Travis Kelce REACTS After Stephen A Smith Is Caught LURKING On His Baddie GF

who is travis kelces girlfriend
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Stevenage Smith once again shows no shame talking about someone in the sports worlds girl and Travis Kelce reacts to it Stephen a also believes the Lakers would be the unquestioned favorites if they land this one-time Finals MVP whats going on from a family to boy Chris but you can also find me over my youtube channel make sure you subscribe right here if that notification bill and dont forget to like this video people we all know this is not the first time Steven Naismith has openly given props to somebody in the sports world when it comes to their selection in women he had comments for Dwayne Wade back when he started dating Gabrielle Union and he also had comments for what Melo and making sure that he dont mess things up with

Lala oh he even went all the way in on my coach David Fitz Dales wife that time I think he went a little too far but the message was received Monday was Stephen H Smiths first day back after his short vacation and he took no time to go trending on the internet while the crew were going in on the Chiefs chances next season Stephen they dropped this little nugget well what he was talking about was Travis Kelce his beautiful girlfriend Kayla Nicole Nicole is an on camera Hall / model and she is killing it over on IG as you can probably tell Stephen they took the more respectable route this time to give props to Kelsey and his girlfriend choice and Travis was not offended at all he responded to the

video that was posted on Twitter saying laughing emojis lifes all about making decisions Stephen they then responded to Kelsey saying ah just give her compliments that are warranted bro nothing more I swear real recognize real thats all I gotta say about that now Stephen Day wasnt done there though that was just on Monday yesterday our first take the crew were talking about the two la teams and who holds the biggest edge when the conversation of Andre Iguodala is possible bio from the Memphis Grizzlies came up Stephen a said this about the Lakers chances if they manage to snag the 2015 Finals MVP if Iguodala joins LA I think theyre the clear-cut favorites together I believe they will I believe they will be Im of the mindset that the Los Angeles Clippers

or the Los Angeles Lakers should be the favors to win the title that is my belief if the Lakers wouldnt be the only ones in the running for eg services but the same Los Angeles Clippers could be a possible landing spot for him as well without a key the Clippers already have the most complete and well-done hunted roster in the NBA right now and Andre services would only add to that that being said the Lakers are no scrubs either after the moves they made once they found not the decision made by Kawhi Leonard Lakers filled the team around Anthony Davis and LeBron James with names like boogie cousins Danny Green Quint cook and Avery Bradley and not to mention that they brought back guys like javale mcgee and razor on Rondo

that mix would only make their championship hopes that much more realistic now Im not going to sit here and say that I think the Lakers are a better team than the Clippers or maybe even a few other teams in the West but like Stephen they said they do have the best duo in the league with LBJ and Anthony Davis so if things go smoothly with just them from the jump who knows where the Lakers finish come next June what do you guys think though was Stephen a out of pocket with his comments on Kellys girl and do you guys think the Lakers are legitimate contenders this coming season with Andre Iguodala let me know in the comments below this but your boy Chris and Ill catch you guys in the next video

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