducing the Memphis Street outlaws and the main thing that has stuck out in my head well him and Ronnie pace wrecking and carp in that Camaro to 69 white Camaros race when they leave car whos in the right lane I dont know who the guys in left lane the guy comes in his Lane cart goes in the left lane passes him and because JJ said he had to finish in his own lane comes back into his Lane and finishes is that scripted or is that did that happen that is the damnedest thing Ive ever seen if it happened I just dont see how as quick

these cars is they have enough time to do all that in the eighth Imam one more thing Ill talk about about the OKC guys weve been talking about it for about two months now about Dominator getting this shit together are getting gone well it shows in the previews with farmtruck in Asian and JJs sitting there last not that Dominator gets kicked off the list well he shows on in the season when Jeff Lutz comes back it shows farmtruck outrunning dominated taking the 10 spot Kiki Dominator on but it also showed Jeff Lutz introducing the future 7 onto the list and having the race Dominator for that spot so Dom does make a comeback in between when he falls off and you know I dont know if its a fluke you gotta shoot together boy who knows but there wasnt a whole lot went on thats the main thing that I want to talk about was the deal with chief let me know what you think you know I dont know if hes right strong you know just let me know in the comments below but until next week when another episode comes on Im Jeremy out Godspeed

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