TPA Police Stop The Wrong Guy _ READ THE DESCRIPTION!

any driver who is stopped by a law enforcement officer .08
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whats up my buddies so Im at the airport and we go pull over by some pig theyre mad cuz Im going slow what for what for what for what well Im asking you what for why why am I being stopped sir you do not have permission over my door I dont have to roll the window down give me my paperwork I do not have to roll my window down sir I need to see your supervisor I need to see your supervisor please close my door and dont touch me can I have my paperwork youre gonna

give me house we made up nothing all right now Im at the airport Im driving slowly around the thing so I saw you stop where no hes nice gonna make up something that I stopped when I never stopped I did at one point I did stop when my blood sugar was feeling low now this these two officers an hour have opened my door against my will go ahead what else you got youre gonna now hes gonna threaten it was a lot to meet him hes opened my door against my will they try to force me to

roll down my window florida law states I do not have to roll down my window actually I dont present at the window no thats desert reason law its right there in your hand I have handed him the law the laws right in his hand he refuses to read the law that hes supposed to obey sir you can obey the law or not okay what is your name and badge number Im Sergeant Finley badge number 23 doesnt know the laws hes supposed to enforce no youre holding the law that hes holding my property with the law he

just tried to tell me written on the piece of paper that he took for me can I please have my property back okay so he says I need to present my ID Im not required to sign any tickets Im not required to hand you my license section three twenty two point one five and Im not do not have to roll down my window which they tried to do and when I wouldnt roll down my window he snatched my door open so now what for what reason youre lying right now yes you are yes you are sir

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