Toya Wright finally reveals her baby daddy at her glamorous baby shower

who is toya wright baby daddy
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hello everybody welcome to the impressive channel Toya right from growing up hip hop Atlanta just through a baby shower for her baby girl rain and the baby shower was really adorable I thought it was tastefully done it was very beautiful on the inside and I thought whoever put it together did a good job and Toya she looked really nice in fact everybody looked nice at the party it did have a few celebrity guests Monica was there Rashida was there I do believe she had monnet ashab there the whole event was nice and cute and Im not mad at Toya for going all-out for her baby girl so I know some people are wondering where

was her baby daddy well he was there and he has been in the picture but hes very private and Toya has kind of hid him from the public because she doesnt really want to broadcast her relationship now last time she was in a marriage with Memphis and that was very public they had a reality show and that marriages didnt end too well so now Toya is choosing to keep her relationship private and I dont blame her but I didnt do a little bit of research on her baby daddy now his name is Robert Russian and he is a businessman as a matter of fact he owns a travel company and his clientele consist of well-to-do

athletes and he owns a clothing line called two commas clothing and according to Empire boo boo kitty Robert Russian is worth three million dollars so he has a nice pretty coin there and of course Toya right she has her own coin as well I believe shes worth over a million dollars not that that matters but that is an interesting tidbit they are both businesspeople another interesting thing about Robert and Russian the blogs say hes related to Faith Evans also he did serve some time in prison for conspiring to traffic drugs and he spent three years and six months in jail that was years ago and now hes making legitimate money as a businessman so you

gotta let the past be the past anyway once again congratulations to Toya and Robert on their baby girl reign Russian thats really sweet news also Im hearing some rumors that Monica Brown might be pregnant as well and I did not make a separate video on this because I want her to confirm it first but I didnt notice that she has a slight baby bump so those rumors might be true but once again Im just gonna say she allegedly is pregnant and wait until she comes earns it herself anyway tell me what you think down below please like comment and subscribe and share if you care thank you so much for watching see you next time ah

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